Thursday, August 9, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120809 JYJ - Incheon Airport

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If only Tvxq and JYJ had of met at the airport

Their attire is so different from one another

I wonder where they'll be staying? I want to meet them.

I don't know why, but I miss JS's old airport fashion....the comfortable and easy going I feel as though his cordi is trying to make him look cool and serious all the time when he doesn't even need to try so hard.

YC is the same as always...and as for Jae..hmm...what in the world is he wearing?!...haha....I guess they all have their own unique flavour this time around=P

waaah , so close ! I wanna go meet them ><

I can't believe Jae went to the airport looking like that. He usually wears all black when he travels, no?

jaejoong looks like he's pregnant /getsbricked but he's so into trend. blue baby! rock on!

Tvxq were at Gimpo, this is Incheon.

haha. yeah. this is the first time that i've thought jaejoong's airport outfit is weird. but... maybe he's just looking to be comfy for the upcoming 13 hour flight. ^O^;;

"easy going" yoochunie..."i don't care what i wear" jaejoongie...and "i just wear what they told me to wear" junchan...kekekee~~~ but mostly i love chunnie's style...the atmosphere of freedom with a pair of short denim, t-shirt, and sandals ^^v

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