Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[NEWS] 120717 Jae Joong Delivers His Donated Rice Wreaths to Neglected Children

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong delivered 15.68 tons worth of rice wreaths to 50 children.

On July 16, Dreame, the company that hosts Dreame rice wreath donations, sent an official to the Korea Association of the Community Child Center (KACCC) to represent Kim Jae Joong and deliver the rice wreaths.

Out of the 23.68 tons of rice wreaths in total donated to support Kim Jae Joong at his Dr. Jin press conference, 8 tons had been sent off in June, and the remaining 15.68 tons were put to use this day.

In total, Kim Jae Joong donated 31 tons of rice wreaths, including 7 tons for his SBS drama Protect the Boss and the 23.68 tons for Dr. Jin.

Since October 2011, Kim Jae Joong had already been delivering 20kg each to 29 children every month with the 7 tons donated at the Protect the Boss press conference.

The additional rice donated for Dr. Jin will support a total of 50 children—the original 29 along with another 21 children—over 17 months with 20kg every month.

The children were chosen by KACCC after it received recommendations from 2,000 community child centers across the country. The final recipients were said to be in the most unfortunate circumstances among the 141 recommended children.

Shin Mi Hye, secretary general of KACCC, said, “Out of the 2.4 million neglected children in the country, only 100,000 receive care from their community child centers. We hope Kim Jae Joong and his fans’ good deeds will help draw national interest to neglected children.”

In the meantime Kim Jae Joong is currently appearing in MBC’s Dr. Jin as officer Kim Kyung Tak.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Dreame

Credits: enewsworld
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