Monday, January 23, 2012

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Happy New Year~^^
Junho also tweeted the same picture

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Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun, who are both singer cum actors, will be facing off directly in Wednesday-Thursday dramas in March.

Lee Seung Gi will be appearing in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “The King” together with Ha Ji-Won, a story about a fictitious monarchy that rules South Korea, and a satirical love story that unfolds between the “South Korean Prince” Lee Jae-ha and the North Korean special forces’ “Legendary Female Trainer” Kim Hang-ah.

On the other side, Park Yoochun will be working with Han Jimin, as the male lead for the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Attic Prince.” This drama is about the crown prince of the chosun dynasty Lee Gak, who loses his beloved princess then travels with his consorts 300 years into the future to the modern day Seoul, to continue his unrealised romance from the past,s a fantasy-romantic comedy.

Park Yoochun, who is playing the crown prince is once again playing a role in a period drama after his debut project “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” which received a lot of love. Since the crown prince moves from the past to modern times, you will naturally be able to see his modern-day charm in this drama as well. This drama will show many comical moments of how the crown prince tries to adapt to the modern day, and develop a different type of time-travel romance.

“The King” will be broadcast after “The moon that embraces the sun”, while “Attic Prince” will play after “Please take care of us, Captain.” Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun, who are both playing “princes” will be facing off directly in these two broadcast stations’ Wednesday-Thursday drama slots.

Whether Lee Seung Gi or Park Yoochun will triumph in the early part of Spring (in March), is something worth looking out for.

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2012,the Year of Black Dragon !All of Black Smith’s customers vigorous just like the dragon!!

Receive our strength and be strong! Be healthy! May what you wish for come true! Please love us more^^; Happy New Year~

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jaejoongie Himchanie Ganghoo-hyung haha

Himchanie Jaejoongie Ganghoo-hyung

Jaejoong had won, Sanggonie-hyung K.O

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Heading back to Japan

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