Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 DBSKnights Comment:

anyone know what they were saying and what the question/answer was?

the bright pink that YH is wearing in this PV is the same color as the handbok that Jae wears in Dr. that color in now for guys?=P

Ha ha I didn't even care what the people int he background were talking about..... I was immersed in watching the two beautiful Gods of the East XD

am I the only one who thinks their grey costumes with the yellow strip on the shoulder are a little funny without the cool lighting? XD But when it's in the PV it looks really good!

"Beam me up, Scotty." CM would make a perfect Spock and YH Capt Kirk. Such handsome space travelers.

They look like they’ve gotten taller. Was that sweat on YH’s face? I thought it was physically impossible for him. Dude, can we stop with the dead animals already? It’s not that I’m a PETA supporter or anything. It’s just that heavy furs/feathers are very rarely ever attractive. Even leather and suede - they look good but stink to high heavens.

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