Saturday, June 23, 2012

[NEWS] 120623 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says He Thinks of His Members Often On His Solo Tour

Kim Junsu has brought his music and magic to Taiwan.

On June 22, upon arriving in Taiwan, Kim Junsu headed to the Grand Formosa Hotel to hold a press conference with the local press.

Before the press conference, a sampling of Taiwan’s famous foods including pineapple cake, bubble tea and more were prepared for the singer who sampled each fare.

Regarding his solo activities, Kim Junsu shared, “We performed as JYJ last year and I have returned in a year as a solo artist to Taiwan so it’s a new feeling. I’m very happy and grateful by the warm reception. I promise to give a great performance.”

On his thoughts as a solo artist, Kim Junsu said, “There’s a lot of pressure but there’s a lot of anticipation as well. The fact I had to perform alone and show my individual colors more was a bit burdensome at fist. It’s true I still feel slightly awkward about it. I always rested with the two other members in our hotel and had conversations On my tour I think of the JYJ members often.”

Kim Junsu will hold his concert in Taiwan on June 23.

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