Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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I don't like the fact that enews is digging the past back up like this...and I never knew that the dad filed a lawsuit and was threatening to sue...I believe it was more of the fact that he registered him for the army under a different name and so the adoption issue got leaked out by accident.

anyways, seeing that old clip of the 5 members celebrating and hugging each other made me so sad and yet re-affirmed my faith in their brotherhood...I miss them so much.

i don't really get the point of enews bringing this up again. old issue is old. if this is what korean people considered as entertainment or news, then it's just plain low. stay out of their personal affair please. restrain yourself.

on the other hand, lemme bask on the glorious moment of them still as five in that clip /brbsobbing

This is rather awkward. I don't think Jaejoong's parents will appreciate the exposure a second time round.

It makes me feel sad for Jaejoong that his sad and difficult past is being dragged up and publicized again.

I'm speechless..... for Jaejoong Oppa and for old yet personal stories like this to be renounced.......

Why they done sth like this? Im out of words... What the heck do they hv the right to do sth like this? Bringing up his old days nd life like if it were a random thing... Im really angry abt tht ..where is the respect of at least his personal life.. i just hope he didnt felt hurt. I feel hurt for him... ..

A lot of fans have known this information for awhile now, (minus perhaps the intimate details of the lawsuit or why Jae was adopted, if that is even the complete truth anyways) This is pretty normal for a tabloid or magazine in the states but I think a little personal for Korean news no? Maybe not? They always have to find a story, you know?

Jaejoong handled it very well, both families are so lucky to have such a respectable son. It was certainly unnecessary to bring up though.

I guess he handle it with a great smile behind his wall as usual... But indeed lets be a lil bit serious.. this hv nth to do in the news ... They show them in TV when they want to make audience ... But fr a live performance or a TV show they still drag them away... This a pitiful side of kpop industry.

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