Thursday, September 6, 2012

[INFO] 120906 Gaon Weekly & Monthly Chart

26 August ~ 1 September 2012


Source: Gaon
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  1. yay! proud of junsu. without promotions in korea or anything. and it isnt even a korean album!!

  2. Junsu is a korean singer right? Why doesnt he get treated like other korean singers? Why is he banned but other singers are not banned? its because he is not in SME right? we all know when SME is pissed with a korean singer they use power to block and ban that singer from MNet KBS and other channels that promote singers's music MVs and live performance on TV not to mention total prohibition from attending Music awards and shows.

  3. ^ Are you a new fan of DBSK?

    Your guess pretty much sums up the entire situation quite nicely. SME are effectively preventing JYJ and its members' from performing on TV shows. This is because the three members of JYJ are currently in a legal dispute with SME over the legality of the conditions of their contract when they were still in DBSK. We probably won't see an end to this embargo even when the dust settles from the legal battle. Thankfully, the fight will be over later this month when a judge will make a final decision but SME can hold a grudge forever, and the two sides have failed several times at reconciliation.

    Anyways, considering JYJ are going up against a titan like SME the fact that Junsu can still top charts is a testament to his talent and staying power. I know this is the fanboy in me talking, but I hope when TV networks see the numbers he's pulling in around the world that they'll reconsider allowing JYJ (or at least XIA) to perform on TV.

  4. Fanboy? Ur a guy? Cool.

    I feel dark about ur last paragraph. I see sme jyp and some other company came together to bully C-jes cause they worry their stars follow into JYJ footsteps and worry C-jes would be their to support them with the same lawyer that won JYJ request for using their stage name and freedom from dictation by the company. I dont know what this last court verdict is about i just learned Junsu Yoochun and Jaejoong have right to continue with music activity unhindered Just like before the court said just like always. But they dont have any music activities inside the offecial music industry i mean no promotion nor brodcast like they used to always do. I feel strange i dont like seeing injustice and i dont see XIA and JYJ ever having local brodcast attending music awards or anything like other korean singers have. i dont see a ray of hope and it burns my blood cells because i dont see the light in this situation. Right now i am wondering if conserts and youtube MVs are enough. To me it isnt i saw this singer who did the horse dance MV on CNN and it burned my heart hearing the news reporter say he had 30 000 fans coming to his consert . I went Give Junsu local brodcast and he'd have more poeple know of him. That guy i dont hate him but i feel it isnt fair others get popular because they are allowed music appearances on TV When Junsu and the others dont. I grt disgusted they show them only in polls i know why they put them in polls cause they think not many would know them and they would fall in popularity and disappear. Thats what SME wants which is why every year SME delibrately tries to delay the court verdict trying to stall hponig JYJ are forgotten. Like with what they did to HOT.the members that left SME like JYJ did. But there is one imortant chance. The KOREAN ARTS AND POP CULTURE are the only ones who top SME even if they supportted SME vision KAPC can still be over won. If fans all over the world can convince KAPC then KAPC can tell off sme . I-fans dont understand KAPC these are the ones that mainly banned JYJ even in Japan. But they are also the only ones who can lift this ban belive me. Fans have to find a way to make XIA and JYJ KAPC new favorites instead of SME. Really if KAPC turns towards XIA and JYJ positively i would no longer feel dark and i would feel big hope and rayS of hope. I-fans have to head towards KAPC but how they speak to KAPC is important KAPC are heartless but they care about results if they see excellent cultural achievements due to JYJ music activities e.g. First korean conserts in Spain and Germany and South America ect positive achievements. In this direction KAPC could have a positive interest in JYJ and think about letting go of the ban and SME could not convince KAPC otherwise. Maybe if we show how bad SME is internationally and how much Xia and JYJ are loved internationally including international sales. This way this direction could change KAPC's decision in who they should really support for korea's reputation sake and culture promotion. I dont care about culture but if KAPC does then lets use that for the sake of lifting the ban. Problem is i-fans not knowing about KAPC importance and statise AND their manner of addressing and how in what direction for benefition towards our boys.

  5. I don't understand why people thinks SM is a 'titan' in entertainment, lol, they really don't have that much power in the great scheme of things.

    The veto on jyj is done by the whole of the music/variety tv industry, many companies have an interest in this debacle, it's not just sm the one responsible. It's like T-ara vs Hwayoung :/ everyone is bullying.

    Fortunately, the acting industry is quite separate and jyj are able to find work there.

  6. ^I agree...everyone thinks that SM is some God that can control everyone and everything in seriously?...ppl are giving them too much credit....there have been so many cases already proving that SM didn't blackmail or force anyone to not broadcast JCS...they did it on their own free will because the lawsuit is still ongoing and it's normal for broadcasters not to take sides...if they allowed JCS on their programs, it's like they're indirectly saying that they agree with what they did and are siding with them...also, if they thot that SM really would hold a grudge and not allow their other artists to go on stations that supported JCS, then that's their own fault as well..they're worried and have the right to be..they look at the picture as a whole and for the long run..they can't just take foolish chances and do something short term now and jeapordize their own future...everyone's looking out for themselves really...including JCS.

    anyways, hoping that the verdict really means the end of the lawsuit....I can't's been way too long of both sides not agreeing.

  7. Sieghs. So u say SME has no power to block? tell the former HOT members that who did win the verdict yet were still banned even after the court issue was done and over with. Simply because they left their former company. U didnt read till the end of my paragraph. I also mentioned the korean federation of art and pop who send an offecial letter stating JYJ are a dangers to koreas image so must not be allowed to be considered as offecial singers they offecially asked aisian music industries to not brodcast Jyj in their country this happened before the Beginning showcase first consert by a few days. C-jes even took this to court also the reason is SME strong connection to the korean federation of pop and art as well as having kbs built on lee soo mans bought land. Brodcast channles have large stalks as welll in SME lee soo man was wanted by the interpol but he ran to south korea and somhow the court declared him innocent due to the court neglecting to bring up the evidence papers from the interpol investigation this all happened during the ninties also the government in korea takes money from lee soo man so he benefits the government financially as well not to mention his strong ties with most asian music industry offecial heads who are also his friend due to mutual profits. U two dont understand another thing. Korean federation backes SME because SME uses a traditional system as does Jyp and the others music companies the collaberated with SME . Simply because they want to stic to the traditional system where the singer is dictated and creates lots of money for the company . C-jes uses an american system so they dont dictate the singers nor take money more than the singer gets and thats why all are backing SME against JYJ or rather all are fighting JYJ to TAME SINGERS. remain dictated underpaid and bear with the unhealthy work condition even if u lose health and end up having chonic diseas as a price for accepting the traditional system this is the system JYJ complained about if they get brodcast in the music scene then other korean songers will get more than the company and do music they want not what the company dictates. Remember Europe the farmers used to work so much but get so little in return while their masters the nobility class get most of the benifits from the
    framers works. The farmers fed up with that system and went into riot. Today farmers get exactly the amount with which they worked hard for including healthy work conditions. And including freedom the nobility clas no longer dictates and controlls them.

  8. ^still dont' agree...and your posts are so wordy and lengthy, I really can't fully take in what you say....I'm sure there are a few facts in there, but alot of it is also subjective opinion....CJES were sued before by their former artist KSW because they tried to force him into doing things he didn't want to do and they were gang don't try and make it out as tho SM is the only "bad company" out there...let's be realistic here..ALL companies have their own best interest at heart...of course everyone is watching out for themselves first and's human nature.

    and it's gotten better lately, but for the past few months, I've never seen JS so frail and sickly looking EVER...anyways, not the point....what it comes down to is the fact that these broadcasters are grown ups that make their own decisions...I dont' care who is friends with who, I'm sure SM has better things to do than to go to each one of them and threaten them......if the broadcasters think it'll negatively impact them by showing JCS, then that's their OWN cowardice and we can't blame anyone but them.

  9. Of course SME didn't blackmail or outright force anyone to stop broadcasting JYJ performances, that would be in direct violation of the first verdict that ruled that SME was not allowed meddle in JYJ's affairs. That doesn't change the fact that SME is clearly taking advantage of some shady underhanded tactics and legal loopholes to establish what is basically an embargo on JYJ. You make some great points about all parties looking out for their best interests, but even you must concede that it is ini SME's interest to prevent JYJ from gaining any foothold in the music industry. If JYJ makes it big, they're opening a door to all other idols that work under similar conditions to demand fairer treatment and better contracts. That affects their bottom line.

    I don't think anyone is blaming SME for being the only bad label, all labels have secrets they don't want getting out, but the SME-JYJ fiasco is particularly relevant because this is a DBSK fansite.

  10. @OJI: trust me, that's what ALOT of fans are saying tho...they give SM way too much credit in my opinion.

    in no way am I denying that SM would rather JCS not have public broadcasts, but do I soley blame them for the blocking and stuff? I said already, broadcasters make their own choices and if they're too cowardly to fight the system (do they even want it to change?), then that's their own fault...not SM.

    this is a DBSK fansite, therefore CJES should be equally relevant then right?...but all i see is double standards and a one sided point of view while the other is getting a free pass.