Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[NEWS] 120911 An Interview with TVXQ, 'From Debut to World Stars'


Q. According to the KpopStarz poll results in June, TVXQ was selected as the top K-Pop group that expanded the most in their global influence for the first half of 2012. What are your thoughts on this?

Yoonho: I'm very glad that we received this amount of love. This is also another way for us to spread awareness about our nation's culture; therefore, this means we also now hold a greater responsibility.

Changmin: First off, I'm really glad that we were chosen through the votes of people in many countries ^^. I'm always sorry that I'm unable to personally greet and meet them. I'm always thankful for their support.

Q. TVXQ is now approaching the group's 10 year anniversary. What are your thoughts on how far you've come?

Yoonho: I think that TVXQ is a group that has grown with all of the fans. More than anyone, the 10 year anniversary has a special meaning to me. TVXQ will work hard to further grow and to show a good image, so we hope for your continuous love and interest.

Changmin: There were many situations that happened, but due to the fans that cheered for us and loved us, we were able to come this far. Because of that, I think that I have to work even harder in the future as well.


Q. TVXQ debuted in Japan and topped the Oricon charts at No.1 after making a grand slam in Korea. Our guess is that it must not have been easy for K-Pop to succeed in the Japanese market at that time. How did you feel about putting aside all the fame and success in Korea and debuting in Japan? How did it affect the group in terms of the group's growth and development?

Yoonho: When we first debuted in Japan, we were receiving a great deal of love in Korea. At first, it was very difficult for us in Japan. We went to a country whose culture we have never experienced. It was a big challenge for us to learn their culture and work hard to show our uniqueness. The language was a large obstacle we had to overcome, but we never gave up. We thought of the people that loved us and we genuinely worked hard, which resulted in the TVXQ you see today. The fact that we received a great deal of love in Korea and had to start all over again in Japan gave us a mindset of working hard. Due to that, TVXQ doesn't know how to give up.

Changmin: First off, when we went to Japan, a place where no one recognized us, we were able to be humbled and return to the days when we first started. It was also an opportunity for us to develop our individual skills...^^ I've realized that the world is larger than we think~

Q. Looking back, when was your most memorable moment? Also, is there anything that you wish you would have done differently?

Yoonho: The moment that I will remember most happened recently at the Tokyo Dome, where we stood on stage once again. There were many people waiting for us and thinking of us, and it moved me and made me cry for the first time. Although time passes, it will remain in my memories for a long time. If I were to go back in time, there is nothing I would do differently. Those were the decisions I made, and every moment I worked hard, so there are no regrets. I was thrilled when our CD came out for the first time.

Changmin: When I was able to sing in front of others and feel importance and joy. It would have been nice to know the joy of singing earlier.


Q. What made TVXQ stand out or be different from other groups?

Yoonho: We never are satisfied with the present, but we always try our best. I think that is our greatest weapon. On stage, I think that we perform as if we are going to die, and I think our genuine attitude was seen by the audience. As for the music, we try to let people hear our differentiated music, and I think people recognize that. I think that is the reason for the current TVXQ.

Changmin: At the least, we give it our all on stage, and I think our fans really appreciate that.

Q. When comparing the group's dreams and goals from the past and now, are they the same or different? Did you know that this is where you would be 9 years ago?

Yoonho: My dreams from the past aren't different from my current dreams. Until the day I die, I want to be happy and do my best on stage. I also want to do music that will remain in people's memories, even though time has passed. Therefore, I'm curious as to see what TVXQ will be like in the future. 9 years ago, rather than expecting it, I wanted to be on stage and do my best. Therefore, I'm able to be in this position.

Changmin: They're different. In the past, I dreamed of becoming a sports reporter or announcer. I didn't expect I would be here 9 years ago.


Q. Who are your role models in life and in music?

Yoonho: My role model in life is my father. It's because he showed me with actions, rather than words. When I become older, I want to become a cool father like that. My role model for music is Michael Jackson. He has passed away, but until his last day, he continued to dance and prepare for his performances and as an artist. He always tried to show new types of music. Until that age, he was able to dance and communicate with the audience. I want to become like Michael Jackson, who had an endless passion and who gave dreams and hopes to others.

Changmin: Our company's producer, Lee Soo Man and our company's composer, Yoo Young Jin. I admire their endless and challenging mindset, while still maintaining their unique color.

Q. Which artist's music are you currently listening to?

Yoonho: Recently, I've been listening to Babyface's first album. I think he's an awesome producer. I've been into old pop and old trends, so I've been listening to Babyface's first album.

Changmin: Maroon 5's "Pay Phone."

Q. If you could do collaboration with any artists, who would it be? And why?

Yoonho: It's difficult to choose who because they are great. I want to work with people who have a different style from us.

Changmin: I want to receive a song from Brian McKnight. I respect him.

Q. What is your favorite international food?

Yoonho: I personally like Korea's food the best. Recently, I've really been liking soybean paste stew. I actually want to introduce everyone to our country's food. The food that I want to suggest is Korean barbecue ribs. If you come to our country, please try it. I recommend it.

Changmin: If I were to only choose one, that is too cruel....honestly, I like everything ^^

Q. What do you think you would be doing if you were not an artist?

Yoonho: When I was younger, my dream was to become a prosecutor. I wanted to become a person that can give others order and hope. If I wasn't able to become that, I might be traveling overseas and would have probably found out about countries, while studying.

Changmin: Someone who is preparing for employment?

Q. Would you tell us your marriage plan? And what would be the image of your future spouse?

Yoonho: I don't have a special plan yet. I just think of becoming a good father. I hope that it could be a person with a bright personality, no matter what happens. Someone who can smile and overcome many circumstances.

Changmin: I don't want to marry too late. I want to marry someone who is nice and pretty, but most importantly, someone who would be able to understand and accept me.


Q. Could you tell us a little bit about your next album and how the preparation is going? (Concept, Music Video, Genre, Fashion, Choreography). Are you going to be collaborating with anyone? Any other surprises?

Yoonho: Our album is still in the works, but generally, we will work hard to show good images to everyone.

Q. You have had some experience performing in the U.S. with SMTOWN. What's your view towards the U.S. market and do you have any plans to debut in the U.S.? If you come to the U.S., would you be willing to change your genre of music to fit the U.S. market?

Yoonho: The U.S. market can be called authentic, that is how large the market is. When we stood on the Madison Square Garden stage, I was happy and realized that this was possible. If there is a good opportunity for us to debut in the U.S., I want to do it. If we were to debut in the U.S., we would have to learn the language and customs. We want to send out greetings with our style.

Q. What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

Yoonho: We want to be artists where we can happily give dreams and hope to people. I gained dreams and hopes while watching Michael Jackson's performance. Similar to that, I want to be an artist where our performances can give warmth and hope to others.

Changmin: I want to develop more today, than yesterday. Making a tomorrow that is better than today.

Q. What do you think will be in store for TVXQ when the group reaches their 30's?

Yoonho: It seems like there wouldn't be many changes, but we will have more experience and freedom. I think that will create a warmer feeling. Other than that, I think it will be similar. We will always try hard to show new images. By then, we will probably be more comfortable working and we'll be able to show it on stage.

Changmin: Music that has freedom and fun, but one that also has passion.


Q. Could you please greet our KpopStarz readers in the U.S. and worldwide?

Yoonho: I'm glad that I was able to send my greetings with good news. For all the fans in the world, we will work hard to return the love with not only music, but we will try to also show our growth as humans. So, please continue to show us interest and love.

Changmin: Thank you for always supporting TVXQ~ we will work hard to come back with a cooler image and better music.

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