Thursday, June 28, 2012

[PHOTOS] 2012 JYJ Membership Week Expo

Credits: Hal__Mon + silverxiah + starInLoveJYJ + Dear_Xiah
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is dat Junsu in the first picture?? JUNSU UUNNIIEEEEE!!!

hahaha... so lucky who got to went to the event!!!
angel su, junko-chan, and many more! awww..

Omg. When I saw the 1st picture, I was like "Who is that? A female celeb?" And then I realized that it was Junsu. What the heck? He is looking more and more pretty. I almost feel like Junsu is taking over the pretty boy image. Lol.

Even though Junsu is my biased, Yoochun has been looking mighty fine~ and very manly~ I like very much +w+

I love all these new pictures of JYJ.

Junsu Oppa >/////< You have such beautiful hands, arms, waist..... and FACE!!!!! Wah~ he is looking more beautiful everyday. You know there is something up when you can't tell the difference between male or female when looking at a person..... Junsu Oppa~ you so heavenly and devilish ~(^o^)~

haha isn't that the background from rooftop prince in that last picture of jyj ? haha! =) Junsu makes a lovely lady <3

what?!...the first pic is Junsu?...but it doesn't even look like him! way!..I wouldn't have even known until ppl here pointed it out...thot it was just some fan impersonating him...why would they even have that pic there tho?..doesn't make sense.

sorry, but no more cross dressing please.

love the last pic tho=P

I think the Junsu-unnie pic was taken during preparation of the Tarantallegra MV and photobook. I´m sure he tryied a lot of different concepts, and only a few best made it into the final product.

Gorgeous pics ... even Junko's.

i agree with Sheils... I love Junsu and all the boys a lot! BUT i hate to see them cross dressing....PleASe! Please! stop doing so~~~

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