Friday, July 20, 2012

[NEWS] 120720 TVXQ on Magazine Cover, Instant Sell Out, "Definition of Popularity"

Will there ever be an end to TVXQ's popularity?

 Recently TVXQ has been receiving a lot of attention for their latest single, "Android," which was released on the 11th of July. It placed first in the foreign music category in Japan and also on the Oricon Chart. In this midst of all this, recent news says that the magazine that features TVXQ on its cover sold out.

 The magazine that featured TVXQ is none other than Japan's trendy, "CD&DL." TVXQ filled the 16th page of the magazine. Rumor has it that Japanese magazines' success hangs on the popularity of the cover. This only further verifies TVXQ's presence in Japan.

 "CD&DL" announced that the combination of TVXQ's featuring on the cover with their new target of a huge bookstore, has brought them to the status of selling out. The magazine has hurriedly decided to print more copies. This is a huge achievement considering that Japan's economy is struggling.  

Credits: kpopstarz
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  1. "Will there ever be an end to TVXQ's popularity?"
    Let's hope not.

    I haven't really felt that the majority of their Japanese songs have been up to snuff. So, I chalk up their rising popularity to undeniable talent, professionalism, and hard work - which is well deserved.

    Now I would just like to see the writers and producers churn out high quality music for our boys again, which they also deserve.