Friday, August 17, 2012

7 DBSKnights Comment:

They look good but the hair gotta get use to

They look so handsome in those outfits and I like the pompadour hair on the cover, but who are they trying to channel in that second photo, Elvira? The Munsters? Yunho legit looks like Wolf Man circa 1941; Needs.To.Go.

For some reason, their righteous and passionate characters along with the fact they are on cosmopolitan magazine doesn't sit well with me.... oh well.... who am I to judge... But they could lose the hair.... I feel SM should be doing more to promote their heart-wrenchingmusic rather than just their dashingly handsome looks :/

I actually like the crazy hair picture over the cover one..maybe i just have weird taste=P

@ Anon

whats wrong with them posing on Cosmo just because its mostly about sex...their grown men.

gto young!

Yunho is giving so much face here that I can't stand it. Too attractive.

I don't know how S. Korean Cosmo works, but where I'm from it's over-the-top trashy, shallow, & immature (basically the Penthouse column section, but for women & cover to cover). If you're looking for honest, mature relationship & sex advice, Cosmo is not where it's at.

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