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TRANS: Can't wear this jeans because it's too long

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A documentary movie, featuring JYJ’s everyday life, will officially hit theaters soon.

On January 19, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “JYJ’s documentary will be released in theaters. The Day is a Valentine’s Day present for fans and this is a perfect version of the JYJ story.”

JYJ has been meeting their fans with a variety of contents, which include their honest stories. JYJ members wrote essays and songs and released them as a music essay, which has become a bestseller. They also held their world tour photo exhibition at a gallery in Insa-dong.

The 90 minute movie will feature the three men’s honest life, including, their everyday life, dreams, friendships, and happiness.

The agency says, “JYJ members provided audio commentary for the movie. They recently recorded the movie harmoniously with lots of laughter. Since we held a sweet fan meeting for White Day last year, JYJ will also meet their fans at several theaters in Korea for Valentine’s Day.”

JYJ says, “We are happy to release our movie for fans. When we were recording commentaries for the movie, we realized that we smile a lot. The movie features us as ourselves and our true friendship. We hope that the movie will give our fans happy and special memories.”

The Day will be released on February 9 in roughly 20 theaters in Korea.

Tickets for JYJ’s South American tour, which they will start in March, sold out in only one minute and drew a lot of attention.

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Celebrating Lunar New year & JJ's dad birthday

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Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪ This year, please take care of us as well!
Today is the first day of the “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” at Yokohama Arena! The tour has finally started! It’s been a while since the 2 members did a live tour, so the members are really spirited. Today, the two men have been absorbed in their rehearsals.

From now on as well, for the period of the tour, we will be introducing various happenings from the waiting room, the stage etc. Please enjoy♪

The first photograph is the monument towering in front of the stadium that introduces the “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” Goods!

And the second picture is of the tour trucks for these concerts!

From now on, they will be going around the various tour locations! If you are nearby, please check it out, okay! We look forward to being able to meet you♪

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They sang so many of the familiar old songs, High Time, Mirotic, Tokiwo Tomete, BREAK OUT!, Rising Sun, Summer Dream, Somebody To Love, (sorry, not in the set list order xD), in all full lyrics, all in Japanese. They have picked out all the songs from all the full 4 albums + one best album that the 5 members have released in Japan. And, today, they also have sung the songs that were recorded by the five, but left untouched, as Tokiwo Tomete and BREAK OUT! When BREAK OUT! and Tokiwo Tomete was officially released in the early days of 2009, I thought I'd never be able to hear the song live. But thanks to Yunho and Changmin, the old songs was brought back to life, and with a new taste, the songs that I love and tender so much.
I thought they should have practiced a lot, in order to sing and perfectly perform all the old songs by just the two members, and in Japanese. I was in tears. (cr: yunhosmiley)

For the solo. Please forgive me, I'm a Yunho fan, so would like to focus on just Yunho xDD
Yunho's "Honey Funny Bunny", all in Japanese lyrics, was super cool and also very cute. His costume was brown (?) velvet like jacket and pants, with a black shirt inside. Only Yunho can stylishly wear those kinds of unusual (?) design clothes xD

The dance of the HFB was so light, yet so hot. sorry, cannnot explain in english words now, my brains are still overheated and excited from all that 2 hours and 45 minutes performance xDD

I love Yunho's light brown hair color! And it was in the Japanese style, so stylish, you can really see his beautiful and handsome profile. Yunho was full of energy all through the performance, I think I saw his doya (smug looking) face about 50 times this evening xDD I was happy that I could see Yunho running around the stage, yes, the stage is where he really belongs.(cr: yunhosmiley)

Have to talk about Changmin xDD I thought Changmin's vocal skills really improved, he's really a wonderful singer! In Tokiwo Tomete, I think it was the note before the last, he extended the note, put in a long pause, and than sang the last note. (It was just like how Junsu was singing Asuwa Kurukara during the T concert.) It was so expressive, beautiful, and professional.

I think Changmin is trying to sing in a soft voice these days. I think his voice now includes a romantic spice (sorry, dunno the correct english word, too lazy now to check it up xD), which I find so charming and also relieving.(cr: yunhosmiley)

It was the first time I heard directly from their own mouth saying that the most impressive thing after they resumed their activities was the SM Town Seoul. They also thanked us for waiting for them for so long, even during the days when they could not be active. They said "Thanks to everyone, we Tohoshinki are standing here". I was happy that at last they could speak about this issue even in Japanese, because I know that they should have overcome the past enough to speak about it in a foreign language.

They were saying that they were longing to hold a live concert, and that they are happy when they are on stage. They also said they will do their best in the future, too. They are always so sincere.

Watching Yunho and Changmin perform tonight, I thought they really wanted to hold a live concert, and in order to make the dream come true, they were working hard in this one year so that they could secure a firm foothold. And tonight's performance was the completion of their works. Watching them tonight, I could see that they are firmly walking step by step on their own road.(cr: yunhosmiley)

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While the ending music plays, I heard whoops of joy at the success of the show from the backstage. I was moved to tears. Thanks Tohoshinki. (cr: @anco4055)

The 1st day of TONE Yokohama→In the middle of the MC part, Changmin said “If you already have received the gratitude and love from Tohoshinki, you can go home now”. He is invincible.(cr: @emu331)

They announced their upcoming release of a new song “STILL” for March 14, 2012. They said it's a "white day" gift from Tohoshinki to fans (^^) The release date was decided today and their manager told them not to tell the audience that it was decided today. But Changmin gave it away LOL. (cr: @roseaki)

In the ending, Yunho and Chanming said “You guys are the reason Tohoshinki exists. Thank you so much” and bowed deep and long (/ _ ; ) (cr: @roseaki)

Yunho seemed to hear the voice of a man and said to Changmin in excitement "A man said 'Noooo!!!! (Not move on to the next song yet)'". Then Changmin said nonchalantly “Don’t worry. He is not here and cannot beat us” LOL (cr: @homin2618)

After the talk, Changmin went to get water, panting. Yunho talked a little during that time and then said to Changmin "Oh, Welcome back!". Fans "Welcome back!". Changmin wanted to talk, but lifted the water bottle to his lips LOL. Changmin “I lifted the water bottle instead of the microphon….. ” Too cute!!! (cr: @yuchan1101412)

They said that they visited various foreign countries last year. YH “We came to Japan too, but Japan is not a foreign country to me.” Fans “Kyaaaaaa”. Homin “And else? (Do you know where else we went?)” Fans “Sydney! (buzz-buzz)” CM “What?” Fans “sdnsd…(buzz-buzz)” CM “What? I should pick someone.” Fans “Kyaaaaa!!.” CM “Bettter not”. LOL (cr: @yuchan1101412)

CM “I want you guys to hear the next song soon, so probably I will cut the talk short”. Fans “Eeeee!!” CM “Well, should we talk long?” YH “(sat down) Why don’t you sit down?” CM “Why?” YH “We talk long right?” CM “No, not so long.”
Then Changmin almost sat on Yunho’s lap, and then Yunho patted Changmin on the butt LOL. A short time later, Changmin said “You touched my butt!” YH “hahahahahaha.” Of course, Changmin didn’t forget. (cr: @yuchan1101412)

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Note: This is just a rough trans from Chinese, it’s not the full lyrics
There are some parts which are not clear, so Kouki only translated the parts she was certain of in Chinese

Once again, supporting each other.
Once again, smiling brightly .
If we reunite in this place again.

I can’t hear your voice.
I can’t call your name.
But if we meet in our dreams,
I will hug you tightly.
But I cannot say that I love you.
More painful, more sad.
Painful love.

I can’t lean on your shoulders,
I can’t keep looking at you.
But if we meet in our dreams,
I will kiss you with (all) my strength.
I cannot forget you till forever.
I will always stay like this.
The harder it is, the more I’ll love you.
Painful Love.

Now, I pray for your happiness everyday.
You are still in my heart.
Still in my heart.

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Yoochun, who showed his great potential as an actor in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, created a commotion with the selection of his next project “Miss Ripley.” Challenging an adult romance which is very different from his previous work, Yoochun showed delicate emotional acting, and the “making of” video clips full of talent and charm will be on sale.

Differing in appearance from the period piece “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” , Yoochun shows a more natural cool style and captures the hearts of the fans. From his mischievous ways in front of the staff and co-actors, to his nervousness as he focuses his energies before the shoot, (this video) is filled with various expressions of Yoochun that cannot be found in the actual show. Also, there are “backstage” comments from Yoochun, who speaks during the breaks in filming.

Aside from Yoochun, (the show features) Kim Sung Woo, who showed overflowing charisma in his acting in “Iris”, Lee Da Hae, who has had many hit dramas such as “Chuno”, and actress Kang Hye Jung, who has been active in movies. With such a strong cast of actors gathered on set, the atmosphere was surprisingly congenial!

As a result of the harmonious atmosphere on the set, Yoochun was able to become closer to the other actors, who were older that him. He showed cute sides of him that were different from when he was overflowing with nervousness, allowing people to see his “frank humour”.

Drawing its inspiration from the suspense novel bestseller series, “Ripley”, this work depicts human nature which revolves around a continuous chain of lies and desires. The overwhelming professionalism of the actors is also shown – how they switch from serious, when they act out thrilling scenes of lying or being lied to, to their natural sides in the offshoot.

In particular, the camera, which focuses mainly on Yoochun, shows scenes from his comments, to him drawing portraits of the staff, to him signing for his fans, making the honest side of Yoochun available to everyone. Fans will not be able to resist seeing scenes such as (Yoochun) receiving guidance from the trainers during the training and swimming scenes that are featured in this volume. Also, Yoochun’s comments throughout filming breaks are also recorded.

We are glad to be able to know the true feelings of Yoochun as an actor, who says he realised the joy of acting through this work. Contrary to the theme of “lies” that is presented (in the drama), this volume is rich with content of Yoochun’s “frankness”.

◆DVD Information
Released 21 March 2012
Price : 7,000 yen each (Tax Inclusive) – 2 dics per vol.
Distributed by : Pony Canyon

Song Yoohyun / Yutaka – Yoochun (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal”)
Jang Miri – Lee Da Hae (“Chuno”, “East of Eden”, “Robber”)
Jang Myung Hoon – Kim Seung Woo (“Iris”, “Hotelier”, “Into the Fire”)
Moon Hui Joo – Kang Hye Jung (“Old Boy”, “Welcome to Dongmakgol”)

◆ DVD Contents
★Vol.1 <260 min. recorded>
★Vol.2 <260 min. recorded>

Source: [K Star News]
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New song titled 'Still'. To be release on White Day (14 March)

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