Sunday, September 2, 2012

[FANACC] A fan met Yoochun Shanghai FM MC

-'among the presents that Yoochun received, which one he like the most?' MC: 'he likes everything. when they prepare to go back korea, Yoochun specially ask the assistant if they have brought all the gifts. this shows those presents cannot be broken. he liked it a lot, it's important.

-'why when the question 'when you last kissed?' was selected he didn't answer?' MC: Yoochun shaked his head, he don't want to answer, so i skipped the question

-'how is Yoochun personally?' MC: 'very friendly, a nice person, very polite. he often joke around, a person who likes to laugh'

-MC: Jaejoong is more playful, he is someone who is good at playing, but when he is not familiar/close he is very introvert, talk very little. Yoochun is different, he is warm and loves to laugh. he will joke around with staff, more friendly. between the two, Yoochun is more active

-Yoochun Shanghai fm MC said Yoochun sing 2 songs only because his throat is not in a good condition

-For Yoochun Shenzhen fanmeet they will use back the same MC and translator from the shanghai fanmeet

-the clothes that Yoochun wear for the Shanghai fanmeet is his own clothes

-Yoochun used the VIP lane in airport becase CJES found out there is a lot 'car chasers/stalkers'. Yoochun's car and another car collided before. besides that, they also do not wish the airport staffs and micky fans to have any friction and conflict

-'Yoochun don't have a sense of security in an unfamiliar place..did any staff/assistant accompany him to sleep?'

the MC said: 'no. he did swim in the hotel swimming pool and work out in the gym. after he finished, tired, he went to sleep alone in his room'

-Yoochun look like he didn't get shocked by the sudden pop of confetti because his reaction is a bit slower. he gets surprised later

-'during the bursting balloon session, Yoochun looked very shy. did he talk about it later?' MC reply: yes, yoochun laughed. he didn't expect the balloon is that hard to burst. he was frightened when it burst.

-'did Yoochun really order eggplant at the hotel?' MC: 'he did order eggplant, he like it very much.

-'shanghai food is a bit sweet...yoochun like sweet stuff?' MC: 'this I'm not sure. Yoochun did praise eggplant is very delicious'

-Yoochun will stay at taiwan for 2 days for the fanmeeting

-'did you guys plan anything for Yoochun to say in chinese?' MC: 'the organizer side wanted Yoochun to say "Shanghai fans, Hi everyone, I'm Park Yoochun, I love you all" but Yoochun's chinese is not very good, so we have to teach him part by part. then later we heard there are a lot fans coming from other places. in order to take care every fans feelings, we teach Yoochun to say 'everyone present... hi everybody' (this is more general)

-'Yoochun went backstage a lot of times. besides touch up his makeup and change outfit what did he do?' MC: he will hide behind and watch fans reaction, then fix his hair and touch up his makeup

-'when did Yoochun leave the venue? when he left, he didn't really say good bye and no thank you speech' MC: after throwing bottle? backstage, sing one word and left. it's the organizer request. the venue got time restriction, please don't misunderstand.

note: the fan and Yoochun fanmeet MC (previously JJ Shanghai fanmeet MC) actually chat on the airplane for 1 and the half hours.
I didn't translate some unimportant stuff

translated by: @miracle33_JJ
shared by: DBSKnights


  1. how dare this guy say this to jj? x-(

    1. jj is very kind,warm,friendly with everyone he has wrong to say this he don't know really jj! the jyj are all warm and friendly!
      to this guy dont"t must like very jj!
      stupid mc jj is a wonderful person!
      how dare you say this to jj?!

  2. He's right about Jaejoong, though. We've heard all the other members talk about how Jaejoong looks cold, but he's very warm on the inside. It's completely normal for one to not feel comfortable around people they don't know well/are not close with, and so I don't think Jaejoong would be willing to make a fool out of himself by playing around carelessly infront of people he doesn't feel comfortable with. Yoochun, I suppose, is more talkative even with people with whom he's not extremely close; I feel like he cares not if he ridicules himself completely. ^^
    I don't feel like what he said was an insult to Jae ^^

  3. other members ?want you say that yuchun and junsu think this of jj?
    but when? but what you say?!
    if to be so jj don't have none friend!
    he is a person friendly all what that work with jj speak alway well of he!
    then arrive this guy is say this of jj!
    i believe that hate jj! speak very well yuchun but bad of jj!
    jj is a good person!:(

  4. I'm reading what you have read and I fail to see how MC said anything bad about Jaejoong. I read from other people (staff, dancers etc) accounts saying the same thing, that Jae sometimes behaves quietly if he's not familiar with surrounding/people. What's so offensive in that?
    Don't embarrass yourselves.

  5. Offended Anonymous, I think you didn't understand the word "introvert". The simpler meaning of it is "shy".

  6. @Anonymous, September 2, 2012 2:30 AM:

    you sound like the same anonymous that was talking bad about fiester cuz JS was shown too little in their least I hope you are and that there aren't 2 of you.

    just relax and don't take everything people say so negatively.

  7. "Yoochun used the VIP lane in airport becase CJES found out there is a lot 'car chasers/stalkers'. Yoochun's car and another car collided before. "
    i really hate this! TT_____TT please be safe oppa!!

  8. i'm sorry but i think what the MC talk about jaejoong is right... Jaejoong is that kind of person.. if you known him for a long time or watch a lot of their old video, you will notice those side of jaejoong..

  9. Yoochunnie is really such a nice person^^~ I'm so happy I got to know him and became a fan of him^^