Thursday, July 5, 2012

[NEWS] JYJ Challenges Gamers to a Round of Mario Kart 7

If you love JYJ and playing video games, this event is perfect for you.

The JYJ members, with Nintendo Korea, will be holding a special event titled, “Mario Kart 7 Competition with JYJ’ on August 19 at Yonsei University.

As the campaign models for the video game Mario Kart 7, JYJ plans on spending the day with 600 challengers.

500 of these challengers will move onto the top 32 round, then the top 16. The best players of the day will personally be able to play against the JYJ members.

Of the players who did not qualify for the next rounds, 100 people will be randomly invited to participate in the event.

Aside from the main tournament of Mario Kart 7, there will also be other fun activities as well as various events with the JYJ members.

For those interested in participating in this fun event, more information on how to register will be available on Nintendo Korea’s website. 

 Source: enewsworld.mnet
Credits: Nintendo Korea (photo)
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