Sunday, August 12, 2012

[NEWS] [Interview Part II] JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Wants to Fall in Love This Year

Kim Kyung Tak, the son of a concubine in the Andong Kim family, is a character that never appears in the original Japanese manga the MBC drama Dr. Jin is based on.

The character was specially made for the Korean drama, which is why the producers of Dr. Jin boasted that Kim Kyung Tak was its ‘secret weapon’. This character was different from the others from birth, and so was portrayed as an infinitely small man.

“He thinks in an entirely different scale compared to the other characters. Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo) dreams of the future of Joseon, Kim Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo) is greedy for more power and Dr. Jin, originally from the 21st century, also has his sight set on big goals.

Kim Kyung Tak, however, has just one thing he wants to do: protect the people he loves with his own hands. If the other characters see the world, Kyung Tak sees its people.”

He said Kim Kyung Tak’s life and his own were similar in certain ways. They were both determined to protect until the end whatever it is they want to protect.

“People are most afraid of losing what they have, but there’s something you have to keep even if you lose everything else. That is faith. I wasn’t confident on whether I could do this, so I inscribed the words ‘Always Keep the Faith’ on my chest. I put one tattoo on my back so that it wouldn’t show, but for this one, I chose to put it on my chest so that I’ll see it every day.

Kim Jae Joong debuted as a singer with TVXQ (DBSK) and is now a part of the group JYJ, and as long as his career is in music, he shows strong views about it.

Even while he was busy for Dr. Jin, he still didn’t slack off on his musical work. It isn’t easy, however, to make it into music programs to show off that music he’s worked on so hard.

“I really want to be on music shows. I noticed after speaking with my juniors that I had become a weird being. I’ve become a rare senior among my juniors (Laugh). Since they can’t see me on the set of broadcasts, they’re awed whenever they happen to run into me. I heard from someone that whenever JYJ releases new music, our juniors always download it to listen to it.”

He showed how much he loved music by saying that even when he gets so old his vocal cords won’t sing anymore and he keeps getting lost in the trend of music, he will never let go of music itself. He vowed that he would continue to act also because new areas will open up for him when he becomes older. When asked about his future plans, the answer he gave was full of confidence.

“I’m planning to start working on JYJ’s new album, so that it can be released early next year. I actually continued to work on the songs while I was filming the drama. I think there will soon be a chance to show off our new songs. Oh, and I want to take up a new acting piece before the year ends. I also want to fall in love.”

Credits: Enewsorld 
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  1. which part did you consider as a big lie?

  2. what do u mean lie? i think so ,,

  3. I think part he want to fall in love,,

  4. u mean about the title how its saids "jaejoong wants to fal in love this year "? the article didtn say anything about him wanting to fall in love lol

  5. ^actually it the very end..he said: "I also want to fall in love.”=P

  6. "and I want to take up a new acting piece before the year ends. I also want to fall in love."
    he means his new character in his new drama.It will be "the new drama" before the end of this year.:)

  7. JJ is already fall in love =P

  8. I think that My sweet JJ is already with someone. I feel like he wants to prepare his fans in case he's discovered with his girlfriend. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid.

    It's just that I can't believe that someone looking like that can be single for a long time even if he's that famous.

    Kisses from France.

  9. ahhh. i was kinda crushed tbh when i saw the title. so i clicked read more. i mean, how could i not? gosh! i swear i need to slap myself hard. in my mind i only have two options for jae. lol. yunho, or me. goodness. ahhhh, i need to mentally prepare myself. but oh. having jae as a bf. oh. i could die.

    1. Your read my mind ^^

      Falling in love doesn't mean that he will be/reveal his relatioship. as far as i understood he will be single till in his 30s (from one of his recent interview). that doesn't mean by far that he doesn't have someone, just he follows the advise of his fans: have a girlfriend just don't make make it public.

  10. He already falling in love with someone /smirk/
    Yunho *lol

  11. I agree,, I just want believe in YunJae no matter what