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Tohoshinki ranked at #7 with 4 million yen in the male artist list

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Group JYJ was recently reported in Chicago Sun-Times for the first time as a Korean singer.

On January 9 (Local time), the newspaper reported on JYJ and Kanye West and said that they previously worked together.

Kanye West drew a lot of attention because he was featured in JYJ’s song “Ayyy Girl” from their worldwide album The Beginning.

JYJ was also reported in the British newspaper Guardian on December 29 of last year. The said, “Kanye West recently worked with K-pop trio JYJ.”

People responded: “JYJ is the best.” “JYJ is going into the world.” “JYJ is acknowledged more in the world.” “I’m eagerly anticipating their next album.”

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Yunho: It’s only next week! Shouldn’t have forgotten about it right!!
Changmin: Heart thumping~ One more week ^^ Await~ing

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TVXQ has been chosen as the most active Kpop artists in Japan for 2011.

Japan’s Oricon recently released an article with the title “An Introduction to the most active Korean artists in 2011” and selected TVXQ as the most active K-pop stars. Coming back as a 2-member group, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin have shown powerful performances that captured the attention of the viewers. Their single “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” sold over 230,000 copies in its first week, a highly popular group.

Oricon also picked TVXQ’s single “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” as the “Best K-pop Single/Album of 2011”

(Concert tour information omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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A representative of JYJ has asserted that member Junsu is not constructing a hotel on Jeju Island.

Reports have been going around stating that Junsu is on his way to becoming an entrepreneur by constructing a hotel in Jeju Island.

The representative explained that those reports are false, and that “Junsu has no relations to his father’s plans on opening a hotel business in Jeju Island. This entrepreneurial plan is under Junsu’s father, not Junsu himself.”

He continued, “Junsu barely has enough time to keep up with his main career as an entertainer.”

Aside from his work with JYJ, Junsu is preparing for his upcoming musical “Elizabeth“, which is scheduled to begin on February 8th. Since Junsu is required to exude a masculine image on stage, he has been spending his days in the gym and nights working on music.

In related news, JYJ will be the first Korean artist to hold solo concerts in South America with concerts in Peru and Chile on March 9th and 11th.

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JYJ’s Junsu is creating a hotel on Jeju Island with his father! Currently they have received the authorization to begin construction. While they are preparing for construction they are currently gaining more investment.

The hotel will be a resort that has two swimming pools and one VIP building. Fans posted pictures of the resort on the internet.

A representative stated, “Junsu is very busy because of his schedule and JYJ activities. His father has experience in business relations and will take over the management of the hotel. Junsu’s father is also the one who is named as the owner of the business.”

The representative spoke about the reason why Junsu and his father decided to embark on the hotel business, “Junsu was on a Jeju Island trip and saw a lot of foreign travelers. They realized that there was potential in the hotel business. An year ago they have been planning this business venture.”

Currently Junsu will begin appearing in the musical “Elizabeth” beginning from Feburary 8.

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun sent his New Year greetings dressed in a Hanbok.

On the 12th, a photo of Park Yoochun, who is currently endorsing Ottogi’s new product, “GisMyun”, was uploaded on Ottogi’s official Facebook page.

The photos revealed show Park Yoochun dressed in a Hanbok with purple Paji (T/N: traditional pants) and a sky blue Cheogori (T/N: traditional shirt/coat), with his hands held together, and showing a flower-like smile.

Seeing the photos, netizens responded with, “He could get married (like this)”, “His smiling face is like a sculpture”, “I want to bring him to my home this Lunar New Year”, among other responses.

On another note, Ottogi’s GisMyun sold more than 800,000 packets within a month from its release, and was released in new 105g and 62g packagings on 15th Dec, clearly demonstrating the “Park Yoochun effect”.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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Guess what are they doing~~ JYJ is preparing something special for fans and it’s coming soon..! Yay!

Source: JYJ's Official FB
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Eligibility period: 11th January – 20th January 2012

Procedure: To purchase Ottogi Chicken Instant Noodles through Ottogi Mall during the eligibility period and to apply as a member.

No. of participants: Total of 20
Announcement date for winners: 25th January 2012
Fansign Event Date and Time: 4pm, 27th January 2012
Fansign Event Venue: Hanaro-club at Yangjae, Seoul


From Ottogi twitter:

The fansign event is estimated to be 100minutes and there would be another 50 participants joining from another event. Of course I wish that we could invite everyone but if there are too many people for the autograph session, wouldn’t Yoochun-goon’s arm be painful? ^^ Please kindly forgive us for not being able to accommodate so many people.

source: ottogimall+ ottogi twitter
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By arranging the 3 primary colours, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow, the concept of “The Charms Of The Various ‘TONE’s Of Tohoshinki” has been expressed in the goods.

Light Stick ¥1,000
The “master item” to create the Red Ocean.
※The design is different from the penlights that come with the concert tickets.

T-Shirt (S/M/L) ¥3,000

Sports Towel (Yellow/Cyan) ¥2,500 yen
If you pair this with the red t-shirt, you have a complete set of all 3 primary colours! Jacquard weaved towel with lots of volume.

Strap (Magenta/Yellow/Cyan) ¥1,500 yen
Handphone straps with charms knotted into the suede straps. Each of the 3 types are decorated with logos of different motifs. The round charm is the same for all 3.

Take-Out Bag ¥900
Large-sized bag that is able to store many items. Definitely noticable in train stations or on the streets.

Opera Glasses (with pouch) ¥1,500
3x magnification increases the feeling of being at the venue! Comes conveniently in a pouch.

YOKU MOKU Petit Cigare Cookie ¥1,600
A collaboration item with the famous Western-style confectionary shop which has a standalone store along the streets of Ometesando! 8 of these mini sized cigare cookies are included with the original canister.

Tour Pamphlet ¥3,500
Divided into 6 scenes of different emotional “TONE”s, each with the charms of different expressions and clothing, a luxury edition with a total of 72 pages.

B2 Poster (2 in a Set) ¥1,000
These are posters using images that are not included in the pamphlet.

Ring Notebooks (3 in a set, with Penholder) ¥2,000
Notebooks with the jacket covers for the album “TONE”! The penholder makes it easy to bring a pen together with it. There are 100 pages (50 sheets) inside.
※ A ballpen is not included with the product. Also, the penholder an item exclusive to the concert locations.

Miniature Truck (Simple Version) ¥1,600

Miniature Truck (Color Version) ¥1,600
A minature version of the premium trailer that actually went around the city! If you open the roof of it, you can put small items inside.

Reversible mini tote bag ¥2,000
When the red, blue and yellow checkered patterns are turned inside out, it quickly becomes a chic black bag with gold embroidery. Enjoy this one item, two ways.
※ The position of the checkered print design differs from item to item.

Pouch ¥1,600
A checkered print in fleece material together with a metal plate gives a high quality feel. It can be used for many things such as make-up tools or a pencilcase.
※ The position of the checkered print design differs from item to item.

Oversized Stole ¥3,000
You can wrap this red, blue and yellow checkered “TONE” around you even on normal days, a big-sized and warm stole.

Emblem Patch (2 in a Set)¥800
Make your own clothes and other items a “TONE” item! These are iron-on types (of patches).
※ Depending on the materials, there will be items that this cannot be affixed to.

Beaded Bracelet (Total of 3 kinds, Includes Photo Sticker)¥500
With three different colors of bracelets randomly placed into the packages, you will enjoy opening it to find out what type you get. The photo sticker will use images that are not used in the pamphlet and B2 poster. The artist name and tour name are engraved into the charms, and there will be a total of 3 types.
※ The bracelet, photo sticker and design cannot be selected.

Venue-exclusive Ballpen ¥300
Each venue gets a different combination, and the concert dates and venues are printed on this black ink ballpen.
※ Please note that these are limited in each location, and each person can only purchase up to 3 of these pens at each concert.

Bigeast exclusive Jumbo towel ¥3,500
The jumbo towel sold in the Bigeast Official Shop. Only fanclub members can purchase this item at the locations.

(Other details omitted)

Source : [Tohoshinki Official Site]
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JYJ는 무엇을 하는 중일까요? 팬들을 위한 무언가를 준비중입니다. 많은 기대 부탁드려요!! (오늘 오랜만에 만난 멤버들은 정글의 법칙에 대한 수다에 웃음꽃을 피웠답니다.^^)
Guess what are they doing~~ JYJ is preparing something special for fans and it's coming soon..! yay!

Source: JYJ Official FB
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