Saturday, July 14, 2012

[TRANS] Jaejoong Twitter Update Part 2

[TRANS] Hun: @mjjeje Joo Pal & Boys! Keke all-night filming~ Kyung Tak! You have worked hard! See you later!^^

[TRANS] Jaejoong (@OfficialSSH): Hyung .. in fact staying up overnight and these two hours are not enough.I’m sleepy I ‘m dying keke Hyung please sleep a bit more

[TRANS] Jaejoong: Yong Hwi take this!!!!!

Credits: rachui@sharingyoochun
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5 DBSKnights Comment:

lol..Jaejoong, that his only weapon his finger?...and where is he aiming at?!...haha!

ah, the good ol' fashioned korean butt!poke. :D

yeah, choose buttpoke if u don't hv any weapon~ dorky jj made my day~ fufufu

LOL!!! Jaejoong's ver of Sennen Goroshi!! (from Naruto)

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