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JYJ’s popularity is shaking up Mexico.

Videos of gatherings amongst the local fans, who are hoping for JYJ to hold a concert in Mexico, that were released on Youtube and other websites are drawing much attention.

In the additional photos that were released, the fans are seen gathered together in rows, wearing red t-shirts and holding banners with the Korean words “Please make sure to visit Mexico,” written on them.

On another note, JYJ became the first singers to hold a solo concert in Barcelona, Spain last October.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong is raising a leopard in place of a pet dog?

On the 16th, Jaejoong posted a photo of himself via his Twitter account. In the photo, Jaejoong is dressed in leopard-print pajamas and is lying on the floor, looking at a photo frame that is propped up against a wall.

Seeing the photos, netizens left comments such as, “Oppa, you’re really from the 4th dimension. Not a pet dog, but a leopard,” “At first I couldn’t tell what it was until I saw the feet and realised it was you, oppa. Show us your face too,” and “What are you looking at? The leopard’s pose is quite sexy.”

Meanwhile, after making his debut as an actor through SBS’s “Protect The Boss” last year, Kim Jaejoong will be partaking in JYJ’s concerts in Chile and Peru this March.

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Singing some parts of 'W' & 'Itsu Datte Kimi'
Solo perf

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It’s being reported that actress Moon Chae Won is reviewing a casting offer from SBS‘s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

The drama already made headlines after it was revealed that JYJ‘s Yoochun would be starring as the male lead. Moon Chae Won’s agency had stated, “The script was received three days ago and is currently being reviewed.”

While her representatives avoided a direct answer, they did say, “The script is excellent and it’s been put up for consideration.”

The casting offer drew great excitement from drama fans, since Yoochun and Moon Chae Won were both excellent in their respective historical dramas. Moon Chae Won especially has been considered to be the ‘blue chip’ of historical projects recently, thanks to her great performances 2011′s ‘Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon’ and ‘The Princess’ Man’.

“Rooftop Prince” is romantic fantasy drama about a Joseon dynasty prince who lost his princess. 300 years into the future, the prince and his subjects are reborn into the 21st century in Seoul, where he aims to complete his unfinished love in this lifetime.

This drama is aiming for a broadcast date of March 14th, right after the conclusion of ‘Please Take Care of Us, Captain’.

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A fan who works at Incheon airport met Yoochun today when he was leaving for South Ameria. She got his signature and said that Yoochun was very warm (as in very nice xD), his voice was so sexy, and it seemed that he didn’t shave, she could see his beard (LOL) and that she was very happy that she could meet Yoochun ^^.

In her latter tweets, she said that maybe because his manager was too scary, noone approached him to ask for his signature. But when he was signing for her, everyone around was taking pictures (LOL). And she didn’t see Jaejoong and Junsu anywhere.

(This comes fron a fan on Weibo: She heard that Chun would go to South America early to survey the market 0____o. And he did!)

Note: Can't confirm whether Yoochun is heading to South America or not.

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The recognized strength that can shake the heaven and earth!! / JaeWon sang(Mr/Sshi) keep it up!!

Note: Cap was tweeted by Famous_Jae (SM choreographer/dancer). Is this account really Changmin's account? So far it looks like it. If anyone can confirm or negate this please do tell.

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Duty free shop Lotte Duty Free created a delightful meeting JYJ and their Japanese fans.

On 14 January, at the Dom Art Hall, Lotte Duty Free held the “2012 Lotte Duty Free JYJ in STAR AVENUE” Fan meeting.

Regardless of the cold weather, 2,000 Japanese fans from all over Japan came to Korea to attend this fanmeeting.

“Enter-tour-ment Marketing” is the Korean tourism buisness developed by Lotte Duty Free, combining “Tour” with “Entertainment”, holding hallyu star fan meets and concerts in Korea, a market strategy to attract foreigners to Korea.

Lotte Duty Free’s PR representative Kim Ju Nam said, “Enter-tour-ment Marketing is a strategy in which we heighten the image of Korea in the minds of foreigners by utilizing hallyu stars, and to stimulate the travel industry via shopping, lodging and various tourism industries. 2,000 fans came for this JYJ fanmeeting, and with the upcoming Kim Hyunjoong (Fanmeeting) on 21 January, as well as Jang Geun Suk and Big Bang on 28 January, we expect a total of 7,000 Japanese coming to Korea.”

This fanmeeting which was held on 14 January kicked off with the JYJ Lotte Duty Free promotional video “So I’m Loving You, then followed up with a talk show, mini concert, and a letter of thanks. JYJ performed their hit songs “Get Out,” “In Heaven” and others, their sophisticated choreography drawing passionate cheers from the fans.

Furthermore, there were special events such as a lucky draw in which JYJ gave away their personal items such as jackets and sweaters. This draw was done by selecting seat numbers, and the selected fan would go straight on stage to receive their present as well as take a commemorative photograph. Also, during the talk show, a surprise party was held to celebrate the birthdays of Kim Junsu(1 January) and Kim Jaejoong (26 January).

This 3-hour fanmeeting ended with JYJ’s thank you letters. JYJ read out these letters personally, to thank their fans who came to Korea.

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After two long years of preparation, TVXQ has kicked off the long-awaited “TVXQ Asia Fan Party.” From Singapore to Shanghai, then to Taiwan, TVXQ brought exciting performances to the fans. Let us look back at the exciting moments from the fan party.


Q: What are your afterthoughts on appearing at the Asia Fan Parties?

Changmin : The fans gave us so much support, and I’m really thankful to everybody. This makes me want to come back to China to meet with everyone again.
Yunho : I’m really happy to be able to see so many of our Chinese fans, everyone was really supportive and interactive, it made me very happy. We have to meet again!

Q: You had a grand comeback this year, your album quickly reaching the top of the various Korean album charts, and in Japan your single “Winter Rose” also did very well on the Oricon daily rankings, did you ever think about trying to sing Chinese songs?

Changmin : If I had the opportunity, I would like to learn Chinese properly, then sing in Chinese. Especially since there are many beautiful tones in the Chinese pronunciation, I like it very much.
Yunho : We previously sang Chinese versions for a few of our title tracks, and if there is a chance, I would love to challenge singing in Chinese.

Q: What plans do you have after the Fan Party, and when will you return to China?

Changmin : We will be attending a few awards shows, then start working on the upcoming nationwide tour in Japan. We will bring our new songs and new stage performances back here to see everyone, so please wait for us.
Yunho : Following this, we will be preparing for our concert tour, and I hope that we can meet everyone again with a new album. If there is a chance, we will definitely come back to China, so everyone, you have to wait for us!

Q: What are your necessity items you bring when you go out, that can help show your fashion style?

Changmin : iPad, Wallet. Recently I’ve been using scarves as my fashion accessory.
Yunho : I prefer large bags, and I will carry a backpack that matches my clothes to show my fashion style.

Q: What do you do when you’re not working?

Changmin : Listen to music, watch movies, drive around, take a walk, or have a simple gathering with friends.
Yunho : Playing games, bowling, or snowboarding.

Q: Please introduce to our readers places in Korea that they must go to, for good food that they must try!

Changmin : There are a lot of good ddukbokki shops in Sindang-dong, I recommend that everybody go there.
Yunho : Nami-do. I go there sometimes as well, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s a great place to go for a walk. Also, the chicken cutlets there are really good, I want to recommend it to everyone.

Q: What is your ideal partner like?

Changmin : An adorable, cheerful girl. If she could have even more charms, that would be better. Am I being a little greedy?! (Laughs)
Yunho : Cheerful, a filial girl. Most importantly, someone who can trust me no matter what the situation is.

Q: Are there any Chinese artists that you really admire?

Changmin : Fan Bingbing (T/N : Chinese Actress and Singer)
Yunho : Wang Lee Hom (T/N : American-Born Taiwanese Singer/Actor)

Q: What is your first impression of China?

Changmin : Before coming to China, I would always see it on TV, and I find everything about it fascinating.
Yunho : It’s very big, and the night scenery in Shanghai is very beautiful. What left the deepest impression on me is the image of our fans who are passionately supporting us.

Q: Is there anything that each of you would like to say to your fans?

Changmin : Thank you everyone for supporting us so much. I think we will be able to come to China often from now, and I hope that you can continue to love TVXQ! (Laughs)
Yunho : I’m especially thankful to the fans who have always been at our side, and sometimes I feel very sorry to everybody because of this too. The fans always believe in us, and I’m really thankful! I hope that everyone can be happy no matter what you are doing, and TVXQ will come back with an even better image to meet with you again!

Message from Changmin

I hope that everyone has a great ending to 2011! Thank you for supporting TVXQ always. Xiexie^^ (T/N: “Thank you” in Chinese) Stay Healthy! Happy New Year^__^

Message from Yunho

There are only a few days left to 2011…. I hope that 2011 bears many happy memories for everyone… In 2012, let’s create many good memories as well together with TVXQ! Thank you everyone for being on our side all the time and cheering us on…Thank you. You have to stay with us in the future as well! Then, let’s all work hard together! I love you, China~

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According to Culture Publishers, the “Miss Ripley ”will be available for rent on 25 January, and on sale 3 February. Lead actor Yoochun won the “Male Best Newcomer award in a Mini-Series” at last year’s “MBC Drama Awards”!

A story whose theme is about “lies,” “Miss Ripley” is tumultuous, mature love story. In preparation of the release of this “No Cut” Complete DVD, as the fans’ anticipation continue to rise, Culture Publishers introduces the lead character who is not only active as a singer, the “Charm of Actor Yoochun” in “Miss Ripley.”

★1★Yoochun’s “Crescent Moon Smile”

In the drama, Yoochun plays a gentle and extremely charismatic youth, the heir to an international resorts group, Song Yoohyun. In the Korean broadcast last June, he showed a 100% passion for the role, with a gentle “crescent moon smile,” and Yoochun’s acting was top-notch, becoming a hot topic among the viewers.

Also, when there were NGs, we wonder if Yoochun had been using every single facial muscle to control his laughter, as he would start laughing, leading to an explosion of laughter on set. People at the shoot said that at the shooting location, it was thanks to the maknae Yoochun and his friendly and blissful “cute” expressions that created a harmonious atmosphere on the set of “Miss Ripley.”

★2★ Yoochun is trilingual! Speaks fluently in three languages

As his character Yoohyun has a Japanese mother, he grew up in Japan, and is a chaebol who is fluent in Japanese, and Yoochun displayed his fluent Japanese right from the first episode. (The airport scene in the first episode.) Following that, in the second episode at Yoohyun’s director appointment ceremony, he does a speech in fluent English, displaying his “quiet charisma” as a new type of chaebol.

Yoochun not only possesses the ability to speak fluent Japanese which was honed during his years of activity in Japan as a singer, but had migrated to America in elementary grade 6 due to his father’s work commitments, and stayed till the second year of high school, enabling him to speak English well. He is utilizes his trilingual skill, and effectively acts out the role of this gentle yet quietly charismatic chaebol, Song Yoohyun.

★3★ “Praises” for his emotional crying scene

In the fifth episode, his acting in the crying scene as he recalls memories of his late mother also received great praise when it was aired in Korea. Yoochun’s character Yoohyun has a great longing for his mother, who passed away when he was still a young child.

The staff said that Yoohyun, who holds a bouquet of flowers as he visits his mother’s grave, recalls some fond memories of his time with his mother as a child, and is so involved in his emotions that he cries in the scene. Yoochun first got into the emotion of the character, and did not even make a single NG, and in that moment showed very emotional acting as he cried for the scene.

★4★ In the second half where Miri’s secrets are exposed, the sudden change in Yoohyun

Yoohyun is completely different from the first half where he was the hopeless romantic blindly in love with Miri, and as he sees the true face of Miri, Yoohyun’s expressions, and character makes a sudden turn. His eyes show a deeper meaning, and a dark, unreadable expression brings to the viewers a tense feeling without saying a word.

The drama’s online messageboard was filled with comments such as “It seems like he is trying so hard to suppress his feelings, and could explode at any moment, it’s a little scary,” “It’s especially scary because he is hiding his emotions and calming searching (for answers),” “Song Yoohyun, his eyes, his acting from within is so good it gives me the chills” and other messages.

◆ “Miss Ripley

Vol. 1~8 (Total 8 volumes) 25 January Rental Starts (Only at TSUTAYA)
3 February TSUTAYA Original Complete DVD-BOX ¥30,240 (Tax Inclusive)
Normal Version DVD-BOX 1 & 2, Each ¥15,120 (Tax Inclusive)
Produced by : Culture Publishers
Distribution for Normal Edition : SPO
(c)2011 CURTAINCALL MEDIA CO.,LTD. & C-JeS Entertainment Co.,Ltd

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The picture collage is from Hero Festival ^^

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Group JYJ’s popularity in South America has once again been proven. JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment announced on 15 January that “The 5,000 seats for the South American concert tour on 11th March sold over 80% of the tickets, and in fact the first round of tickets are sold out. “

Peru’s influential paper “El Comercio” reported this amazing news with the title “Not Justin Bieber, Not Miley Cyrus: Korean Band Breaks Peru’s Ticket Sales Records.” In the article, they reported that “Without being mentioned on the radio, and never having appeared on television programs such as MTV, and their albums are not sold in Peru, yet they have created a new record in our country. Their fans got together and created a record of buying half the total number of tickets within 30 minutes for this concert , a proof of their popularity.”

The main organisers of the Latin America concerts said that “The first round of tickets for the Chile and Peru concerts were sold out within three days. Aside from popular American artists, it is rarely possible for others ‘ concerts to sell out in South America. The current situation has already shocked the Latin American locals. The popularity of JYJ among the locals is amazing.”

In this Peru concert, seat categories are named with the title tracks of “The Beginning” such as “Be the One” and “Be my Girl,” as well as other album titles. The passionate Peruvian fans camped out the day before tickets went on sale so that they could buy the “In Heaven” VIP section tickets.

The JYJ Latin American concerts, which has been receiving a great response since it was announced, will be held on 9 and 11 March. The first concert will be at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile, which is the stadium where heavy metal band Korn and X Japan had previously performed. They will then perform at Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru on 11 March, which is where Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas and Avril Lavigne performed.

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Cute Joong...Hyeona.. Our Hyeona... Oh yeah~~ Hyeona is still learning to speak.. This is her first time taking photos. Uncle checks if it was well taken... Repeatedly... Uncle took photo with Hyeona but as expected Joongie is checking if it was nice. Both are so cute hahaha...

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Jaejoong answers to the 5th Hero Festival question

What exercise do you do?
I haven’t been exercising lately

What is your current weight?
Around 63kg

What time do you go to sleep?
It’s different each day

What’s the name of the book you recently read?
You know it

Have your English improved?
I can do more than just introduction

In December, how many song have you composed?
5 songs

How is you acting studies getting on?
I have not started

What role do you want to play?

What is your opinion on Suguk? (T/N: Historical drama)
I don’t know much of it

Tree vs Snowy field?
I like both

What’s the ringtone you use now?
Pi ri ri ri ring

What song do you listen to lately?

What’s your charm?
That’s difficult to answer

Chains vs Boots?
I like both

What is the advantage of twitter?
Freedom of expression. The way leading to an uproar (T/N: Not too sure about the 2nd half)

How’s the Hero Festival?
Haven’t seen it. But, thank you.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Let us live well together

Do you love us?

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