Thursday, June 28, 2012

[NEWS] 120627 JYJ’s Jaejoong buys dinner for 100 staff members of ‘Dr.Jin’

JYJ‘s Jaejoong proved to be a big spender after buying dinner for the staff of MBC‘s drama ‘Dr. Jin‘.

Jaejoong recently prepared 100 portions of samgyetang [Korean chicken soup] for his fellow actors and staff members who are working hard for the drama. His agency shared, “It was a surprise event that Jaejoong prepared to thank and support the staff members who are working hard in the hot weather.”

A staff member of ‘Dr. Jin’ revealed, “Even though he must be tired from his busy schedule, Jaejoong is always bright and full of energy on the set. He takes care of people around him. He also works hard at acting. He is filming right now fully immersed in the role of Kim Kyung Tak.”

‘Dr. Jin’ is a medical drama that tells the story of a doctor who experiences a time slip from 2012, to the Joseon Dynasty period, and Jaejoong plays the role of a police bureau officer, Kim Kyung Tak.

Source+Picture: Star News via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
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  1. I can't stand when agencies flaunt stuff like this that are done by the artists genuinely and without wanting anything in return...Jae didn't do this for personal gain or for publicity, but CJES is using it as a promotion gimick which sometimes just backfires...the best acts of kindness are done in private and behind the scenes with no ulterior motives.

    anyways, everyone already knows that the members are very generous and kind hearted people....I'm not surprised jae did this...everyone that gets the priviledge of working with the members only ever have positive and great things to say about them=)

  2. Kind, generous, and warm guy. . . that's uri Jaejoong : )