Sunday, December 25, 2011

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 111225 Jaejoong Twitter Updates

Translated from bottom

Is everyone having a warm Christmas?

This year's (Christmas) tree is just that one..

And alone..

The depressed expression on the skeleton.. feels like it's looking at me when I run through there...

Eh...? What is this..

Let's take a closer look.. they're all elephants..;;

In the end, the elephants became the audience for my one-player soccer game...

This is how I spent my Christmas day.. Why is it that you don't see me..? Sweat pants with a loose t-shirt.. mm.. I will leave it up to your imagination~ Merry Christmas^^

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translation by: Ryuinnie+12262003 @
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[PHOTO] Tohoshinki on the Cover of AERA Magazine

Credits: BaiduMAX
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[PHOTOS] 111224 HoMin - Gimpo Airport Part 2

Credits: As tagged
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