Saturday, July 7, 2012

[TRANS] 120706 Junsu Twitter Update

One pic at the hotel before taking a shower ^^ Goodnight ~☆

Min Young Ki (@poimin73): @1215thexiahtic Choose what you eat carefully^^ You will suffer if the food in China disagrees with you!!!!
Junsu: Thank you Hyung ^^

진태화 (@ganziyaa): @code07lim @1215thexiahtic Keke it'll be like their own reflection joining together *-_-* 
Junsu: @ganziyaa Speechless~~~

Byung Han Lim (@code07lim): @ganziyaa @1215thexiahtic Both of them have the same hair color keke
Junsu: @code07lim Ha-ak!

Credits: Junsu's Twitter 
Translations by: @Officialkmusic + @9090TheAiiRzYJ + @naemaeum
Shared by: DBSKnights

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  1. JS's selcas for the past few months haven't been the in, his eyes are bloodshot and sunken...he looks frail and thin..and of course tired and worn out..I hope that he doesn't overwork himself or else it'll be like SM all over again.