Thursday, July 12, 2012

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wwoooow fantastic baby.. junsu oppa n song jihyo unnie..jinjja kyeopta... oppa...i really like ur colour hair..huu saranghae. muaahhhh..

when I first saw those pics I was like... Junsu with a woman... oh god fans gonna go crazy bitching and blahblahblah

until I saw it was Song JiHyo lol

then I was like... ah good fans won't bitch about it since it's her eheh

^it's funny you said that since if it was Yunho and Ara instead, people would have double standards and say it was all SM's tactics and all that....I'm personally quite accepting of the fact that companies often use one of their artists to promote the other...and I wouldn't mind it either if they really did just plan to go there together as friends who want to give their support.

i was joking in the shoutbox that junsu is probably the safest celeb to entrust with your girlfriend. ^_~ (seeing as jihyo is dating their CEO).

^I actually find it bothersome when an employee starts dating their boss...especially in the asian entertainment industry where it's full of women that commit suicide due to them having to "please men" in higher positions in order to accelerate their career...of course I'm not saying that this is what's going on between SJH and Baek...but it's just so what happens if they don't work out?..will she leave CJES?

red hair really suits junsu! I also miss the days when he has orange hair

I would like to remind some ppl in here that this movie is not a movie of Song Jihyo, and Kim Junsu is not attending it with her to make her movie more popular. So why bring Ara & Yunho example here while the situation with Yunho attending Ara movies twice apparently to promote it is simply valid to Jihyo & Junsu attending a movie premiere together as guests?(=_=)And calling it double standards LOL We all know Jihyo is dating C-JeS CEO so why anyone should feel annoyed by Junsu going with her to a movie premiere? Beside the company didn't showed Jihyo in our face by 2 years constantly pairing her with any of the JYJ boys did they now? And we all know Yunho treats Ara as a Younger sister. He said it himself many times but can U blame us for feeling tired and annoyed if we see her face next to Yunho/TVXQ so many times while there is so many other even more popular females in SME that could also stand next to them? C-JeS has only one female popular star - Jihyo - to stand next to the boys to promote anything and U compare that to what SME is doing? Yeah that is so objective and looking at the whole picture before U (=_=)


why don't you just address me directly instead of indirectly? you scared?=P

i still see it as the same thing...they just "happened" to go together?..haha...I don't think so....and Jihyo HAS been paired up with JCS ALOT...of course since you're not objective, you don't see the MV, the commercials, JH and JJ's upcoming drama together, etc. as collaborative promotion either....and it's funny how it's okay for JS and JH to go together just cuz she's dating someone and yet it's not okay for YH and Ara even tho we know for sure that they only see each other as siblings?....hmmmm...if I don't call that double standards, then I don't know what is...popularity is all relative...who cares if it's this girl or that girl?..the fact that CJES chooses JH majority of the time instead of someone more popular is for the exact same's a business tactic...and both companies are doing it....period.

@hitomi2007 & @shiels

I think both of you have points. On one hand, hitomi2007 is right in saying that it's not Jihyo's movie, therefore it kind of seems less ~suspicious~ that Junsu would attend the movie premier, since he has no reason to promote her. If I'm not mistaken, there hasn't been an occasion when Yunho and Ara were seen at a movie premier together to support /someone else's/ movie. Yunho's usually there to support Ara's movie and to an extent, promote her popularity. On another hand, shiels is right in saying that business tactics are business tactics, and it's not exactly wrong for idols to "promote" other idols.

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