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[TRANS] 120722 Jaejoong - Tweets Compilation of Dr.Jin Fanmeeting Part 1

  • The fan meeting will start at 7:20pm KST. (cr:ung_uh)
  • It has started~ (cr:prettyhirorin)
  • Jaejung appeared~ White T-shirt and white slim pants~ Very cool. (cr:oksumish)
  • Starting with his OST song. (cr:shachong)
  • His hair is tucked behind one ear. It's a little wavy. (cr:JJ_peace)
  • He's wearing a black jacket(?) that's opened at his chest. Wearing a white tee underneath. (cr:shachong)
  • His average sleeping time is 2 hours. (cr:JAE_MIX)
  • HIs high note at the 2nd part of the song was awesome. He laughed when it ended. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • His hat is very heavy so his neck hurts every day. (cr:yuna6002)
  • Talking about filming "Sageuk" and he said he was a little scared. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • He said that he did not get any special advice from Yuchun. XD (cr:shachong)
  • Mucus(?!) came out from Jaejung's nose. XD (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ asked his fans to watch Dr Jin today focusing on him. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Dr Jin has been extended to 22 episodes~ (cr:JJstar_+JJ_peace)
  • JJ: Honestly, I don't have many NGs. Maybe it's because I'm smart... (cr:shachong)
  • The MC asked if Kyung Tak would have a shower scene. JJ said that recently he doesn't have confidence in his body so he wouldn't be able to take his clothes off. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Something memorable would be filming crying scenes, it was really tough. Also, horse riding is very difficult. I had to practice for 5 times before filming. (cr: chaehui1226)
  • JJ laughed out loud when he heard people calling Young Hwi "Eyebrows". (cr:chaehui1226)
  • Three lucky fans get to take picture with Jaejung while he's wearing Kyung Tak's costume. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • JJ stuck out his tongue as "fan service" during picture taking. (cr:shachong)
  • During picture taking, JJ placed the sword at fan's throat and also pretended to stab his sword into the fan's abdomen. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • Q: No one has given you a real elephant as a present right? JJ: I will decline it. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Q: When was the last time you kissed? JJ got shy and said: Do you really want to know? (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that it was a kiss with a guy during a game. A Japanese celebrity. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ's underwear is also Kitty...(cr:JJstar_)
  • He said he received a lot of Hello Kitty presents lately, even his underwear is Hello Kitty. (cr:shachong)
  • JJ laughed when fans said they wanted to see his Kitty underwear. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • He said that he has gotten more wrinkles lately. (cr:shachong)
  • A recent time you cried? JJ: Yesterday when I was filming the movie, I fell from 4 metres high. The shock to my neck and shoulders was quite painful. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ's reading a Japanese poem, Love by Takinawa Shuntarou (cr:prettyhirorin)

  • Jaejoong sang Living Like A Dream!
  • The last part's high note makes people have goosebumps! He even smiled widely when it ends.
  • Jaejoong's hairstyle today: put behind one of his ear, you can see the shape of his ear clearly
  • The mic Jaejoong used is pasted with a glittery shiny "Jaejoong".
  • Jaejoong is still the good little kid in front of Japanese fans :3
  • Average sleep of 2 hours. His eyes today is bigger and he has a small face. He looks tired. :(
  • Talking with a smile (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Jaejoong said when filming Dr Jin, the hat was too heavy his neck was a little pain.
  • Jaejoong: How was I inside the drama? Fans: /clap loudly
  • Jaejoong humbly said: Even if this drama is without my character, it will be very interesting too. MC: But even only Kim Kyung Tak exist in this drama, it's already one interesting story!
  • Jaejoong: Please let me (Kim Kyung Tak) be the centre of the story/drama today!
  • Jaejoong: I... really don't NG much, my brains is good. MC laughed at that.
  • MC: If only the drama has Kyungtak's bathing scene Jaejoong: Recently I don't have confidence in my body, I'm left with bones.
  • Jaejoong: My horse riding skills has improved a lot!
  • Jaejoong used ウマ (horse) and ウマい(riding very good) connection because both words have the same starting pronunciation. Jaejoong really have daebak speaking skills.
  • Jaejoong: Drama extended, so my resting time is decreased. Feeling a little lonely, but because there's you guys supporting me, extending of drama seems like a good thing!
  • Jaejoong: The deepest impression would be filming crying scenes. It's hard.... and the horse riding scenes. I was really scared. At the start I have to practice 5 times before filming
  • Fan: Jaejoong's Japanese is still very fluent, can even use pun, he's really as smart as what he said.
  • During the chatting time, whenever Jaejoong feels shy he'd put his finger into his pants' little holes. (He's wearing a torn-designed white skinny pants today)
  • Jaejoong says he wants to try acting as a king!
  • Lucky draw. Prize is the clothes Jaejoong wore in the drama. The fans who were being chosen can take a photo with a costumed-dressed Jaejoong.
  • Jaejoong asked fans why did they call Younghwi "eye brow guy" Fans answered that's because his eyebrows are very obvious. Jaejoong laughed out loud.
  • 3 lucky fans taking pictures with Kyungtak. The first two fans are from first floor, so when Jaejoong's choosing the third fan, he chose the second floor's fans (to ensure fairness) ;; this guy
  • Jaejoong back-hugged the fans
  • Q: Why do Jaejoong loves elephants so much? A: When I went to Thailand, I always received presents related to elephants. So I gradually fell in love with elephants. My favourite elephant item is green coloured elephant.
  • Talking about elephants, if someone really wants to give you a real elephant, what will you do? Jae: I will reject.
  • Jaejoong's opinion in love!!! He won't be like Kyungtak, holding on to one person not letting go because if you do not change yourself, the other party will feel annoyed too. He wants to see many sides of himself.
  • Jaejoong said things like love, will also change too.
  • Q: When is the most recent kiss? Q: HAHAH Everyone really wants to know?
  • Jaejoong answered that the most recent kiss is during Protect The Boss filming, after that he became shy.
  • & finally, the real answer to the "Kiss" question is..: It's during a game with a Japanese MALE friend
  • Jaejoong said the recent kiss is with a close friend who is from Japan. If he says out the name tomorrow's headlines will be messy.
  • Jaejoong: I still compose songs and lyrics everyday. But I am a little interested in acting too!
  • Jaejoong: From now on the job I want to challenge most is acting.
  • Jaejoong: Singing is not a job, it's something I'll keep continue.
  • Jaejoong will call Younghwi "Eyebrow guy" from now on!
  • Jaejoong said he received too many Hello Kitty items, almost 70% of daily use items are HK.
  • Jaejoong is considering selling Hello Kitty merchandises xD
  • Jaejoong: I received too many Hello Kitty presents! Even underwear is Hello Kitty
  • When Jaejoong was talking about HK underwear, Jfans shouted they want to see. Jaejoong laughed out.
  • MC: Can we see? & so Jaejoong was shocked at first, then he laughed again
  • There's Hello Kitty underwear and Hello Kitty bra/singlet ._____.
  • Jaejoong: I can only wear Hello Kitty underwears, because 80% of it is Hello Kitty printed
  • Talking about how he cry. Jaejoong said he puts himself in the role of Kyungtak, and he cried.
  • Jaejoong: I don't have skills as to how to cry!!
  • Asking about tips to his beauty. He said he's taking care of his wrinkles too.
  • When is the last time you cried? Jae: Yesterday when I'm filming the movie.. I fell from about 4m. The impact hit my head and shoulder, I felt pain.
  • Jaejoong is reciting a Japanese poem
  • About his injuries, Jaejoong continued that nonetheless, he's fine. He asked fans not to worry about him!
  • The poem Jaejoong recited is Shuntarou Tanikawa's Love.
  • Jaejoong told everyone he read the wrong word LOL
  • Jaejoong said if he gets to rest he wants to go Japan. But drama extended, so it's a pity he couldn't go.
  • When Jaejoong pronounce 'Elephant' in Japanese, he keeps pronouncing it as 'jyo' not 'zou' xD
  • The fanmeet will resume at 8:55PM KST

  • JJ is now rehearsing~ fans can hear him! (cr:Rinmaze)
  • view from 2nd floor~ (cr:bubu_mk)
  • Fans were surprised to see bibimbap served at dinner since it's not in meal pkg. It was JJ's treat to them~ (cr: kimjj5)
  • JJ is wearing all-white~

Credits: Various Twitter Account
Translation by: _alovelikewar + yunjaery + rubypurple_fan
Shared by: DBSKnights

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  1. kissing another guy eh?...Yunnie will be jealous!=P

    and we all know that YH gave Jae an elephant present too in Thailand..*wink-wink*

    anyways, hope that jae's injuries will heal soon and that he will no longer be in any pain...still don't understand why they would extend the drama since it's not doing very well and the stoyline is a mess..sad that Jae's vacation got cut short because of it too...oh well, at least we get to see more Kyung-Tak...*swoons*