Friday, March 2, 2012

[VIDEO] 120302 Tohoshinki on Music Station

Credits: 252525yukichi + changminonly
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here you quickly before it gets taken down too:

love the part where Homin's voices harmonize and blend...very nice song=)

thank you so much to sheils for sharing with us the link!! Love this song so much!! as if they are singing it to JYJ!! Thanks!

Still is written by the same guy who wrote JYJ's W! Shinjiroh Inoue wrote both! No wonder the song sounds like a message! It's beautiful ;_; Thank you Shinjiroh Inoue san, arigatou

@sheils, March 3, 2012 1:04 AM


@cjiang: oh, really?!...I was wishing that it would be him...I hope that your information is accurate cuz I feel as tho that guy knows the boys so well and is able to take their deepest feelings and express it through music...'Still' is definately a response song to 'W' =*)

yunho a pris du poids,vous ne le croyaient pas????

i am late for downloading this video :( it was copyright.. huhu~

Good song Changmin's voice is sweet and beautiful as always.

Its him! In the beginning of the performance there's a caption below the title of song saying the writers of the song! And he tweeted about Still too! He also wrote Stand By U and other THSK songs. I bet he's close to them ever since their Japan careers :)

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