Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho chosen as the hallyu idol with the best Japanese skills

With so many idols going overseas to promote in Japan, a survey was held in which 37 Japanese instructors were asked to pick the hallyu idol with the best command of the Japanese language. The survey took place over the course of a month, and the results were finally revealed on July 2nd.

In first place was TVXQ‘s Yunho who received 43% of the votes with his natural Japanese speaking skills. The reason why Yunho was chosen was because he is able to carry on fluent conversation, and is also capable of using various slangs and the modern speaking style of the young Japanese generation.

BoA and Girls Generation‘s Sooyoung came in 2nd place as they received 26% of the total votes. BoA is already known for her fluent Japanese speaking skills especially since she has long pursued her career in Japan. However, because she has more of an “artist” image than an “idol”, she was picked by less Japanese language instructors for this hallyu idol poll, thus coming in second. Meanwhile, Sooyoung also placed 2nd with her clean and accurate Japanese accent and her ability to use proper tone when speaking.

The survey also reviewed and rated the skills of other up and coming hallyu stars like Jang Geun Suk.

With Jang Geun Suk‘s appearance on a variety show in Japan without a translator gaining attention, they said, “He’s not proficient in long conversations in Japanese but he does have a good command of the Japanese that is used in Japan.” They also said, “He has a calm, low-tone and uses phrases that the young Japanese generation uses.”

The instructors also commented on KARA when they said, “Their ability to express themselves is still lacking, but they have that unique cuteness that girl groups have. Even with their word choices, they use cuter words than other hallyu stars.”

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  1. Yunho is number one which is awesome cuz he is really fluent in Japanese but seriously no 2 and the rest are ridiculous!! I mean BoA being no 2 makes complete sense!!! But Sooyong, Jang Geun, and Kara!? WTF is This?? If u had to list more fluent idols then Changmin should have been on that list and so should have Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu! Not to mention Supernova members who can actually speak Japanese as we well. FT Island members can speak Japanese quite nicely too!! so what the hell? and WTF is with the hallyu label being attached to Tohoshinki!!!! THEY ARE NOT HALLYU!!!!! F U HALLYU!!! RUINING EVERYTHING FOR ARTISTS THAT ACTUALLY WORKED THEIR BUTTS OF IN JAPAN!!!

  2. ^haha...you're so passionate=P But i do agree=)

    Changmin was no.4 if you wanted to know.

  3. Changmin just really started opening up as far as active speaking. Where as Yunho has always been the leader so people are used to him speaking more. JYJ are still being blocked in both S. Korea & Japan so they might not be considered a part of Hallyu at the moment. I think Sooyoung is the Japanese spokes person for SNSD the way Tiffany & Jessica are in the USA. For BoA it was already mentioned that she isn't considered a Hallyu Idol, but an artist in her own right.

    Anyway - I'm always a bit surprised when Yunho is ranked high on language lists. My impression from other multilingual people is that no matter what language he speaks it's with a heavy Korean accent. He's even known for having a hard time with 'reuls' & slipping into his satoori when speaking his native tongue. I suppose it makes sense that he's marked on conversational fluency & slang usage rather than pronunciation.

    Then again even though his vocabulary is extremely limited, his English has recently been very clear & understandable (I was @ MSG NY). Proud

  4. But I remember back in those old Japanese TV shows, they all said Changmin spoke Japanese the best among the five members. Hahaha~ so i thought no. 1 would be Changmin. :P Still remember that Jaejoong kept saying that Yunho was bad in remembering vocab or something. Hahah~