Thursday, August 23, 2012

[PHOTOS] 120823 Jaejoong twitter update

First Tweet

[Trans] Is it alright for guys to be like that amongst themselvesㅎ In broad daylight, coffee and arcade games.

Second Tweet
[Trans] One new horse~^^(that came)

Third Tweet {Photo}

Credits: mjjeje, allrisexiahtic
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10 DBSKnights Comment:

JJ got himself a black horse ^^...

The guy with the black shirt sitting next to Jaejoong looks like Heechul hehe :D JJ looks so cute and casual!

this guy is going to ride the horse .... poor idiot

You're an idiot yourself. It's a horse-lamp and it's a fan-gift.

who are the other 2 guys with Jae?

the horse is actually pretty cool looking and matches the room...the fan should've gotten him an elephant instead..hehehe.

erh, i think the horse lamp was a gift from HEROSE or WorldclassJJ

not sure about the guys with jaejoong, one of them is apparently from infinite i think.

From front, Kwak Yonghwan (@plmok30)、JinYi-Han (@YiHan_Jin)、LeeSeung-Hyun (@LUsyndrome) and our JJ.
Starbucks harbor town shop (ground floor)627-1 U 1(il)-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

Cassies had a excellent research skill...

^oh, well I wouldn't know who they are even if you gave me the names...haha..I meant who are they to JJ? are they actors, singers, etc?

Me too ha ha ha...

Kwak Yonghwan = new C-JeS family, singer.
JinYi-Han = Kyung Tak's (JJ) friend in Dr, JIN. actor.
LeeSeung-Hyun = He said "JJ is my benefactor" because JJ recommended him to a role of musical Elizabeth and got it. actor, musical actor.

^ah, i see...hehe..thanks for the info!=)

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