Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[NEWS] 120627 JYJ Members Gifts Its Dance Team With a New Practice Studio

The JYJ members have given a very big gift to some of the people closest to them.

For JYJ’s dance team I.D. Mu, who has been with the JYJ members for some eight years now, the JYJ members recently came together to gift the dance team members with a new dance rehearsal studio.

The kind act was done by the members as Kim Junsu began his solo album activities as the JYJ members put together their money and opened a place for the team to dance in Gangnam’s Nonhyeon-dong.

I.D. Mu has been with JYJ since their days in DBSK and even made an appearance in MBC Infinity Challenge’s ‘Infinity Song Festival.

The I.D. Mu team also plans to offer JYJ-focused dance classes at the newly opened studio on weekends.

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  1. ohh wait, I.D. Mu is with the boys since TVXQ period? Doesn't that mean that homin are with different dance team now? I'm a bit confused, I thought that SM always use the same dance team for homin because I saw that homin have a very good relationship with their dance team now.

  2. that I.D.Mu is A to Z dancers who with DBSK5 since rising sun and even earlier period, when DBSK5 debut. so yes. those dancers decide to follow JYJ. those homin dancers is all new, and are SM dancers. anyone who follow DBSK5 since long ago know this

  3. Are all of HoMin's dancers new? I thought a few of them look familiar, but I could be (and probably) wrong lol

  4. yes a to z follow jyj i think i kinda sad for homin cos a to z was like a freind of them 5 but yet they decide leaved homin and follow jyj

  5. I'm pleased that JYJ are so generous and thoughtful. Some of these dancers have been with the boys for so long and I hope they continue to dance their very best with them.

  6. how come they have a different group name then?...I thot they were called A to Z?....I don't think all of them left..just a few...the current dancers for JCS don't look familiar to me at all.

    anyways, it's nice that they have the money to do something like this...the dancers must be happy.

  7. I.D.Mu is NOT AtoZ.
    AtoZ's leader were Shin Hyung Joon and I.D.Mu's leader is GunYoung.
    Even though AtoZ were well known for tvxq work, they were not exclusively working for TVXQ.

    First AtoZ were working as standby team of Shinhwa(they were trainees of SME at the time), and practice with shinhwa until their member were finalized. Once Shinhwa debuted, Shin Hyung Joon left SME and launched AtoZ independently with 2 other people from the standby team. One of that member was GunYoung, so GunYoung were member of AtoZ also.

    AtoZ worked with TVXQ, SNSD, SS501, and bunch of other artist in music industry.

    in late 2008, leader of AtoZ have to go to military duty, so Shin Hyung Joon suspend AtoZ activities, and GunYoung decide to launch new group I.D.Mu. at that time original member of AtoZ were only GunYoung so it make sense that he become the new leader.

    so I.D.Mu worked with tvxq until 2009 but most of tvxq work in 2009 were focused on Japanese markets, so I.D.Mu did not have much activities, and they didn't really bother to explain about I.D.Mu to public.

    Shin Hyung Joon were really close to yunho.
    GunYoung were really close to JJ and Junsu.
    so i was not surprised when Gunyong decided to work with JYJ. One more dancer from AtoZ is still working with I.D.Mu, i think ....but he was new member who only start workin in 2008. Even during AtoZ time, AtoZ dancer changed quite often, so original member who work with tvxq from start were GunYoung and Shin Hyung Joon.

    If Shin Hyung Joon didn't go to duty in 2008, you never know what happened.

    so now can you understand why AtoZ did not leave SM with JYJ?

  8. it still strange that all a to z member old or new leave sm with jyj ,Kyhd dance crew was all new,right??
    i know that a to z are not specific dancer of tvxq i saw them with ss501 too,this fact actually annoy me cause it mean they can still chose to work with homin why decide to leave sm

  9. Anonymous, June 28, 2012 10:19 AM
    no only GunYoung and one more guy is with still working with JYJ.
    others dancers, some of them is still working with SM and other companies.

  10. so basically, this article is false and just proves that you can't believe anything that doesn't come from the members' own mouths and you have to take everything with a pinch of salt.

  11. For JYJ’s dance team I.D. Mu, who has been with the JYJ members for some eight years now,......

    but he join in 2009.....confuse isn't it?

    i don konw but like some here i saw a lots of old face in jyj dance team

    but for homin team they all kinda new face to me
    can anyone list the names of a to z member that now work with jyj and homin

  12. @Anonymous, June 28, 2012 9:28 AM

    so I.D.Mu worked with tvxq until 2009 but most of tvxq work in 2009 were focused on Japanese markets, so I.D.Mu did not have much activities, and they didn't really bother to explain about I.D.Mu to public.

    but JYJ give him a practice studio, it did not make sense at all, why jyj give such a huge gift to someone they just kown for 3 years and not close to them

  13. ^ Mmm, why do you say that they're not close to them tho?...these past 3 years were the most difficult for them and I'm sure that they appreciated their presence and willingness to stick with them even tho most of kpop related people didn't want to in fear of back lash...the article is indeed wrong in stating that the current dance group has been with them for 8 years, but length of time does not = how close they are.

    I have to admit that JCS don't use I.D.Mu often tho...most of the time, it's been foreigners...I don't remember ever seeing familiar faces during JCS performances.

  14. don u see get out mv or JYJ Worldwide Concert In Seoul dvd i see some old face there

    and according to Anonymous, June 28, 2012 9:28 AM I.D.Mu did not have much activities, and they didn't really bother to explain about I.D.Mu to public.

    oh yeash they must really close

  15. ^lol...I was replying to the person that said they worked with them for the past 3 years...if that is even true...she was basically implying that I.D.Mu has continued to work for JCS even after 2009 until now....but really, when it comes down to it, who really cares how close they are?...haha...JCS decided it would be a good idea and obviously they appreciated them enough to do something so nice...*shrugs*.

    I think people are trying to make it into something it's people being loyal to a certain side and who left who...aiya...let's be honest and say that really, I'm sure those dancers have their own lives and members in the dance group change all the's not a big deal.

  16. I also see more than one familiar face in JYJ dance crew from old times.

    And a lot of familiar faces from Mirotic era.

    2 of my favorite dancers in A to Z (GunYoung and JunYoung) are now with JYJ and is kind of cute to see how the also have changed... see them grow with the boys as time goes by.

    People who haven't see a familiar face may be don't pay much attention to the dancers?

    Also the article is not Wrong. They do have new dancers but they do have others that have worked with them since 8 years ago. Watch old videos and you will see them

  17. @Anonymous, June 28, 2012 9:28 AM

    "at that time original member of AtoZ were only GunYoung"
    "but he was new member who only start workin in 2008."

    You are mistaken as I see more than just GunYoung as an old member from a to z.

    The dancer that was with jaejoong in Thailand when he danced Be my girl, you can see him dancing for DBSK in "The Way U Are" era meaning 2004.

    He still dances with JYJ

  18. @Anonymous, June 29, 2012 9:34 AM:

    actually, the article IS wrong and implies that the entire group I.D.Mu has been with JCS pretty much their entire career and that's false...maybe a couple members have been, but majority have not.

    again, members in a dance group change all the sure that some past dancers are working with the members currently and even with other artists and many are no longer...I don't think there has ever been a dance group that has worked exclusively for the members only...they won't be able to survive and earn enough for a living if that was true.