Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Trans] 120827 Kim Junsu Displayed Perfect Stage Charm In Hongkong‏

JYJ member Kim Junsu held his first solo concert in Hongkong on the night of 26th at Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With his excellent singing and praise-worthy dance moves, plus the perfect stage charm, he drew a perfect conclusion for his Asia tour.
Kim Junsu’s singing skill has never been a doubt. He opened the stage with ‘Breath’ from his new album. Junsu’s charming vocal and the powerful dance, plus the supporting cheers from the fans immediately led the atmosphere to a high level.

After performing two songs, Junsu greeted the fans in Cantonese, showing his friendliness.

After which, Junsu’s close interaction with his female dancers led the fans in screams. Junsu who was donning a white long coat, answered fans’ request and made a cute pose.

This made the fans in craziness. One worthy point to mention is how Junsu’s shy expression every time after he made the cute pose, shows that he has a really cute side to him.

Junsu’s incredibly strong vocal was shown during his portrayal of the musical numbers. His great dancing skills is also something missing in many idol groups’ main vocalist.

He is indeed a singer with many strong aspects and indeed possessed what a solo performer need.

After the ending of the Asia tour, Junsu will be starting his world tour and hopefully fans of the countries will be able to enjoy the charisma that belonged to Kim Junsu well.

trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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  1. Junsu is full of charm and always impress us. He is defnitely a high quality star indeed.