Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[VIDEO] Junsu - Uncommitted MV Teaser 2

Credits: CJESJYJ
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so JS has guest singers in his song again?....kinda wished that it was him alone without the help of others this time...but the song sounds promising...when's the full version coming out again?

I really like when JYJ have collaborations with other singers. So I´m ok with it.

The MV should be released on 17th August.

Xiah looks so goodddddd in the MV...can't hardly wait

Well Timberland is well know in the US...

I'm glad he's on Junsu song... lol good thing it's not Kanye West again =.='

junsu is hot!
i hope that also jj and yuchun will have their solyst album!

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