Sunday, July 22, 2012

[INFO] 120721 Tweets Compilation of Staff for Junsu New MV

  • @stefanieuncles Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe #work #junsu
  • Behind the scenes... #junsu @stefanieuncles and MAXI
  • @jyjsongforme thank you but I'm not in the music video. I'm working on the video doing hair/makeup/wardrobe. :)
  • @EndlessLoud I'm at work right now and it's dead ass air right now. Until the music video starts.Then that's all I'll hear for the next12hrs
  • @EndlessLoud Junsu . a recording artist from Korea. He's quite popular
  • These fans are going apeshit on twitter. Now that's support.
  • Wow. He's fucking amazing. I had no idea.
  • “@Leia_chan: @rasheedaameera Do you manage to speak in english with him ? Or a translator is always needed ?” translator.
  • “@Leia_chan: @RasheedaAmeera imagine a band where they're all amazing like him... ♥” he was in a band?
  • I have a smartphone. I need to use it and research him right quick. But fact is I'm just wowed by him up close and personal.
  • “@geekachu_: @RasheedaAmeera have you heard him sing yet? ^-^” yes and dance
  • “@noonapi: @RasheedaAmeera Did you know Junsu has a twin brother? :) And his mother was Miss Korea once.” no!!! He's amazing hands down
  • @5irenTemis_W where do u start? Lol he's really talented all around. His voice is so unique and powerful
  • @DB5K_InHeaven @tvxq_enya he's all smiles. Working right now.
  • “@DevjaCaiora: @RasheedaAmeera your phone is probably ringing every 2 sec with all the tweets from Junsu's fan^^” for real though. Lol
  • “@kittypins: @RasheedaAmeera it must be really random to say all these fan messages out of the blue lol! Thank you ^^” it's really inspiring
  • All of these tweets are AMAZiNg. I have to work now but clearly his fans are in LoVe and happy for this music video
  • He's walking around set singing:)
  • Junsu loves all of his fans. Just wanted to let u fans know that.
  • @Gummy_AJ they had to translate all the messages but he's aware and thankful
  • So he does speak English :) he just told me about all the cars he owns. Ferrari. Bentley. And an Audi.
  • I'm showing him all these tweets. So your messages are reaching him.
  • @DevoteRaphar yes he's right here. We are filming the last shot of the day. Then back on tomorrow :)I will post pics after the video release


  • Work today wasnt work at all..Here is the sweet.. beautiful @StephanieUncles #makeup
  • Here we are behind the scenes at the new #Junsu music video with @StefanieUncles & @rasheedaameera waiting to start:)
  • @gorjaeouslips yes !!! #Junsu and all of his people are very nice..his hair is so wild!!! I am working on video for 2 days:)
  • I will!! @AmOo_on: @maximaximaxi @StefanieUncles @RasheedaAmeera Good luck~ tell Junsu that Cassiopeia loves him XD hehe
  • @huskydolphin can't show pictures of #Junsu ...his style for video is a secret until video is released...sorry:(
  • @gorjaeouslips the concept for new #Junsu music video is Also a secret but..I can say...he takes over The United States of America:)
  • Actually he tells us what to do not the other way around:)#Junsu@AMMICKY: @maximaximaxi can you tell junsu to post a picture of himself? Lol
  • It's..not..normal..:)@lindalukita: @maximaximaxi could you describe what is wild hair means? a picture maybe. Thank you very much.
  • Of course:)@BokJJ95: @maximaximaxi you're so kind ♥ Cassiopeia ( name of his fan club) will support all of you ^^ please care about him, ok?
  • I'm sorry Korea..but The U.S. Might have to kidnap #Junsu and keep him for ourselves...
  • I just told #Junsu that his fans love him and wish him well on his new music video:) this made him very happy..he smiled big
  • I'm starting to understand this #Junsu obsession..he's super cute:)@subarashii_garu: @maximaximaxi Oh I want to see that smile~ ~
  • I have worked with #GaGa .. #Christina.. #Eminem..and every other Pop star..but nobody cared..people only care about #Junsu
  • I took a few illegal behind the scenes videos and pictures..I will show all you #Junsu fans after video comes out..he sings one:)
  • I promise..also I will keep taking illegal video clips..@ItsMyFinger: @maximaximaxi lol keep your promise ;) We will wait^^
  • Tomorrow I will tweet a picture of the 2nd girl that will be in the new #Junsu music video:)
  • I think I already said too much...@lovelyjung_jyj: @maximaximaxi how many girls in that video? many many girls? Haha
  • #Junsu loves his fans..he won't mind I say a little bit:)@DevjaCaiora: @maximaximaxi Aish don't get yourself in trouble because of us... ^^
  • @Nermin_88 so far I have to ask #Junsu 100 questions and tell him 100 things from his fans...I hope I have time..I'm only with him for 2days
  • Thx;) were done for today start again 7am #Junsu@xiaeunsuh: After filming ^^ @1215thexiahtic @maximaximaxi @RasheedaAmeera have a good rest
  • Attention #Junsu fans..I told him you all love him..including.. Peru..Egypt.. Columbia..Indonesia.. Brazil..Korea..USA..anybody else?
  • @kukulilo: @maximaximaxi You forgot Vietnam :(( OK! I will tell him
  • Vietnam..England..Chile..Malaysia..Taiwan..Germany..Canada & Singapore
  • I do have to tweet about other things besides #Junsu or the rest of my followers will Hate me :)
  • Worked with a really famous Korean singer #Junsu today.His fans love him alot & are curious & I feel bad not to answer a few Questions


  • Working on the #Junsu #music #video today. Super fun! :) #model #stefanieuncles #losangeles
  • Behind the scenes of the #junsu music video. #model #stefanieuncles #losangeles
  • Last touch ups and then we are going on #set to shoot the first scene :) #junsu #musicvideo #korea #stefanie
  • Legit tears. First scene is done! Yay :) #stefanieuncles #model #actress #junsu
  • The first scene was great! #junsu is such a nice guy :) thanks for following. I told him his fans are super sweet and nice :))) #model
  • @DevjaCaiora only english and german, but id love to learn korean. #Junsu tried to teach me lool
  • That's a wrap for today's #JUNSU #MusicVideo Shoot! Amazing team & Crew! We created some badass stuff! :) Can't wait for everyone to see it
  • That's a wrap for today's #Junsu Music Video. Thanks to the amazing team and crew! I had a great time :)
  • @XiahDerTod Unfortunately I can't say anything. but I took some behind the scenes pictures, I can post when they release the music video :)
  • @Uknow_JeJe @1215thexiahtic Junsu is really talented :) I think you're going to love the new video :)
  • @eLthexiahtic15 Yes, tomorrow is a 2nd day, but I'm not working with Junsu tomorrow :( Im shooting a commercial
  • @XiahDerTod I'm exhausted. 14 hour day! Good night <3
  • @eLthexiahtic15 YES! We were talking about his fans all around the world! he told me about his last shows! So cool! he really loves his fans
  • @Jungyyu @1215thexiahtic His English was really good! He taught me Korean! lool I can say hello now! 안녕
  • @rennnn26 Yes, we were speaking English. Junsu was really good - nice guy :)
  • Exhausted from the 14 hour #Junsu Music Video Shoot. Good night everyone! Shooting a commercial tomorrow :)
  • @90914Thututuru his fans are awesome! I appreciate all the love <3 good night
Note: I didn’t include all their tweets/retweets. They also RT lots of fans.

Source: StefanieUncles + maximaximaxi + RasheedaAmeera
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  1. I see my tweet! LOL

    I told her that she can make him laugh by saying to him Oh My god Sun! lol

    she then told me he was laughing after that lol

  2. Oh there is my tweet too ! My friend ask her to tell Junsu that Casssiopeia is still keeping the faith and then after she tweeted us that he was smiling :)

  3. such a nice lady!! Proud of junsu <3 wuri junsu <3

  4. eheh my tweets was in there 3 time eheh

    Maxi tweet not to long ago ( well 1h ago lol ) with pictures of Junsu from last night after they was done lol Junsu is funny, he said he'll try tweeting more today, Stefanie should show us a picture of her and Junsu together, to bad she won't be on the set today XD

    Wait a minute....does that mean jaejoong also speaks english???
    i've been missing out a lot of this stuff T.T