Sunday, July 22, 2012

[TRANS] 120722 Jaejoong - Tweets Compilation on Dr.Jin Fanmeeting Film Location Tour

While it was silent, a staff sneezed and everyone, including Jaejung, laughed. (cr:@jeje_reico)

Jaejung said, "Why are you guys clapping?" XD (cr:@ryoJJ)

Jaejung's belt makes his waist look really thin. (cr:@shachong)

Jaejung had an NG while saying his lines. (cr:@shachong)

JJ's lines are quite long~ (cr:@shachong)

Jaejung looks well. When the fans were cheering at the beginning, he shyly hid behind his script book (cr:weibo)

JJ's way of wiping his sweat. He dabbed around his nose to not ruin his makeup. (cr:@shachong)

While waiting, Jin Yi Han pretending to "slash" Jaejung from the back. Jaejung turned around and "dueled" with him. XD (cr:@shachong)

While his hat was being fixed, JJ sat on the railings and said "I'm sleeping." (cr:@shachong)

Jae would sometimes speak Japanese. When a codi was touching up for him, he used Japanese and said "It's so hot!" (cr:@ryoJJ)

Cute! JJ played with the feathers on his head, touching it and saying "shu~shu~" (cr:@ryoJJ)

Kyungtak's brother took a mini electric fan and faced it towards Jaejung. He moved the fan really really close to Jaejung's nose and Jae was stunned for a moment, but laughed after. (cr:@ryoJJ)

Even though there were talks of him being injured, he looks fine ^^ (cr:@shachong)

After the "OK", people clapped again. Towards the end, JJ clapped a little near his stomach. (cr:@ryoJJ)

Kyung Tak's brother did a "Sarang haeyo" pose over his head. Cute~ (cr:@jeje_reico)

Fans didn't want to leave, so JJ said "If this filming doesn't end, we can't go for the fan meeting. See you later~" (cr:@jeje_reico)

I have never seen Jaejung so shy until now. Young Hwi (fans call him eye-brow brother XD) was also really cute. Tak-Hwi was the best! It would be good if he could visit the Fan meeting as a guest~ (cr:@shachong)

Before the filming, Jaejung said, "You guys left at 6am this morning? I am only filming for about 1 hour, is it okay since it's short? Isn't it hot?" (cr:mitsumani)

Kyung Tak is getting kidnapped...! (cr: ung_uh)

Credits: Various Twitter Account
Translation by: _alovelikewar
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Cassies have really amazing love for you JJ Oppa :^ *kiss*

  2. Yeah! Tak-Hwi was the best indeed! Hmmm...I'm there anyone out there who feels the same as I do? I somehow feel that Kyung Tak and Young Hwi make a good pairing *hides* (I'm a yunjae fans too...)

  3. ^lol...yes, I also love their's the ONLY reason i'm watching the show still=P