Monday, April 23, 2012

[FANCAM] 120421 JYJ - Lotte Fanmeeting Part 2

Credits: Ayuko0615 + jjtsucojj + jyjtomomin
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I don't understand Japanese... but what I got from the second long 10 min video, they were given a lie detector that hurts your hand when you lie... So the boys asked each other questions where they have to lie to feel the pain.. Junsu asked Jaejoong "if he likes Japan"... Then Jaejoong lied "no",,, but it didn't hurt.... O_O the fans were shocked..

    Did I get this right?? Cuz if I did, then this is really bad for Jae... I couldn't help but notice after that the atmosphere got reaaaally awkward, and Jaejoong looked really embarrassed and wanted to hide... his actions and smiles after that seemed forced.. If only Junsu didn't ask him that T^T...

    Please tell me I'm wrong!!

  2. ^ it's about right but u left out the 'josei' part which mean Junsu ask JJ if he like Japanese women..and JJ answer no and the lie detector say he's telling the truth..i think there was a prob w/ the lie detector at that part haha but not to sure..

    I'll try to explain wut little I understand from the the 1st vid the 1st question the MC asked Jaejoong was does he thinks he is the best/coolest in JYJ. Jaejoong answer ‘no’ and the lying detector says that he is telling the truth...then the MC ask who does he thinks is the best/coolest..Jaejoong answer ‘boku da’ (he is) and the lying detector reacted meaning he is lying.. The fans was in disbelief haha

    In the 4th vid Jae ask Junsu if he wanted to kiss (Rudolf?) harder..Junsu answer yes but the lie ditector reacted meaning he's lying..

  3. OMG!!! Thank you so much!!!♥ You made things a lot better!!! That one word "women" changes everything!! Thank goodness! And OMG he is so pure, he doesn't think he is the coolest?! wow...
    lol... that last question proves Junsu is not gay XD
    The video become a lot funnier now that you translated those for me :) thanx

  4. I think it is only natural that he wouldn't like Japanese women... most men prefer dating women from their own country... Unless, Jaejoong doesn't like women in general :P
    lol.. if they asked Jaejoong "Do you like men?" that would have been hilarious! I'm curious now XD

  5. Yes,I'm curious too about yunjae,kekeke...
    I must be a silly question now.

  6. JJ broke the lie detector!!! He's so clumsy ... remember the typewriter in the early days when the 5 were in Japan. He's so adorably dorky.

    The boys look gorgeous and as usual so much fun. Lucky Japanese fans.

    To all who shared the fancams ... a big thank you!

  7.'s pretty bad that he doesn't like japanese women, but at the same time, it's understandable..I'm sure that Bigeast won't hold it against him=P

    and I know it wouldn't be appropriate, but if it were just a private question between JCS and me, I'd ask them if they missed Homin and want to be 5 again...I'm sure they'd say yes and that they wouldn't get shocked by the machine either=)

  8. ps: especially cuz everyone knows the one JJ really likes is Yunho...hehehe...j/k=P

  9. Seriously guys, you've got to get over all the Yunjae fantacies... If they really loved eachother, they would have contacted eachother already. Not even SM can stop them. Junsu and Eunhyuk meet when ever they like! Even if it was true, it's in the past. In real life people don't love so passionately. They love then get over it... If they really love eachother 3 years is too long, they would have met. And it can't be done secretly either, since Sasangs would have revealed it...
    I think the only reason that lie dedrctor didn't buz is because Jaejoong doesn't like women in general, he likes men.... I think he grew to like them after debuting... Those sasangs probably scared the hell out of him that they made him hate all women..
    Anyway, you guys should be a little realistic. Photoes and videos that clame to be Yunjae proof are only fiction. People believe what they want. So when you look at those stuff bellieving in Yunjae, ofcaurse it would look real! But those are hardly proof..

  10. ^and why don't you get over the fact that Yunjae fans will always believe in Yunjae?...don't agree with us, then that's fine...but don't tell us what to "get over".

    the fact that you think JJ is a homosexual and yet telling Yunjae fans to be "realistic" is ridiculous...what do you know about "proof" when you're obviously not a YJ fan to begin with?...if you've been a fan of theirs for a long time, it's pretty darn obvious that YJ had a special relationship that only the 2 of them shared....JJ never had as much physical contact/intimacy and chemistry with any of the members as much as he had with YH...and this was "off camera" fancams that captured moments where they didn't even know they were being filmed...MKMF 2008 being one of the main no, it wasn't even just for fanservice....I'm not even saying that they like each other in "that" way....but do I believe that YJ had a unique and one of a kind relationship?..that they were "soulmates"?....YES.

  11. there no yj here!!!!ONLY JYJ HERE ok!!!!!

  12. Yes, I know.
    We're(or only me??) just curious if the question for the lie detector is about yunjae.

    Anyway even though I agree with Sheils about yunjae chemistry (it's out of fantasies), but I still have a big question like Anonymous, April 23, 2012 3:51 PM, why did they have no contact each other?
    I think there was misunderstanding between them.
    I don't know what was SM exactly did to HoMin then make this situation... But I'm really sure about it.

  13. ^ Who are we to judge if they contacted each other or not? How do you guys know they didn't contact each other?
    It bugs me how people keep talking as if they knew what really was the truth and as if they knew everything about their lives. I think it's downright obvious that they DID contact each other -- they were BEST FRIENDS. Each other's other-half. If you don't have any proof of anything, think of it logically. Even if they DIDN'T have an affair or anything of the sort, they still would have found a way to contact each other because they were/are extremely close, lovers or not.
    And we've got to keep in mind that if they did contact each other, they had to be very subtle and careful not to be caught -- something that's pretty difficult, considering they both have extremely busy schedules. So it might not have happened often.

    So stating that they're not lovers/close to each other or don't care about each other because they 'never got in contact' is downright dumb, because first, we don't know that for a fact, and second, we KNOW how SME controls Yunho's schedule, Yunho's EVERYTHING for that matter, which might be the reason YunJae don't meet up frequently.

  14. (continue)
    Anyways, regarding these videos, I don't think we should take it too seriously ^^ Those lie detectors are obviously not super reliable -- otherwise, the police/detective teams would use it all the time to help them solve their cases, and it isn't the case ^^
    I think what this does, it's that it detects if your pulse increases -- if it does, it means you're 'nervous', which would mean you're 'lying'. But we all know there could be millions other reasons why our pulse would increase ^^

  15. @ sheils ,seriously you're just so funny, writing all those things about jae never had " special relationship " with other member but Yunho , LOL, all I can see is how close JYJ is , they never separate , always together , always help each other, they might never had those photoshoped pic or silly fan in their own world , but they had true friendship with true fans the support the real them. once you grow up U will understand :)

  16. sheils is funny haha

  17. ^
    sure I 'm dieing here LOL , LOL
    that ..!!

  18. @dropsim, April 24, 2012 1:14 AM:

    don't put words in my mouth...I said that YJ had chemistry and intimacy with each other more so than any of the other members...never said they didn't have a special relationship with the other 3 also...*thud*..seriously, ppl need to stop being such selective readers.

    and you really think that just because people don't stay together or live apart that they can't possibly love one another?...I'm positive that I'm older than you, so perhaps when you finish your schooling and learn about the real world, you can come back and take a look at how silly you're sounding.

    do you base your facts on photoshopped pics?..sounds like you do...YJ fans don't base YJ's relationship on such stupid things..we base it on what we see from the members themselves...what they've done and said..especially offstage...perhaps you should learn about what a true fan really means...and that's supporting who you want to support without bashing anybody else...JCS love HM and have constantly expressed that..if you can't handle it, then that's your own fault..this is an OT5 site...if you're just a JCS fan, then get out of here.

  19. sheils is hilarious lmao

  20. ^even funnier how the conversation has led to that from these few videos lol

  21. @Anonymous, April 24, 2012 6:05 AM:'s a compliment to have a good sense of humour...but really, you have to say it so many times? about having too much time on your hands.

  22. lmao cant help it when i think you're hilarious lol

  23. ^lol...okay...thanks again then=)

  24. Come on guys....just take it easy!
    We're only discussing here. Coz I realize that we don't really know what has been exactly going on to our boys there. We only tell about our own assumption. So, just enjoy like JJ enjoy CUPS of ramen,kekeke....

    But one thing for sure...
    Stay AKTF whenever, wherever,whatever our boys do...

  25. @sheils

    you have too much time on your hands as well with your endless comments on this website and opinions. you spend too much time replying to people as well hahahaha

    its a jyj fanmeet but unrelated things will always be mentioned.

  26. @DB, April 25, 2012 2:33 AM: you even know what I meant?...obviously not...I'm not repeating the same thing over and over again, so it's hardly the same thing...*thud*

    HM will ALWAYS be related to JCS in my opinion...and this IS an OT5 site..don't like it, then don't come here.

  27. Wow!! I never thought I'd say this . . but way to go sheils!! I agree 100% with everything you've said on this post!! ;) Yes, yes, and YES!! You're so right about everything!

    And yes, our boys are adorable in these vids!!