Saturday, March 3, 2012

[NEWS] 120303 Netizen posts the average heights of K-pop boy groups

We recently shared a summary of the average heights of girl groups in K-pop, and it looks like this time, a netizen has completed the same report on K-pop boy groups. Similar to the previous report, the boys were categorized into five different groups: Giant, Tall, Average, Short, and Shortest.

The tallest was X-5 at 186.2cm (6 feet and 1.30 inches) while the shortest was TEEN TOP at 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches).

Where does your favorite male idol group rank? See for yourself below!


TEEN TOP – 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches)

B2ST – 175.6 (5 feet and 9.13 inches)

The BOSS – 176.4 (5 feet and 9.44 inches)

FT Island – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

Dalmatian – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

N-Train : 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)


Big Bang – 177.2 (5 feet and 9.76 inches)

Boyfriend – 177.3 (5 feet and 9.80 inches)

Block B – 177.4 (5 feet and 9.84 inches)

INFINITE – 177.8 (5 feet and 10.00 inches)


Twi-light – 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

Super Junior - 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

ZE:A - 178.2 (5 feet and 10.15 inches)

MBLAQ – 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

MYNAME - 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

SHINee - 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)

B.A.P – 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)


CHAOS - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

TOUCH – 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

BoM - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

M.I.B – 179.2 (5 feet and 10.55 inches)

B1A4 – 179.4 (5 feet and 10.62 inches)

HITT – 180.1 (5 feet and 10.90 inches)

U-KISS - 180.5 (5 feet and 11.06 inches)

AA - 180.6 (5 feet and 11.10 inches)

2PM – 180.8 (5 feet and 11.18 inches)


2AM – 181.1 (5 feet and 11.29 inches)

TVXQ - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)

SS501 - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)

CO-ED School (SPEED) – 182.6 (5 feet and 11.88 inches)

CNBLUE - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

Supernova – 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

FOCUS - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

X5 - 186.2 (6 feet and 1.30 inches)

Source: EVON
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Many are asking if it also includes Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun and I think it does because Yunho and Changmin's average height is 185 cm which is around 6ft. I calculated all five boys' heigh and it's 181^^


  1. YAY ~ DB5K average! <3

  2. Korean standard of tall height makes me laugh what's a joke I saw real koreans they're not that tall or that so called "good looking".

  3. they always add about 5 CM to their real height, that chart is ridiculous.

    Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are short in real life, no where near 1.80. they are around 1.74-76. anyone who says otherwise are fooling themselves LOL.
    but they are as good looking in real life though, regardless of their height ^^ like dolls!

  4. ^really so actually changmin is to 1.86 cm ?....but he seems very tall, cuz when u see him standing next others,, he look TALL O.O

  5. ^
    Yunho and Changmin are pretty tall in real life yes, but they are far from "giants" lol
    they have slender legs. maybe around .180 + a few cm i would say

  6. thank god... JYJ not "giants

  7. I think It's real poll coz the average height of TVXQ around 181 cm.
    YC 180
    JJ 180
    JS 178
    YH 184
    CM 186
    average :181.?? They have a good shape.^^

  8. @Anon 8:54 PM. I actually met Jaejoong and Junsu in real life before (Jaejoong twice, Junsu once). I'm CONFIRMED to be 175cm+ and Jaejoong was noticeably taller than me so I think that he really is 180cm. Junsu was pretty much around my height but I was wearing boots that lifted me a bit that day, so I'm guessing that he probably is 178 too. (Maybe 177..176.5?) + Yoochun's height is the same as Jaejoong (everywhere they go it's the same height), so I'm assuming he really is 180cm too.

    I saw Yunho and Changmin at the KBS Festival last year and they were on stage (ran into the VIP section and look pictures right in front of them when they were rehearsing)and they were TALL. But then again Yunho and Changmin are known to be actually tall. Yunho's definitely 180cm+ (maybe 182 or 183) and Changmin's profile says he's 188cm, but he's confirmed that he really is only 185cm.

  9. ^ are you for real? o_O

    im 1.81, girl btw, and i was standing next to Junsu in the elevator once, and he was shorter than me lol
    i haven't seen Jaejoong as close as Junsu, but when I saw them on stage, they were the same height

    they are NOT 1.80. if they were, Junsu would be as tall as me , and he wasn't

  10. Regarding the above discussion: I thought sometimes Jaejoong and Junsu have been said publicly to be 178/9? Which is at least 1+ inch shorter than 181cm.

    As far as Changmin and Yunho go, people not only in Asia, but Europe, North America, and Down Under have been surprised at how tall they were. And for those who already know their heights and probably have contact with men in the 6ft - 6'1" range, it doesn't make sense that they would be so shocked if they weren't that tall.

    P.S. Changmin's profile says 186 hardly ever 188. He said he thinks he's around 185 and Yunho said he was about 2cm shorter

  11. @Anon 3:34 AM. You just said you were 181. Junsu's said to be 178 (I think he's more 177 or so). Of course you're taller than him by a lot, it's a 1 to 2 inch difference. Junsu and Jae look about the same height sometimes but I think it's just their shoes or where they're standing because over majority of the time Junsu is clearly the shortest member meaning Jae is taller than Junsu by even the slightest bit.
    Like ^Anon said, 179 or 180 would be a very reasonable height for Jae. I was in an elevator with Jae, so I was very, VERY close to him, and it was very easy to tell that he was noticeably taller than me. He was definitely more than an inch taller, so I'm assuming it was 2 inches and 175 and 179/180 have a 2 inch difference.

  12. I met all the five boys too and I was a press so I met them through press conferences and once, a red carpet. I'm telling you that Changmin is REALLY tall. I can actually tell that Yunho was a little shorter. And I can testify that both Yoochun and Jaejoong are 180cm tall. Junsu is the shortest among them. This chart is pretty accurate, the average is 180-181.

  13. I like them tall Giants!!!!!

  14. Omg I'm sorry seeing you all " I've see them in person" and " they're all tall for real" please let's be real and unbiased for once. Changmin and Uknow are tall but not that tall or considered to be giants for American standard. I worked with people who are over 6ft and 7 ft. tall. I'm 5'2 Asian girl and I would know what 5'10 look like. JYJ does not look like 5'10 more like 5'6 or 5'7. There's nothing wrong if your biased is little short than their profiles. I'm short girl and love tall guys.

  15. well, this is Asia not America

  16. @Anon 11:59 AM. What is your comment saying?
    Our discussion was just confirming their heights. Not whether Yunho and Changmin are tall or not... And it's easier for a tall person to know what a 5'10 looks like compared to a short person. Because when you're 5'10, you'll know who definitely is 5'10 and who definitely isn't 5'10 because they're either shorter or taller than you. Being 5'2 just makes them all taller than you.
    And JYJ DEFINITELY is NOT 5'6 or 5'7. That's just being EXTREMELY over exaggerated. I'm 175 (5'9") and Jaejoong was very clearly taller than me. If he was 5'6 or 5'7, I'd completely look over his head. That's a beyond unreasonable estimate on their heights.

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhahaha. It doesn't matter they still short. Yao Ming is real tall giant and he's from China and that's in Asia. Now that what's you called tall giant. Korean tall giant like American average height. That's real truth.

  18. ^What are you going on about? I am so confused. The "Shortest -> Giant" in this post by netizens was just the names for the categories. It's not actually that the Korean's think 181cm people are giants.
    It would be stupid to have 5 sections and have it be named, "Shorter than shorter than shortest, Shorter than shortest, Shortest, Short, Average" so they just named the categories "Shortest, Short, Average, Tall, Giant" instead...

  19. Yunho and Changmin are either 6ft or taller.

  20. Both Changmin and Yunho appear really tall even when they are around Americans.

  21. Yunho is 6ft1 and Changmin 6ft2

  22. I agree with So

    anyways, this chart obviously includes JCS in TVXQ...cuz if it was just homin, then wow, they'd be #2!...haha...the 2 long legged model brothers=P

  23. In Asian standards, they are tall! No one is saying they really are giants and it doesn't matter if they are short or not. Seriously. I'm just saying that this chart is accurate and the average height of all members are accurrate.

    Jeez. Closing this thread!