Sunday, August 26, 2012

9 DBSKnights Comment:

Oh dear! Poor junsu! been bullied since 2004!
he made things up to try to stop them but always end up saying the most nonsense stuff...
(if it is me, i'd flip table and leave the scene)

HAHHAHA ... junsu after all these years still being trolled ;P

lol...reminds me of the past when the other 4 members would leave him out during the "fighting" chant in the end...hahaha.

haha so funny . always love all their interviews :)

Exactly!! Except that this time, he is the only one doing the embarrassing chant :)

If u looked thru all the NII BTS interview, U will know that JJ is the One behind all these bullying; and troll-Chun is the accomplice! Yoo Chun seemed to know junsu's fate the moment JJ mentioned junsu's name! Lol

^let's face it...even Junsu knew his fate...hahaha...but we all know that he secretly enjoys it too=P

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