Thursday, July 19, 2012

[TRANS] 120717 Song Seung Hun Mentions Jaejoong in an Interview


Q: The star-studded cast caused a highly-discussed topic. What is your first impression of everyone?

Song Seung Hun: (T/N: only Jaejoong’s portion translated) Additionally, Kim Jaejoong is a junior that I often meet up in private, thus I was very happy that we are working together. Jaejoong, he is really a pretty boy, seeing him in real life! Like a doll ^^.
Source: S-KIZUNA Season 4
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  1. lol....i agree...Jaejoong is the epitomy of "boys over flowers"=P

  2. even from afar... seeing him on stage... the first time, i literally had my breath stolen away! he was so gorgeous that i stopped breathing for a second. lol.

  3. Like a doll?? Lol. Hmm...that's true. Even I can't blink my eyes when watching him acting with that flawless face. *sigh*

  4. Esse é o JAE arranca suspiros até dos caras!!! heheheeheh