Monday, July 9, 2012

[TRANS] 120708 Korean Idol Kim Junsu Blew Away the Audience with his Performance in Shanghai

Sina entertainment news, the night of July 7th, Korean idol Kim Junsu held a concert in Shanghai, performing songs from his new album, his singing and dancing blew away the audience.

Even though this is Kim Junsu’s first time performing in Shanghai through his solo concert, but his popularity seems like he had came here to promote many times already. Junsu’s presence on stage elicited many excited responses from fans. 2 hours before the concert starts, the concert venue was packed. Unfortunately, the venue could only accommodate 3000 people. The hot weather coupled with fans’ excitement, took the atmosphere of the venue to a climax almost instantaneously.

 During the concert, fans never stopped screaming and cheering, everyone used their not so standard Korean, sang with Kim Junsu through all the songs. This concert mainly focused on the songs from the new album Tarantallegra. The concert began with Breath, making the audience extremely excited. Then he sang No Gain, Lullably, Intoxication, and other popular songs in the album, eliciting enthusiastic responses from the fans. Afterwards, fans also accompanied Junsu to sing his single You Are So Beautiful, everyone was very touched. During Ment, fans asked Junsu to perform “Angel Xiah” and “Writing by twisting his hips”, good natured Junsu responded to all of fans requests, and said “I’m already 27, making me do this, I’m very embarrassed. But if you all like it, I will perform this for all of you even when I’m 50.” Again taking the concert to a climax.

Source: Sina  
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  1. yes Junsu, you'll be DBSK's angel xiah even when you're 50=P

  2. Junsu oppa is 27? i thought he was 25?

  3. Korean age:
    a) take your western age (years from birth until now or your last birthday)
    b) add 1 year automatically for the 40 weeks in utero. You're already 1 when you're born
    c) add another year to that at the turn of the new Lunar year (everyone does this together)

    born December 1986 = 25
    + time spent in the womb = 26
    + Year of the Dragon began late January = 27

    P.S. Pregnancy is counted from the end of the mother's last menses (40 weeks). But the average length of fetal development from actual conception to birth is 38 weeks of those 40. And although Koreans count that time as the 1st year of life for a postnatal person, I'm not aware that it has cultural baring on pro-life/choice decisions (from what I've read). *Not trying to start a political debate just giving information for those who are curious.*

  4. @bobo
    WOW! really! now i get y there age don't match there really age thing! thanks for this information ^^