Saturday, July 7, 2012

[TRANS] 120707 Jaejoong Twitter Update Part 2

Jaejoong: It's a fact if you see and believe a distorted fact. The only real truth is also the obvious truth. Who I lived as and who am I living as, I who can say all these is the real "me"

gentlechan: @mjjeje Respect JJ! It is an awesome mindset^^ These awesome words enlightens me of the existence of "I"!

Jaejoong: Yesterday there was a NG during filming..It was just a very little mispronunciation.. I said, "Let's go to the Infirmary (Care) House..JinYiHan (Dr.Jin) is waiting there!" [T/N: 1) 활인서 = Infirmary (Care) House = A place for homeless patients to seek treatment for contagious disease; 2) He should pronounce "Dr Jin" as "JinEeWon"]

OfficialSSH: @mjjeje ㅋㅋㅋ

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH I burst out laughing! Hyung have your meal already? I can't sleep what should I do~~

OfficialSSH: @mjjeje I want to sleep more than I want to eatㅠㅠ You too hang in there and hwaiting!^^

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH Let's all cheer up together^^

OfficialSSH: @mjjeje Thank you!! Sleep...Sleep...Snore...Hehe

Jaejoong: @OfficialSSH Why are you sleeping like that..Dr Jin's back, cervical disk will have problem~The disk even Dr Jin would not be able to cure!

Source: Jaejoong + Other's Twitter
Translation by: naemaeum
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Reality somehow cruel. Just want to see you always cheer up is impossible... But up till now you still be strong. So, Kim JJ cheer up! The real you is what make your fans always love you.

  2. who is the real Kim Jaejoong..please stand up!...Don't mind me I'm just thinking about that Eminem song

  3. "It's a fact if you see and believe a distorted fact" true...that's why I think fans that have a different view point and opinion on things can't really agree completely...cuz they see what they want to see and it becomes a "fact" to them cuz their vision is distorted...only the members themselves have a clear view.

    I wish I knew what Jae was referring to tho...they always leave messages like this that are criptic and indirect...makes you keep guessing.

  4. He's being mysterious again.

    I love it when he tweets.