Thursday, June 14, 2012

[TRANS] 120613 7000 Fans From Japan To Attend JYJ’s Fan Expo

In order to participate in the event by popular group JYJ, 7024 Japanese fans will be flying over to Korea.

JYJ’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment explained, “For four days from 28 May, a large-scale exposition, the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’, will be held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC). This is a large-scale event, which will include activities such as an exhibition and fanmeetings for JYJ’s fan membership members.” The fan expo, which will be the first of its kind to be held in Korea, will include the use of 3D-imagery and illusions, as well as a large exhibition hall. Fanmeetings will be held on 30 June and 1 July.

An expected 25000 people will be participating in the event this time, including 15000 Korean members and 7024 Japanese members. The Japanese fans will be entering Korea via 116 flights from 14 airlines, from airports such as Narita, Haneda and Kansai. Also, aside from those in Seoul, 1000 rooms have been reserved in hotels in Incheon and Suwon.

Recently, JYJ, who has finished the video filming and photoshoot for this event, said, “We are looking forward to it as it is a meaningful event which will allow us to repay everyone for their support. We were able to complete the filming in an excited and fun mood. We want to allow the fans to feel this happiness as well.”

Source : [Chosun Online]
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  1. Wish I could be there. ; (

  2. So they won't really be there? Ouf When I first heard of that I thought that CJes went crazy to allow thousands of fans to be with JYJ for days. But it's actually virtual appearances?!?! At least for what I understand.

  3. i think it's like a convention. so there will be displays, interactive things, and then probably a speaking session when the boys come and do some meet and greet and autographs. i don't think they'll be there for the entire time. CJeS really would be crazy to let the boys sit there for 4 days straight. haha!

  4. Fast day only exhibition and second day had a fan meeting.
    If they will not come ... Japanese fan start raise a riot. ha ha ha!

    well this site is Japanese