Saturday, August 25, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120825 Tohoshinki - A-Nation in Tokyo

[Missha CF Interview] The CF TVXQ filmed for is "The First Treatment Essence for Man" Yunho said the essence was really good, even if it's not man version, he would use it too! Changmin said he gave as presents to his family and friends, his mum even ask if there's more. PD asked if they will buy, Changmin say "please just give it to us" (cr: @玉质袭人 via yunjaery)

Credits: As tagged + kebukagumi + kumamayu
+ mikamikan5 + rikuponharu + VkfkaYoon
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  1. Changmin:"please, just give it to us"

    \(-o^)/ yeah! just give it to them...

  2. Red Ocean to the extreme..

  3. haha...bigeast red ocean domination...this is what it would've looked like too if SM didn't prohibit other light stick colors for smtown...they really need to stop covering up HM's popularity in Japan...everyone knows they're the kings there already..don't need to be in denial about it=P

  4. ^ light stick colors are prohibited ? wha ? 0.0

    1. yep....they wanted all the fans to only use the official sm town color which is pink I that's why there was no red ocean at SM Town in Tokyo Dome...SM knows that if they let Bigeast bring red light sticks like they wanted, it would be too obvious that 90% of the fans were there for Homin=P

  5. Why there is also blue color? Is that for SJ or a nation concerts? ._.
    It would be real pretty if there is only red! ~

  6. blue is the official anation concert colour ive heard!

  7. yes blue is a-nation's official color, thus the official blue fanlight ^^

  8. I heard that bigeast official color is blue ._.

  9. @aredocean:, no, Bigeast is THSK's official fanclub so of course their color is RED=P

    perhaps you got the color mixed up with A-Nation's official color, which is indeed BLUE=)