Friday, March 9, 2012

[NEWS] 120309 JYJ issues official apology + discusses their South American concerts

JYJ attended a press conference before their first ever South American concert on March 8th (local time), and addressed the controversy surrounding the group, and their thoughts about holding their first South American concert.

The group has found themselves the most talked about topic of the week with audio files, recorded back in 2009, belatedly being revealed to the public on March 6th.

The members entered the press conference with dark expressions on their faces. The boys began by revealing some of the hardships they had endured due to the actions of sasaeng fans. “Ever since debuting in 2004, we suffered from sasaeng fans everyday for eight years.”

Yoochun stated, “Having someone watching me every second, and following me around wanting to share every thing, is like being in a prison without bars.”

Junsu also added sadly, “They exposed all our phone calls, GPS-tracked our cars and secretly chased us around, and even frequently broke in and took pictures of our personal items. They even tried to kiss me while I was sleeping, and they even caused a minor collision between their taxi and the car we were in to try to see my face. A fear choking the breath out of me would wash over me everyday, and I just want to at least live like a person through this indescribable suffering.”

The group then issued an official apology for causing their fans to worry with the outbreak of the controversy. Jaejoong, stated, “I’m sorry for my wrong doings in the past… I’m sorry that many fans have been heart-sick due to this issue. From now on, no matter how mentally hard, or how far beyond the limit the situation is, we will think about all the people who love us, and for them we will not falter and fulfill our responsibility as public figures.”


The group then went on to discuss their thoughts and feelings on becoming the first ever Korean artist to hold their own concert in Chile (March 9th) and Peru (March 11th).

Junsu stated, “I’m so surprised that we have many fans in Chile and Peru, where we have never visited before, and so happy that we can perform here.”

Jaejoong added, “We never thought we’d be able to come to South America. It was hard to believe that there were fans here who liked our music, but after seeing all the fans who came to greet us at the airport, we’ve come to believe it.”

With the problems they experienced on their journey as a bird got sucked into the propellers of the plane that was supposed to carry them from LA to Chile, the members lightheartedly stated, “We hope there will be a flight that goes directly from Korea to South America.”

Jaejoong revealed their future hopes as he stated, “Until a few years ago, even if we performed just in Asia and one place in the U.S., the term ‘word tour’ was used. However, we have traveled all over the world including Asia, Europe, U.S., and South America. We take pride in having a true world tour. Having come to South America, we feel that there are even more countries to visit. We look forward to our second, and even third world tour.”

In related news, the group’s concerts have drawn much attention from the locals as well as the media. As if to evidence their popularity, 400 fans showed up at the airport to see the group arrive at the airport.

Source: Nate
Credits: Allkpop
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  1. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Omona
    so the audios were real :O
    and why a lot of Cassies keep saying it's fake or edited from Vacation :S

  3. Las fans coreanas saben que de todos los 5, Yoochun and Jaejoong son los que pierden el control mas rapido en este tipo de situaciones.
    Por eso, para ellas, no fue mucha sorpresa el video de Yoochun golpeando a una stalker en la cabeza o el audio de Jaejoong golpeando e insultando a stalkers.

  4. "that audio analyze is kinda irrelevant now that Jaejoong actually admitted and apologized for his actions"

  5. They were the ones who suffered because of those crazy stupid stalkers.. He's apologizing because he caused his fans to worry..
    JYJ fighting!!

  6. this is exactly how I said I would hope for them to handle the situation and it's how they did=) I wasn't disappointed....they apologized, which was the right thing to do, and they also took the opportunity to shed light on saesang was obvious that those audio files weren't fake like some ppl were making it out to be (edited with obvious negative intentions, but it still really happened) true fans, we should be able to admit when our idols have done something wrong and this is one of those times...they let their emotions get the best of them and lashed out in a very inappropriate way (no matter how deserving those girls were of being sworn at/hit)....I'm glad that the guys took responsibility for their past actions and learned from it...people make mistakes and this is a good way of correcting it...I just hope that some saesang fans will now realize as well just how much they're pushing the artists to their breaking point and give them the privacy and space that they deserve.

  7. Ive always knew it was true it´s his voice

  8. I was thinking the exact same thing. I know myself that those audio couldn't possibly be fake. Cause they are huge stars in their own country, who cant avoid in having those bad experiences and stalkers in their life. They let their emotions get the best of them - which shows that they are indeed imperfect human beings just like the rest of us. But the most important part is how they manage to handle their own mistake, by being HONEST.. you know how some celebrities denied the truth even when they did wrong. Glad JYJ apologized even though for me its really unnecessarily, cause those fans started it first..who wouldn't be mad? . But they still apologized for the sake of us who are still supporting them. Honesty is the best way in keeping us fan to support them :). They still have a long way to go.. and a lot to learn. Proud of these boys anyway. Be strong JYJ , dont get lost in the brightness of your own light.

    ps: Those obsess fans, three words " Get A Life! "


  10. Lets all keep praying for them..thats how they will keep their sanity intact with all the crazy stalkers around..loved how they handled the issue..DBSK Hwaiting..JYJ Hwaiting..Always keep the faith..Proud of our boys, today and forever

  11. I've always respected them , and now I respect them even more =)
    God bless U JYJ =)))

  12. JYJ fighting! we love and respect you!have fun in chile and your concert!

    P.S: to those so called fans GET A LIFE!
    like what Anonymous, March 9, 2012 4:02 PM

  13. Yeah.. I am very happy that they did the right thing at right time.
    I agree with all your comments...
    Especially, "Sheils" and "Anonymous, March 9, 2012 4:02 PM". You guys' comment are very good.
    And what "Anonymous, March 9, 2012 2:34 PM said was true... He apologized 'cause he made us worried.
    I am very proud of them...!!
    I am happy that Junsu mentioned how those crazy fans did too much to them.
    JYJ Fighting...!!

  14. The audio was edited, some parts maybe are true. Chinese Cassie's had the audio checked and some parts where just added to make it look worse.. They are neither denying or admitting. And it was an incident in the past, why dig it now??
    I applaude JYJ for they did the right thing! I respect them even more!
    JYJ fighting! God bless!

  15. honestly, I don't like when Jaejoong and Yoochun beat stalker, after all they are girl.. humans.. unlike what are saying some fans.
    Violence is not good.

  16. If the audios were edited, CJes would have sued Dispath the same day, but they didnt'

    Jaejoong : “I’m sorry for my wrong doings in the past…"

  17. ^ But they've clearly apologized. And no matter how you look at it, they're only human beings. As a person, I would guess that you'd be entitled to have feelings, no? JYJ has been dealing with this so almost a decade... That's a really lot time. The frustration can be understood, even though they shouldn't have been violent. Not to mention, this was in 2009. That was prolly one of the hardest times of their lives. They were most likely dealing with the lawsuit, whether it was deciding on parting with SM or making arranegments. Nevertheless, they've learned from this, we, as fans learned from this, and HOPEFULLY, sasaeng fans learned from this as well. ^^

    JYJ and Cassies, fighting~
    AKTF <3

  18. ^sorry for butting in, but i can't stand the "they're only human beings" excuse....everyone is human, but that doesn't mean that they are any more entitled to hurt other people when they are can have feelings, but violence is's wrong, period....many artists deal with saesang fans (especially Homin as well), but the way you handle them is what makes you a better person than they are...stooping down to their level doesn't solve anything and only makes things worse.....I know the guys have learned from this, but it disappoints me when I see some of their fans making excuses for their behaviour....JCS did the right thing and now it's time for their fans to accept reality as well and not baby them/be in denial.

    @Anonymous Mar 9, 2012 08:44 AM:

    the file being edited to make it sound worse unfortunately doesn't erase the fact that it really did happen...and yes, JCS DID admit to their wrong doings in the past and I'm proud of them for doesn't matter if it was released then or now...the fact of the matter is that it really happened and fans like you need to accept that just like JCS did.

  19. They apologaize not in korea which the accident occured and it was not an apology it was like whatever just took this! No matter how many times they aplogaize it will never erase what they did! Trying to convinc who!! Pathetic people.

    a male who lay his hand on a female is a scum. All what they say was the past not the present the girl who has been hit was not from 10 years ago or less!! Pathetic and makes me sick knowing that many think it is ok to beat and insult a girl!

  20. ^ you shouldn't hold boys and girls to different standards. it's not ok to beat and insult anyone. BUT. i will say that there are times when you really don't know what to do and in that moment of anger/frustration you end up doing something you regret later. i think jaejoong's fans admit that what he did was wrong, but that it was understandable in that situation.

    if this changes your opinion of jaejoong forever, then that's okay. i respect you for standing up for your personal beliefs.

  21. @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 7:44 AM

    Argh, I hate how even after they apologized, some people are still acting high and mighty and judging them. Even when all the facts about the sasaengs are being shoved in their faces, they disregard all of it and still stick to the "a man should never ever ever hit a woman" shit. While that is true, of course there will be exceptions. Everything has its exceptions

    I mean, hello? These girls were sexually, physically and mentally harassing them for nine fucking years, and to do something about it is the greatest sin in the world? What the fucking hell? Women go on and on about how they wish to be treated equally and on the same level as men, yet when shit like this arise they pull out the "but I'm a woman" card and expect to be exempted from this all? Fuck no. That is hypocrisy right there.

    Also, JYJ didn't beat up those girls, if anything they hit them, but they didn't fucking beat them to a bloody pulp. Yoo Chun didn't hit that fan, he stopped her from hitting him, as for Jae Joong he did cuss and shit, but there isn't any solid proof that he actually hit her. Anyone could have edited those "ugh" sounds into that recording.

    Another thing: if that were someone from SNSD or some other member of a girl group instead of Jae Joong everyone would be praising her for standing up for her rights and would have even encouraged her actions. That is hypocrisy at its worst.

    I'm not supportive of men hitting women, but if they hit women out of self defense and because their rights and the rights of their family members as well have been repeatedly abused - AND because the authorities won't do anything about it - then damn, it cannot be considered an unforgivable sin. People should not look down on JYJ because of this, and I'm not saying this as a fan, but as a girl; as a person.

  22. @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 2:18 PM:

    saying "sorry" doesn't make the problem miraculously go away or cause people to pretend it never happened...if that were the case, then what are the police for? (hehe, got it from BOF=P)

    anyways, I agree that the only time you can hit a woman is in self-defense, but other than that, i don't see any other exception good enough to warrant it.

    the whole gender equality thing is mainly about their role in society and being respected just as much as men are in the work place....but you can't really argue the fact that woman are generally weaker and smaller than men are yes, i do think that it's okay to say that it's more wrong for a man to hit a woman just because she's a woman....and please don't generalize...I for one would never praise SNSD or whichever girl it is that decides to physically harm I said already, violence is's wrong, period..I don't base it on whether that person just gets a swollen face or they're beaten into a bloody pulp.

    unfortunately, JJ indirectly admitted himself on the audio that he did hit the fan...the words he was saying about how he's hit other fans in the past like he was doing in that moment and how he can't count on his fingers how many times he's done it before, etc. is proof enough.

    what JCS did definately isn't an unforgiveable sin like you said tho...that's just going overboard....those saesang fans deserved it, but as public figures they hold a higher responsibility for their actions...I'm proud of the way they've handled the situation so far and I think it's time for their fans to accept what they did too rather than being overly defensive and supporting what they did cuz even the members understand that it was wrong...saying it's okay for them to stoop down to the saesang fan's level just cuz they deserve it is not good advice in my opinion.

    I feel that people do have the right to look down on JCS for this...I for one was surprised and disappointed as well when I found out that it really was them on those audio files..and being able to admit when your idol has done something wrong doesn't make you love them any less or make you a worse fan....also remember that ppl r mainly looking down on the behaviour and the way they acted....not them as human beings in general..nor r they denying the fact that they're talented artists that do have to deal with very stressful situations like this on a daily basis...people make mistakes and as long as you own up to it and learn from it, that's all we can really ask for...and that's what JCS are doing now.

    @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 7:44 AM:

    I agree that apologizing doesn't erase what JCS did, but at least they had the balls to admit their mistakes in public and improve from it...I think that it's the saesang fans that need to do that even more don't you agree?...I don't think anyone here is saying it's okay to beat and insult women, but they're just giving valid reasons as to why JCS behaved the way they least give JCS credit for being honest and owning up to their mistakes...that takes guts and is in no way pathetic.

  23. @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 2:18 PM
    your comment is spot on! Love it! :)

    @sheils, when I said " they're only human beings" - I dont mean that as an 'excuse'..its more of an interpretation that they are just normal people with so many wash emotions. Yes, violence is still violence, even I dont like it & the way how some overboard fans acted towards them is also wrong, they are not entitled to do that to them aswell.. which clearly makes the boys loss control to their emotions and drop their guard down more often. Hence, news such as this happens. What I really trying to highlight about my previous comment was how the boys were being honest to us :) that is all.

    @Gladiola, March 10, 2012 1:38 AM, Thank you :)

  24. hey sheils u don have to try to look equl or tvxq5 or jyj fan,every comment from u when about jyj in every topic is always a bad comment, come on just show yourself as a homin stan ,i know u are

  25. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    with someone here theory


    i can hit my boyfriend as much as i want

    and he can not do anything back to me


    cos i am a girl i have a special right to hit a man

    and becos my boyfriend is a man he can not do anything back to me,he can not hit me back,he only can stand still and let me hit him


  26. Well, the dark side of kpop is finally coming to light. But we really don't know for sure since Dispatch is probably the sleaziest tabloid in Korea. So I will refrain from treating this as the truth and nothing but the truth. We all know how videos and audios can be easily manipulated nowadays. It's also funny how some of you act as if JYJ beat these girls to a bloody pulp. But for the sake of this discussion, I will, like most of you, assume that Jaejoong actually did it.

    Even if these audios are proven to be authentic, I will not abandon my boys. They are stuck between a rock and hard place. And no, I do not have oppa-didn't-mean-it syndrome; I am a noona who sees JYJ as talented human beings--not little angels possessing my undying adoration. I have no sympathy for sasaengs because they are not poor defenselessly little girls; they are psychotic stalkers getting away with relentlessly hunting their preys It's too bad that unless they change the laws in Korea, these stalkers have been and will continue to get away with this is because in Korea, they don't prosecute underage kids for stalking. These girls know that they can get away with this and that's why they will continue even though JYJ have repeatedly asked them to stay away.

    I am seeing the kpop double standard rearing its ugly head again in this situation again. Would anyone condemn the victims of these type of stalking if JYJ were female idols instead of male idols? What if JYJ were accused of cussing and hitting male stalkers instead? I am a feminist, and a great proponent of equality of the sexes, but we should not use Disney feminism to judge and condemn JYJ just because JYJ are males allegedly accused of hitting their female stalkers.

    Folks, stalkers are stalkers regardless of their gender or age. To the righteous commenters, get off you high-horse and get your asses away from the computers and try to walk a mile in the shoes of JYJ or victims of stalking. In theory, violence should be avoided at all cost, but reality is a completely different matter. Unless you are trapped in a world where rationality and civility do not exist, I suggest that we all should suspend our judgement altogether.

    I hope that the only good coming out of this controversy would be for the Korean parliament to address this problem. This problem has been swept under the rug for too long. Being stalked constantly by underaged fans with no protection from the law should not be the price all idols must pay when they decided to go into show biz. These underaged stalkers also need the law to protect them from themselves. These kids need help--they should not be allowed to congregated with other stalkers to torment the objects of their obsessions. Well, opening a new can of worms is never sexy, but this one has to be opened sooner or later. (sagedip)

    PS: It appears that PRIVATE stated herself that JJ just KNOCK HER FOREHEAD ONCE and those ‘ow’ and ‘huk’ sounds were made by her. "He barely touched me” - she stated. (

  27. @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 6:36 PM:

    I still don't agree with that statement tho because people can argue the opposite that the fans are humans too and are overcome with a sickening addiction of wanting to follow their idols 24/7 that we can't really blame them because it's out of their no, I don't think that us being human has anything to do with us lacking self control or entitles us to behaving's a choice, and sometimes we make the wrong one.

    I had no other problem with the rest of your comment tho and agree with it=)

    @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 10:52 PM:

    do you have selective reading?..and can you point out what I said bad about JCS?....ugh, another "anonymous" not owning up to their comment and spouting rubbish with no proof...sick and tired of overly defensive JCS stans that don't back up their points with facts and just say whatever they want...*thud*...this is why the problem isn't going away....I'm glad that at least JCS are owning up to their faults and taking responsibility for it and not taking after their fans.

    @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 11:25 PM:

    who's theory is that?...I think people here are just saying that it's wrong for a man to hit a woman...not that it's okay for a woman to hit a man....violence is violence...and I don't think it's right to hit matter what gender you are.

  28. [JYJSasaengincident] LATEST NEWS 1. The sasaeng from the audio clip said:"The audio wasn't recorded by me. I didn't expect it to be reported on the news. It was during year 2009 summer, the most sensitive period among the members." 2.The sasaeng who got "hit" by Jaejoong said: "Jaejoong only flicked my head, I didn't know why it was being exaggerated by the press." proven that the 'hitting audio clip' was edited. [rough trans by @beeboowy] RT @Wasur3naid3 #JYJ私生饭事件#最新消息:1)音频文件中的私生饭说“音频不是我录的。也没料到音频会被新闻舆论公开。是在2009年夏天成员们最敏感的时期。”2)之前所谓“被在中打”的饭接受KBS访问表示“只被在中弹了一下头,自己也不清楚为什么会被夸大公开。”证实之前的“打人音频”是编辑的 (wenyi)

  29. @hitomi:

    thanks for the info, but how do people know that the saesangs actually said this and that they were in fact the same fans that were in the audio clip? I think it was pretty obvious that the clip was edited and perhaps certain sounds were exaggerated to seem louder...the translation of the full conversation that took place could be found on YT already...the audio could've been not only from one incident but a couple combined....I don't think hitting someone once here and a few times there makes a difference, because it's still wrong..I'm hoping that all the other "hitting" sounds were fake and added in, but jae admitting to hitting fans several times in the past proves that it wasn't an exaggeration....sorry, but I think I'm just tired of fans in denial and trying to make excuses for JCS's behaviour when the members themselves are not....I was really happy and proud to see how JCS handled the situation and I feel as tho some fans are trying to negate the high road that they've taken by trying to prove that their behaviour was okay or that it never happened.

    the boys are not angels and they CAN make mistakes...and it's not the end of the's OKAY.

  30. i feel sick when people try to defend sasaeng and twist this situation to jyj fault ,they must be one of those sasengs ,saseng can do everything and fly free, no one can do anything to them cause they are girl and underage,and the most fuuny thing is some jyj fans are very protective to sasengs cause they are girl

  31. sheils,everytime it was about jyj rumour you were 100% take on the jyj opposit site,everbody here know that, but when it about homin it was always a good comment from you, everybody here know that ,you are not ot5 just a homin stan who pretend to be ot5

  32. @shiels

    I'm not giving that "oppa didn't mean it" shit, and I'm not denying that what he did was wrong, but why can't you ever give JYJ the benefit of the doubt? They did apologize, which means that they know that what they did was wrong, but they didn't elaborate. Yes, I know, sorry doesn't always cut it, but we shouldn't be so harsh on them. We should have the decency to consider their circumstances.

    And please stop acting like girls are the frailest little beings on earth and that they should not be touched just because they are, in general, weaker than men. Just because that is so doesn't give them the right to go ruining other people's lives and running away untouched because they're girls. You're acting as if men have no right to do something about being stalked and constantly harassed. Don't you think that Jae acted out because it was his last resort? Because he tried so many times to ask authorities for help, but they didn't do anything? It's not all right to hit women, yes, but there IS a difference between a tap and a punch. And in this kind of situation, it should be understood that such reactions would ensue; especially since they've been enduring it for nearly a decade.

    I believe that people should live by the golden rule. It's not fair to be exempted from it just because you are a woman.

    I'm not being defensive about this situation. I'm just not choosing to judge them so harshly because I sympathize with them and know that if I were in their shoes, I'd probably go insane.

    Stop acting so high and mighty. I'd like to see you go through what they did without doing anything about it. I'd like to see you just stand there as stalkers not only monitor your every move, but harass your family for photos and use their identities as well as yours.

  33. @Anonymous, March 11, 2012 10:38 AM:

    again, show me facts of your claim against me...and what rumour?..this isn't a rumour...there's audio proof for goodness sake...and who do you mean by everyone?...don't generalize...if you want to be taken seriously, then back up what you say instead of suddenly making it personal just cuz you can't stand the fact that the members aren't perfect and CAN make mistakes.

    @Anonymous, March 11, 2012 3:08 PM:

    when did I not give JCS the benefit of the doubt?...even you're admitting that what they did was what's the difference?...2 wrongs don't make a right...not sure what you mean by being "harsh".

    and since when did I say that girls were really frail?...perhaps if you stopped twisting all my words and exaggerating everything I say, then you'd know where I'm coming from....all i said is violence is wrong...doesn't matter what gender you saying that guys shouldn't hit girls doesn't = me saying that it's okay for girls to hit guys...take for example the scenerio of bullying...which one is worse?...a big guy picking on a little guy, or someone his own size?....same thing...both are wrong, but one is worse than the other, that's all I was pointing out.

    what the saesangs did are horrible...I personally believe that they deserved it...but doesn't make it right..doing something about the situation didn't have to result to physical fact, I think that those saesang fans wanted to push Jae's buttons and see how far they could go before reaching his breaking point...i wish Jae didn't give them that satisfaction.

    it's quite bothersome to think that some fans believe that just because I'm willing to admit that the guys lost their cool = me not being understanding, me only being a homin stan, me being too harsh and judgemental, etc....that's ridiculous.

    I dont think anyone here is doubting the fact that Jae did what he did as a last resort and that he's reached his last straw...again, doesn't excuse the fact that something negative came out of it's like a mother that kills the murderer of her what she did a good thing? is it understandable?'s exactly how I feel about JCS's situation...not sure why some fans are getting overly defensive about it.

    again, not sure how I'm acting all high and mighty...JCS themselves apologized and I support how they've handled the situation...YOU'RE the one that's putting them on a pedastal and not accepting the facts that's right in front of you.

    I never said that I wouldn't do the same thing as JCS...where do you make this stuff up from? fact, I probably would have hit them earlier than he did or quit the entertainment world all together.

  34. i am so sick of some1 who live only ideal world

    i feel like i gonna puke now


    u better live only in a high tower

    plz never come back to real world again


  35. the boys are im perfect,but they not wrong's different, i admit that they imperfect,but they not wrong,fan (who know who) that try so hard to make boys look so wrong is lunatic.belike that don make you look good or be a best fan

  36. @ Hitomi. you are spot on too! love your comment :) .

    @sheils, It's alright if you don't agree. I stick to what I say. It's not a statement.. It's a word from my heart so :) yea.

    Lastly, Dearly beloved people, is it just me or is it getting a pretty bit tense in here? .. shake it off people ;)

    This is not a court for goodness sake ;), we all have our own fare of shares and infos and stories. Can we pass this by please. Let the boys handle their situations, and let some fans learn their lessons :) as " it takes two to make things go right" . We are not in their shoes, we do not know the real situations are.. but whatever it "Hitomi" said I would not abandon the boys lets keep on supporting, because they are indeed "Talented human beings that we all see" :) . I was @Anonymous, March 9, 2012 4:02 PM and @Anonymous, March 10, 2012 6:36 PM - thats all I wanted to share and if you all dont mind me to share this. Have a read.. light some sense.

    " So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a
    rose. The God like qualities planted in us a birth grow
    amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves
    and see only the thorns, the defects. We despair, thinking
    that nothing good can possible come from us. We neglect to
    water the good within us, and eventually it dies. We never
    realize our potential.

    Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone
    else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person
    can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns and find
    the rose within others. This is the characteristic of love,
    to look at a person, and knowing his faults, recognize the
    nobility in his soul, and help him realize that he can overcome
    his faults. If we show him the rose, he will conquer the thorns.
    Then will he blossom, blooming forth thirty, sixty, a
    hundred-fold as it is given to him.

    Our duty in this world is to help others by showing them their
    roses and not their thorns. Only then can we achieve the love
    we should feel for each other; only then can we bloom in our
    own garden. "

    It's not a perfect world..but do keep on living. Light will guide if you never lose your faith. :)

  37. i hope saseng do not read sheils comment
    cause her comments were really give a hint on what to do when you stalk jyj i meant if i am a saseng i will do everything i want to jyj and try my best to make jyj hit me ,after that i will be victim and jyj are turn to an abuse
    if everyfan think like sheils ,jyj will be in a dangerous

  38. @Ilisa, March 11, 2012 8:06 PM:

    same here...I totally respect your opinion but we just differ in some thots which is okay too=)

    @Anonymous, March 11, 2012 10:35 PM:

    that was probably their goal from the beginning and unfortunately, Jae fell victim to it...maybe you should look at yourself and stop being dellusional and pointing your fingers at other fans that have common sense and are not in denial....what do you think the purpose of the audio files were in the first place that took place several years ago? the saesangs wanted to get JCS into trouble...they don't need to read peoples' comments to act the way they do...they're mentally unstable as it is....I've never suggested doing such things but read your comment...perhaps you're the one giving suggestions to them now? about being a hypocrite.

  39. "아디스 those 0.44% are sasaeng ._.RT @UKNOWuGotIt: 99.56% saying that sasaengs were wrong and 0.44% saying it was JYJ." LMAO This tweet is so funny xDDD

    PS: Please just ignore shiels. She thinks she is always right so there is no point in arguing with her. ^^ I am a Cassiopeia for 4 years already (my 5th year is nearing)and I am on no one side here. I simply trust the boys (all five of them) and I do not jump to conclusions and don't judge them not knowing the whole truth and I know not everyone are capable of staying unbiased like me so I try to not get mad coz of others hurtful comments.

    PS2: Jaejoong has 8 older sisters and one younger sister I doubt he would rise his hand at any girl even if she is a PRIVATE. If I didn't trust Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun & Junsu I would long ago let myself be played by Korean media and stopped being a Cassiopeia. The trust, love I have for the boys and they have in me helps me in hard times and it helps the boys when they have hard times so I shall trust them till the end. I trust that Yunho will make them come back as five in the future and that Cassiopeia will still be here after all those years standing stronger then ever. If Cassiopeia and the boys didn't have mutual trust between each other then there would not be any Cassiopeia and DBSK after all those years in the first place. I learned my lesson after the lawsuit came up and I am still staying sane after all the mess we came thru past those 3 years and I am very grateful for it to my close friends, fellow Cassie's that I get to know three years ago on this very DBSK site!!! We are still close after all those years and they are as cool headed as me and we are still here waiting without judging because we know we don't know the whole story the whole circumstances and we have no right to judge them. We simply are not going to let anyone play us. We are going to believe in the boys ^^

  40. We're all angry, but i feel sad more than angry, knowing they have to endure those kind of treatment.

    It isin't just JYJ, we have to protect Yunho and Changmin from the insane and ridiculous privates too.

    Cassiopeias are willing to support you, whether it's 2, 3, or individually. We'll support the five of you.

    We all make mistakes, but we hardly ever find the courage to apologize. Our 5 boys can do that (even if they r not supposed to). IM A PROUD FAN!

    btw JYJ Opens Up About Verbally Abusing Fans not Psychically abusing fans so I dunno why there is even an argument in the first place...

    [NEWS] 120306 JYJ Violence Controversy, The Attack of Anti Media...Isn't It Too Strange?

    [TRANS] 120306 ‘Blue House’s destruction of evidence of an illegal investigation of civilians’ was buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

    PS: If someone didn't understand the tweet in my previous comment read this:

    [NEWS] 120311 Sasaeng Fan Brutality, The Majority of Opinions Side with JYJ

  41. @hitomi:

    lol...and you don't think you're always right? takes 2 to argue/disagree dear.

    I trust the boys too...but I also accept the fact that they can make mistakes just like anybody else..even the boys admitted that they did and apologized for does NOT = turning a blind eye to solid proof/evidence (and no, I don't mean that it wasn't at all edited or made to sound worse than it was, but the fact that verbal and physical retaliation happened is clear whether it was deserved or not).

    and JYJ files?...really?..and here you are proclaiming you're on no one's side and being unbiased and a true OT5 fan?'s laughable....hmm, wonder if people should start posting stuff from truetvxq here as well?...we both know those 2 sites are very biased and one sided as well...not sure why it's now being used as credible source?..i guess you've been spending alot of your time there.

    Jaejoong clearly said that he has hit fans in the past...not sure which part of that is not verbal?..they say that you're most honest when you're drunk..and Jae was drinking that night....perhaps you're going to tell me that someone is imitating Jae's voice now and it "never happened"?...*sigh* least I respect the members enough to accept their faults and love them the way they are rather than pretending they don't have any under the cover up of "trust".

  42. I do not know if any who defend what they did will read this despite everythings, I just want from a courage person to answer this specific question, does the fan/sasaeng who had been hit is the same person who included in their speech? remember to take their talk about how they suffered long time ago! do you have any clue that peron is an old sasaeng who contributed in jyj suffereing in the past?
    do u really beliefe that this specific sasaeng/fan whoever took what she deserved? keep in your mind that she may not even a sasaeng or even did something horrible to deserve hitting.
    there is a huge different between hitting driven by anger and self defense.
    like I said before, pathetic apology and pathetic people.

    and please remember that yunho&changmin had been suffere like them in the past but they did not behave like them/ also, they did suffere when the news of tvxq break up was the big talk and I think u know about it.
    I do not have anything against jyj because I do not care about them but when they hit and pretend to aplogaize and same fans trying to convince themselves that is a true apoloy stop please.
    If jyj truly feel sorry they should do it in their homeland and do it in public and must give apology to the person who they hit/had hit in the past according to jeajoong in the audio.

  43. @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 5:36 AM

    Yunho and Changmin do not behave like them??? What? I'm pretty sure HoMin has audio files on them just like JYJ does. Jaejoong apologized to his fans not those sasaeng who stalk them also KBS Entertainment Weekly interviewed the sasaeng who was hit by Jaejoong you should check it out. You will be amazed at what she has to say.
    Also have you wonder why no audio files of yunho and changmin hasn't pop up yet.....strange isn't it? Remember fans are differnt from sasaeng.

  44. jyj shitty thing did not come out till recently too
    suddenly all clip in 2009 being explode
    i don know what others think
    but i bet homin have this kind of crap too
    but why only jyj come out
    something fishy here

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:02 PM and Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:06 PM:

    okay, about guilty until proven innocent without any proof at all....there's being defensive and then there's being an anti-fan who's jealous that Homin haven't had any scandals's typical for JCS biased fans to throw Homin under the bus and drag them into this mess when it has nothing to do with them...I'm no longer surprised when some people try and make Homin look bad in defense of a problem involving JCS only....defend at all costs I guess...*thud*

  47. ^
    here, come a proof ,just get out of here sheils, u r a fcuking homin stan

  48. i read comments here what a long comment conversation

    and my 2 cent about about this issue is saseng was wrong ,jyj was not perfect,no one perfect,but they not wrong

  49. @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:24 PM:

    lol...again, PROVE IT...everything I have said here I stand by and I've never said anything nasty about JCS if you want to be dellusional and use swear words to communicate, then so be it..but I'm not stooping down to your level because I actually know how to speak like an educated's sad to know that JCS have fans like this who are hurting their brothers for NO REASON....I'm use to people not being able to argue back to the things I say and so they just resort to personal, real "smart".

  50. @sheils

    Jealous of what? There's nothing to to jealous of whether you're a JYJ fan or not it does comes into question where are the files of Homin since JYJ files are coming out. There are pictures and video of all 5 being stalk so why just JYJ?

  51. you don have to say a bad thing to jyj but everytime when it was about jyj rumour you will go for jyj was 100 % wrong, like this rumour you always state that jyj was wrong no matter what saseng did to them jyj still wrong, they are wrong wrong wrong,like it was your bible

    a moral like "men should not hit women" even when women did a bad thing to men or hit him first,no, i not agree with that, i meant if someone do something bad to me,i will react in the same way,i do not care about a gender, a funny thing about gender thing is women ask for equal in a thing that they advantage, a promotion,a salary ,they ask for a same with a men but when it about thing that they disadvantage such as a physical they ask for a speacial treament ,men should not hit a women bullshit , you think you can fry free if you hit me without a reason like saseng did to jaejoong ,no way, but if men hit a women without a reason ,it is sure unacceptable

    and when someone tell you what saseng say you still act like ,so what ,how can i beleive that new, that may be fake, may be that was not a girl in a clip,

    ps i am not that Anonymous

  52. Anonymous, March 13, 2012 5:36 AM

    are you korean,if you are plase tellme what do korean react to thses jyj issues espeacialy jaejong,yoochun i really wanna know

    about @sheils

    just leave her her or own world shw already belive jyj was wrong nothing can change her let her be the most moral jyj fangirl

  53. @veveenaneeya, haha I know right? and I thought my last comment was the closure. Apparently not ;) . It gets pretty interesting nonetheless.

  54. @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:51 PM:

    if you weren't jealous, then you wouldn't be dragging Homin into this and making them guilty of something WITHOUT proof...but at the same time, JCS have audio proof and you are defending's quite ridiculous if you ask me...that's like saying, hey, your brother hit someone, your entire family MUST be abusers...*thud*....LOTS of artists have saesang fans...but that does not mean that ALL of them will resort to the same behaviour...for you to say just because one is guilty, the rest must be also doesn't even make really think that saesangs are ONLY targetting JCS?...oh please...saesangs are saesangs...they don't play "favourites" for goodness sake.

    @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 4:21 PM:

    did you even read all my comments?...where did I ever say that JCS are 100% wrong?...again, perhaps you should look at yourself and perhaps you'll see that you're being overly defensive and being in denial...I'm going to have to repeat myself I guess....I think that the ones at fault were the saesangs and they DESERVED it....BUT an artist hitting a fangirl is NOT RIGHT and I'm glad he apologized for his past actions...that's all I'm saying....I even said that I would have done what Jae did earlier than him if it were me....JCS are not "wrong", the act of physically hitting someone IS...that's just common sense...and already said that it doesn't matter what gender you are, violence is wrong period...I've already given the bullying incident as example..a big guy picking on a little guy or a big guy fighting with a person his own size?...BOTH aren't good, but the prior is worse.

    why would I even care what the saesangs said?....everyone here hates them and know that they are most at fault, and yet when it's convenient, you use them as evidence to prove that JCS are right?...oh come least stay consistent.

    ps: I wish that people would use names here at least so that I know who I'm talking to.

    @Anonymous, March 13, 2012 5:10 PM:

    what Jae did was understandable, him hitting someone is what's wrong..nothing else....I don't see how me thinking that violence is not good = most moral fangirl ever....if the world thot that way, it would be pretty "protect" and "trust" your idols does not mean you should change your morals.

  55. @sheils

    So because I mention homin I must be jealous of them are you serious??? Like I said last time there is "NOTHING" to be jealous of I just question the motives of why the tapes were released out of thin air. As long as I've been listening to Kpop I know that many artist has sasaeng....duh but every DBSK5 fans know that there sasaeng are very extreme. You don't have to tell me about sasaeng I've seen what they can do.

    "that's like saying, hey, your brother hit someone, your entire family MUST be abusers" I'm sorry but that was a bad example you just gave me. These tapes are from 2009 the time when all 5 were togther under "sm" but they only have audio of JYJ, think about.

  56. @Anonymous, March 14, 2012 4:07 AM:

    your movtives for dragging Homin into this and implying that they've hit fans before too just because your bias did is wrong in itself...doesn't matter if it was becuz you were jealous or not.

    the intentions of the saesangs isn't even important...everyone here knows and acknowledges that they want to bring trouble to JCS...that's pretty obvious..they released audio tapes from 2009 for goodness sake....but them doing that doesn't mean you should overlook that Jae did do something that he wasn't proud of and regrets....2 wrongs don't make a right.

    exactly, they were together under SM just like a family would be living together under one roof and under the same rules....again, who cares when this took place?...the fact is that it DID...doesn't matter if it happened back then or I already said, just because the 5 members went through difficulties together, doesn't mean they would have resorted to the same behaviour as a result...perhaps Homin had better self control, had a stricter upbringing and were more aware of their star status...or perhaps Jae just reached his breaking point and coupled with the fact that he had a few drinks, he momentarily lost his happens...who knows?...but you dragging Homin into this as tho it's impossible for them to not result to hitting just cuz Jae did shows your true intentions....if the audio were fake, trust me, CJES would have sued somebody by now and we all know that...they've sued everybody else already for every little thing anyways.

  57. @ Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:02 PM & Anonymous, March 13, 2012 3:06 PM

    I will tell u this, u will never see or hear that Yunho & Changmin did what jea and yuchun did/will do mark my word. I am not saying this because they are Yunho & changmin.

    If u accept this pathetic apology I am sorry to say this but I feel sorry for u. If u are ok with hitting a person no matter who by who u like whatever I say will never pass inside you.

    I Think its a matter of conscience/moral of accept and differentiate wrong and right!

    I just know for sure that truth never hide and one day it will reveals of her self.

  58. @sheils

    You still didn't answer my questions,you keep thinking I'm a JYJ fan because I'm defending them.....ummm no??? This whole case is very interesting!!!

  59. @Anonymous, March 14, 2012 1:13 PM:

    ummm..what questions?...unfortunately because so many people like to hide behind the name "anonymous", I can't distinguish one from the other...if you have questions, then please ask again cuz I have no idea what they were and can't really guess which anonymous you are.

    and no, I'm calling the ppl that dragged Homin into this a biased JCS fan/anti homin fan...not other people that are defending them for good reason and have FACTS to back them up.

  60. hahahahahaha
    kbs told saseng to sell them a audio or clip of idols, homin is not a god ,no one perfect,everybody here repeat it again and again, do you they really can endure it

    i think not only jyj or homin but every star who have saseng must have this kind of type no one can bear this kind of saseng treat for years, no normal human can

    but since kbs is a very good friend with sm, no homin clips are explode yet

    you not in their shoe so for u it was easy to spread a moral like violeance is not accept,hita girl was not accept no matter how shit that girl was

    you just want them to be a perfect doll

    i just hope one day your father, brother being hurt,almost be kill by car accident ,molest or harass like all idol been treat

    i am not homin anti, i love all 5 boy,i just being realistic

  61. Whoa I came here by chance and what I see? A fan war cussed again bu U-Know-Who >.>

    @sheils Please I do not go to JYJ3 that is manipulating the translations of the articles to their liking and being totally biased I am checking JYJFiles that are updated by a woman that knows law and works in Korea right now and is involved in JYJ Court Case that update translations accurately like on any other OT5 site but she a lot of times also update articles, cour hearings that other sites don't update. If U would at least made any care in all the five boys as U claim U do U would find sites where U can get updated about them properly. I simply ignore some immature comments of JYJ stans under those articles that are updated under JYJFiles posts and instead focus on the articles, court hearings etc. They update about JYJ but they never insulted Yunho or Changmin (aside JYJ stans commenting under the articles rarely as that site is rather calm). So spare me Ur righteous comments beside U know very well I do not reply to Ur comment most of the time so U like to show-how-off how much right U are knowing I will not respond =.=
    Also I could say the same about U -> "turning a blind eye on to solid proof/evidence." There is a freaking article (and it's not allkpop) that actually was translated as "JYJ Opens Up About Verbally Abusing Fans" not hitting them as U insist on believing from some 'solid proof' U have and the rest of Us lacks somehow. I wonder if U were as eager about this topic when it would involve Ur 'beloved' Yunho =.= Beside it's already in the past but U drag it on and on like U had no better things to do *sigh*

    PS: btw My comment was not directed to U but Cass arguing with U which is useless coz as I said U are so right on everything as U have been there, seen that and have right to judge anyone even tho U are just a third party like everyone else and U don't know the whole truth =.= I didn't talk with U but U still needed to butt in and start lecturing me. *rolls eyes* I see U are so eager on lecturing other Cass that Ur comments take 90% of the comment section under this post =.=

    PS2: As usually I will not reply to any fallowing comments from U as I have better things to do then prove myself as a Cass to someone like U.

    And here for those who think I only read JYJ sites (and thats why I come to DBSKnights for years now meh >.>):
    ENGLISH VERSION: @dlwpdldhkdlwp

    KOREAN VERSION: DC TVXQ Gallery ‘Paeng’ (펭);=

  62. @hitomi:

    this is the main OT5 site that I go to so unless you're saying that the admin here aren't doing their jobs properly, then I don't see why I should start visiting sites where JCS biased fans talk bad about homin like you admitted and have to pretend that it's not happening...I wouldn't be able to help myself becuz I'm protective of the boys and would argue with all of perhaps u shud think before giving bad advice to someone.

    and talking about righteous? me quote some of the things that you proudly boasted about yourself:

    "I am a Cassiopeia for 4 years already...I simply trust the boys...I do not jump to conclusions and don't judge them...I know not everyone are capable of staying unbiased like ME"....veeerrrryyyy HUMBLE...*thud*

    get things clear...I dont' care about you...why would I waste my time thinking about whether you'd reply to me or not?....the world doesn't revolve around're the one that called me out first and made a personal I think you should stop being a hypocrite.

    again, what about Jae self-confessing in the audio tape that he has hit the fans before in the past? one here seems to be able to answer that...I'm not talking about some article..get it straight.

    oh, and why am I not surprised that out of all people, you'd drag yunho into this?...just proved my point again about overly biased and defensive JCS fans that can't stand it when Homin aren't a part of the problem.

    and ME dragging things?....haha..perhaps you have selective reading and can't see the other 10 people in this one else was replying in this thread by the way until YOU you might want to look in the mirror.

    I choose to believe that JCS apologized cuz they did something wrong and not just to please the fans...they're better than that...and yes, that includes verbal and physical happenings in the past...if you choose to turn a blind eye and say NOTHING happened despite the audio proof, then so be it...continue being dellusional and not allowing the guys to make mistakes...I accept them for who they are, along with their good AND bad sides....I'm glad that JCS doesnt' follow in some of their fans' footsteps and actually took responsibility and ownership of their proud that they are able to admit when they did something wrong (even when it's understandable) and apologize for it and learn from it.

    I think I've heard you say "I won't reply to you" like 20 times already since I've known up your mind and stick by your decision...don't be so wishy-washy and say one thing but do another.

    I don't understand why you keep trying to prove something that we all already know and acknowledge..saesangs are evil....bottom line tho is that 2 wrongs don't make a right like you're promoting...what JCS did was for GOOD reason...but doesn't excuse them of the fact that things turned verbally abusive and physical...I'm definately on JCS's side on this one, but I would never want them to stoop down to the saesang fans' level again if possible...I'm also not an immature dellusional fan that puts their idols on pedestals that can do no wrong...I think JCS would appreciate fans that are realistic and give good advice more than the fan that is always gushing about them and only saying things to them that they want to hear but not necessarily being honest about the whole situation.

  63. sheils, is a professor in this issue, just leave her alone in a high moral world

  64. ^
    oh i forget to say something if saseng fan attack
    jyj again please send to to protect jyj or talk or lecture those saseng

    her moral really can save the world and jyj

  65. @Anonymous, March 15, 2012 5:34 PM:

    yes, practice what you preach and leave me alone then..don't say one thing and do another cuz then the things you say are no longer credible or respected.

    I rather have high morals (tho to me, it's just basic morals that all normal human beings are taught since they are young) than to have none like you.

  66. I still stand by my above comment weeks later. However I would like to add, considering the disturbing information that has been revealed this past week by artists, industry staffers, and the stalkers themselves (as well as publicly known menstruation blood letters and petitions for stars' suicides), that the behavior of these selfish, violent, sadomasochist criminals is so far beyond the normal realm of human sanity that people need to truly assess the situation for what it is...Stop putting yourselves in the shoes of these psychos. They ARE NOT FANS! Stars would do much better with a few hundred less album sales and more privacy and security and peace of mind. The supporters who put their money where the mouth is and keep a respectful distant from their favorite singers/actors AND a respectful nose out of their personal lives are the real fans. They're the ones who keep stars relevant and bring a positive light to their biases. They're the ones the stars thank and are glad to see at signings, and don't mind posing for a picture with every now and then.

    Also, in regards to the JCS vs HM scandal question I think there are two possible reasons:
    1)SM used to threaten all 5 guys with scandalous material if they tried to leave. SM has a long running business/financial relationship with the media; if they wanted to release blackmail evidence they could. Hence nothing on Yunho and Changmin. Yet, Since it has been ~2.5 yrs since the start of the lawsuit & group separation and since many entertainment industry people are showing support to not just JSC but all idols by revealing the truth about saesang culture and not fully condemning different stars' actions I’m going to go with NO on this scenario.

    2) The reason there are no files on Yunho and Changmin while there are on Jaejoong and Yoochun, I think has to do with the latter’s shifting support of corporations and the time that all these things appear to take place (2009-2010 or so). HM where pretty much hermits because of the hate and threats of former fans. The only time they came out was to work really, and they were under the thumb/watchful eye of SM staffers. They still had bodyguards and lived in the dorms. JCS where fighting for their careers that could be evaporated any minute and did not have the security staff they used to and because they were the ones suing they had to be public and vocal. Basically Yunho and Changmin where shut-up away from the public eye for a long time and suffering in silence which meant no large opportunities for the stalkers to visibly manipulate their emotions and get at them, to snap = no files. But JCS were quickly thrown to the wolves suffering in public and an easy target for the crazies without the barrier of PR and guards that helped bear the chaos in previous years = lots of things recorded during a tumultuous time. Which I think boils down to: those organizations hired by rabid stalkers to collect info on their prey and the stalkers could be cashing in on the staying power of JYJ fame. While the best they can scrounge up from Changmin is blocking a camera lens and for Yunho – a tired man in a dangerously crowded airport briefly projecting a barely audible “Excuse me.”

    My take is there is no shady JYJ vs TVXQ or SM vs JYJ bias here. JSC where an easier target than HM back then not only were they emotionally drained, but unlike HM noticeably accessible. And they're an easier target still- backed by a smaller company. SM could probably put all saesangers out of business with lawsuits of defamation and copyright infringement but they love money too much; they don’t care how much their employees suffer.

  67. @2cents: I think you accidentally deleted the comment that you are referring to...but I did see the reply in my email cuz I'm subscribed to this topic and pretty much agree with majority of what you said...perhaps you were more eloquent than me in expressing it while you were mainly talking about YC, I was focusing more on Jaejoong.