Friday, June 15, 2012

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forget superstar, this one is a throwback to survivor lawl

good thing i loved survivor xD guilty pleasure

holy shit, for some reason right at the very beginning, my mind was playing tricks on me... Changmin's voice sounded kinda like JJ's...


Glad to say this puts my mind at ease. The first teaser had me feeling iffy about whether I would be jamming out to their summer single.

I'd still prefer to hear their voices in the forefront more. That was the one issue I had with the Tone concert, the back-tracking & instruments were too loud. They need to up the volume on the boys mics.

wow, this longer preview sounds so much better than the other one!..and I don't think it sounds like Survivor at all....loved the slower tempo beginning where we can hear Homin's voice more's definately a catchy song and I look forward to seeing the dance choreography that goes with it=D

Oh my gosh usually I don't really follow HoMin's news but I have to say I like this song and the first 2/3 seconds really does sound like its my sweet JJ's voice. That's tricky. Sounds like a future big hit but they could have lessen a bit the background music that's a bit too much for my taste.

Actually not, maybe they shouldn't I mean they know music way more than I do so I just hope they will be sucessful and do music that will attract me as much as JYJ's songs. That's a challenge but I'm sure they can do it.

Kisses from France.

i also think it is like Survivor but i don like Survivor ahrrrr

Way better than the snippet. God, these guys will have my heart forever with their voices.

so excited for this, loving what I have heard so far <3

it is amazing i like it so much ,i'm waiting for the full ver..<3<3<3

This doesn't sound a thing like Survivor O.o But at any rate, each song has their own charm and each song is good :D

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