Saturday, July 7, 2012

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I like the dance moves..very robotic which fits the android theme..hehe.

It´s about time Sm changes his style for videos .-. they kinda all look the same to me. Futurestyle backgrounds..lots of dancing and special effects .-. that will be boring soon enough.
Nevertheless *_* I like the song and well, the boys. Not necessarily the videoidea itself

@Haru: its not SM dude. Their japanese work is all under Avexnetwork.

@snarky ^^ okay....right but still.. XD I can´t help but think that Suju´s video...F(x) and this one just like coming from one mind

@haru and @Snarky smile
In this MV all the dancer are korean dancers (BeatBurger) from SM, not japanese dancer
It's also choreographed by BeatBurger.

For new cf, fanclub event and other japanese performance, toho-dancer will perform with homin. Some BB member were in japan to teach toho-dancer about 2weeks ago

@Haru: why are you even comparing other groups to Homin tho? wouldn't even know what their vids are like cuz I'm only a fan of as long as Homin themselves don't keep repeating the same style, then I'm happy....if you limit what they are allowed to do based on what others have done before, then might as well end kpop and the music industry in general right now...LOL.

Again, there's no storyline It's always the same. A song,a background and a choreography. Why?
The song is so catchy it would have been so cool to add a storyline about the android theme...
Anyway ... They're handsome as usual and I really like the song, that's all that matters.

(Google telling me "please prove you're not a robot xD)

^to be honest, the last real storyline that I remember from any of the boys is that was epic.

@Sheils, Before U go has a storyline! Well, the MV is pretty long but awesome nonetheless.

^ooo, right! can I forget?..that was super epic too (especially the long drama version)...that was just last year right? i wouldn't say that it's "always the same" then...unless you're just talking about their japanese which I don't remember any real storyline

Changmin Oppa and Yunho Oppa~ Kakoi!!! Sugoi!!!! Still wish I had exact android replicas like them. The real ones would be even better ke ke ke

*flees for her life*......

Doushite has a story and well they made one for standby u..

^I'm talking about the guys being the actors themselves...and anyways, I don't consider Doushite and SBY as real storylines either...just showed a couple happy and then essentially breaking'd much rather see the guys doing choreography for the full song versus half of the MV focusing on people I don't even care about=P

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