Friday, May 4, 2012

[INFO] 120504 Junsu - Tarantallegra Album

Price: W17,800
Release: 2012-05-15

Xia (준수) - Tarantallegra 수록곡
1. Sunset
Lyrics by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
2. Tarantallegra (Feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)
Lyrics by: JUNO / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
3. Set Me Free (Feat. Bizzy)
Lyrics by: Xia, Fraktal / Composed by: Xia, Fraktal
4. No Gain
Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong / Composed by: Kim Jaejoong
5. 사랑이 싫다구요 (I Don't Like Love)
Lyrics by: Jung Hye Sung / Composed by: Jung Hye Sung / Arranged by: Jung Hye Sung
6. 돌고 돌아도
Lyrics by: JUNO / Composed by: Xia
7. Intoxication
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
8. Breath (Feat, Double K)
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
9. 알면서도
10. Lullaby (Feat. 개코 Of Dynamic Duo)
Lyrics by: Xia, Fraktal / Composed by: Xia
11. Fever
Lyrics by: JUNO, Xia
12. 이슬을 머금은 나무
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia

Source: C-JeS Store
Credits: JJstar_
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Oh my godddddd The cover picture is so sexy!!! This is going to be one of the best album ever!!

  2. I am excited!!!!!! And Flowsik is in it again! Even Juno and JJ helped with this!

  3. OMG TRACK 4 TRACK 4 TRACK 4. i love jaejoong composed songs. I HOPE ITS A BALLAD
    and kind of sad they like "officially" changed it to Xia :/ but junho helped on the album too! which is awesome.

    can't wait for the album!

  4. this seems promising. gotta have my hands on this!!

  5. i am going to preorder ASAP. i will admit i feel a little sad seeing XIA then XIAH... why couldn't they just put kim Junsu... oh well. I don't even call him Xiah anyway. I call all of the members by there real name, lol well with Yunho's name you can't really tell.

  6. hmmm..interesting cover, but I still would have preferred a clearer shot of him..especially cuz it's his debut album as a soloist so it's better for his face to be visible for new fans...oh well, I guess he's famous enough that people would be able to find out about him easily anyways=P

    I feel so proud that JS pretty much made this entire album THAT'S surprised at how involved Juno was in this and that YC isn't a part of it even tho JJ is..i guess YC was too busy.

  7. Oh...almost all of the songs in this album involved his brother's work. ^^ Sweet, also anticipated to heard JJ's composed song! ^^

  8. OMG...the whole album is self composed...
    so proud...

  9. Just realized..

    The album has Intoxication song inside. Woaaahhh~ my favorite song ^___^

  10. What a cool cover~! It's so mysterious~! Till now I like that mysterious, sexy & dark concept the teasers and the cover presents. And there will be probably a small photobook inside to ogle at Junsu in different clothes as in most of JYJ previous albums <3 This album looks really promising! ^^ But we still didn't see that much to make final judgments. Let's wait and see~! ^^ And I am so proud of Junsu for using Xia (even without the 'h' at the end the pronouncement is the same :P) coz he shows everyone he always will be Xiah Junsu the No.1 vocalist of Asia ^^ And SM and their copyright can't do anything about it kekeke~ Our dolphin is smart isn't he *winks*

  11. waaah, I was hoping that yoochun would contribute a song too... I guess he must be really busy with his filming schedule... I'm still really psyched about the album!!! ^___^ I hope it is for sale where I live!! Maybe some tracks might be in english???

  12. like everyone else, i'm a little bit surprised that yoochun didn't contribute to the album (and i didn't know junho was such a lyricist). but i think it's great for album to be so... junsu-created.

  13. Nice,Jaejoong is contributing in Junsu's album...too bad Yoochunnie doesn't create a song for Junsu...maybe he's too busy with his shooting for Rooftop Prince..:))
    p.s.My Jae is rockin awesome...