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Through a telephone interview, Park Yoochun's agency expressed, "At present, it isn't confirmed that he will act in 'Attic Prince' and we have not even had a meeting with the production team yet. Of course this is a good thing, but right now, we are still discussing it and have not made a decision yet."

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Today is Young Ki-hyung's birthday!!!^^ Everyone please send him your wishes~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ㅎ

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JYJ’s Yoochun is expected to make his TV drama comeback in March through SBS “Attic Prince.” It would be his third TV drama appearance and first since MBC “Miss Ripley,” which ended last July.

“We’re positively considering Park Yoochun as the lead role for ‘Attic Prince.’ We haven’t signed any contracts yet, but we’ve verbally committed to it,” multiple sources have told Star News.

If Yoochun does pick up this role, he would become one of the very few actors to be cast in dramas of all three major broadcasters. In 2010, he appeared in KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and last year played a major role in MBC “Miss Ripley.”

In “Attic Prince,” Yoochun will play a prince from the Chosun dynasty who time travels 300 years ahead to meet with a girl that resembles the crown princess. The script is written by Lee Hee Myung, whose previous work includes SBS dramas “Mr. Q” and “Tomato,” and will be directed by Shin Yoon Sup, who produced SBS drama “KAIST."

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I hope he takes it! The plot is so interesting!!
Last January, Tohoshinki restarted their group activities as a duo, putting an end to their hiatus, which started in 2010. Yunho (25 yr) and Changmin (23 yr) have been working at full power in spite of about a year absence. Finally in 2012, they are going on their nationwide concert tour, which will draw the largest audience (450,000) in the TVXQ history. They will also conduct Tokyo Dome concerts for the first time since July 2009. The two members were agreed to be interviewed by Nikkan Sports and conveyed their determination for the new year.

Last year, Tohoshinki returned to the Japanese music scene with their first single after the hiatus “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”, which hit the No.1 spot in the oricon chart. Also they won the Japan Record Excellence Award and appeared on the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen after a two-year absence at the end of 2011.

Changmin: After restarting our activities, I’ve felt we are still loved as ever, for example, through the oricon chart ranking and the fact that we were given the opportunity to attend the year-end special music programs a lot of Japanese people watch. I’m happy to feel it.

After they released their new album “TONE” in September, a total of 400,000 copies have been shipped and also they broke their own original album sales record. It showed how high the expectation among their long-awaited fans rose during the one year.

Yunho: It was a happy surprise. But how they think about our album is more important than the result (sales). I felt satisfied when we received a lot of positive responses because we prepared it with the greatest care. Of course, we still lack many things, but I take it positively because it means we have room to grow.

In January 2011, Tohoshinki resumed their activities at the music event “SMTOWN LIVE” held by their management agency. It was the greatest cheers ever that welcomed Yunho and Changmin when they appeared on the stage with a nervous look.

Yunho: I felt pressure to work in Japan for the first time. But I was encouraged by fans’ greater love towards Tohoshinki than I expected. That memory gives me great courage and is the reason we have come so far.
At the end of the tour, they will hit Koycera Dome for the first time and also hold the first concert at Tokyo Dome, which Yunho calls “a stage of a different level”, after two and half years.

Yunho: My heart was filled with joy when we stood on the stage (of Tokyo Dome) for SMTOWN (in September). Now I’m happy to have opportunity to stand on the unforgettable place for Tohoshinki’s solo concert. I’d like to use this opportunity as a turning point to further evolve and go beyond our limit.

Their dream “Five-Dome Concert Tour” is nearing reality.

Changmin: We always want to deliver better songs and better performances. This is unchanged from the time when we debuted. We’d like to show more mature Tohoshinki. We’d like to be an artist who continues pushing our limit one by one.

Yunho: Well said (laugh). We will have our 10th anniversary next year. We’d like to try various fields such as acting as well as singing. This year is a Year of Dragon. Let’s rise to new heights and overcome obstacles with a positive mind together with Tohoshinki, like a dragon flying up into the space.

◆東方神起 (Tohoshinki): The group name means “Rising Gods from the East” and was named in the hope that it would spread from Asia to the entire world. Upon making their debut in February 2004, Tohoshinki soon became a top artist. They made their debut in Japan in April 2005. In 2008 their popularity exploded and “Purple Line” hit the first No.1 spot in the oricon chart. They had four consecutive No.1 singles this year and were selected to appear on the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. In 2010, they suspended their group activities. In January 2011, Yunho and Changmin restarted their Tohoshinki activities as a duo.

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Kim Yeonwoo talked about Lee Hyori and Park Yuchun and showed confidence.

Kim Yeonwoo listed the stars that like him on KBS 2TV “Yoo Heeyul’s Sketchbook” that was aired on January 6th.

Kim Yeonwoo said that Park Yuchun sang his song ‘Wind, From Where It Blows’ while playing piano. He continued with confidence, “[Yuchun] must be my fan”

(Parts not pertaining to Yoochun are omitted.)

[T/N: Kim Yeonwoo is a singer, vocal trainer and a music professor. He's well known for his powerful voice. To watch his performance, please visit]

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And, everyone was in high spirits during Tohoshinki's performance! When we heard what they would like to do the next time in Hey's live broadcast,

CM: I want to eat hot food. I think that would be fun!
YH: Let's eat hot curry or hot ramen together !

Lastly, BoA, who sang Meri-kuri.

BoA: The next time I come here, I want to speak about what I couldn't speak today (T/N: since there was no time). The story was about SNSD-san and Tohoshinki-san, those 2 groups are really cool, I was cheering to them from the bottom of my heart. OH!
YH: Thank you very much.
BoA: Thank you very much
CM: Thank you very much

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셋이 모이면 언제나 베스트씬 탄생! Always best pictures when they are together!

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Don't run away with my crops!ㅠ

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Kim Yeon Woo showed off a confident attitude as he talked about Lee Hyori and Park Yoochun.

Kim Yeon Woo appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook’ that aired on the 6th of January and listed the stars who like him.

The singer stated, “Lee Hyori really likes my songs. Also, Park Yoochun appeared in a variety show and sang ‘Where Does the Wind Come From’ while playing the piano,” and “I’m confident that they’re my fans.” Guitarist Ham Chun Ho chimed in and bragged, “I’ve got something even better. Go Hyun Jung said through SNS that she wants to hear the sound of me playing the guitar every day. That’s how much she likes me.”

Yoo Hui Yeol had everyone laughing when he joked, “Yes, she wants to hear the guitar, and the guitar only (and not you).”

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This is with regards to the announcement that JYJ will be appearing in the “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party” as per the advertisement published on 22 December. At the present time, we are unable to reach a final consensus with the Korean contact, C-JeS. As a result,we published an advertisement without getting C-JeS’s permission & understanding, and we are very sorry about that.

For those who have already applied, we are currently making cancellation arrangements, and will make an announcement via our official site, so please accept our sincere apologies.

7 January 2012
Earth Project Kizuna Committee

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Overseas bookings. Camping outside the Eurocentro building. Cries and screams, all kinds of cheering. And all this is a caused by JYJ’s fans in Chile, because of the news that JYJ will be coming to Santiago, Chile to perform their album “The Beginning.”

Last friday, an unending line was formed outside Eurocentro. They are fans of JYJ. JYJ is a hallyu music group, and will be paying their first visit to Chile and Latin America on 9 March, 9pm at the el teatro Caupolicán.

At Paseo Ahumuda, you can see children at about 10 years of age, youths ranging from 15-25 years old, and they are queuing early to purchase tickets, as they are only sold at the Anime Center.

Many of these people have known JYJ for more than 6 years. Talking to Nació, they said that they like JYJ’s music, and their harmonisation, their character and lyric style, and say that “JYJ is very cool.”

JYJ hails from Korea, and consist of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. They were formerly members of TVXQ, one of the biggest bands in Asia.


From the overseas bookings, queuing outside the Eurocentro building since the early morning, crying and screaming, and when you look into the exact reason why the Chile fans have become like this, it is because JYJ will be paying a musical visit, to introduce their album “The Beginning”

“I like thier music, they are just too talented. After knowing about their music, they make me feel really fortunate. Their music brings me closer to them, and I feel like they are always there to support me in everything I do,” the 24 year old Eliana recounts, after getting her tickets.

They also opened a special channel for foreign fans of JYJ who were coming to Chile for the concert, and this has been successful as well. So far, “we have already recieved 30 preorders from Venezuela”


Noix producciones is in charge of bringing this group to Chile. The CEO of the company Gonzalo García says that 4,00- tickets are available, ranging from 20,000 to 70,000 pesos.

García is confident that tickets will be sold out, because “There are a lot of JYJ fans in our country. Furthermore, JYJ are not only good singers, but have acting skills as well. Jaejoong won the Newcomer Award at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards, and Yoochun also won an award at the MBC Drama Awards.

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Tohoshinki, who restarted activities with 2 members in January last year after going on a hiatus in 2010. Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) seemed to erase the blank period of approximately one year where there were no activities, by having a full line-up of promotional activities (this year). They will then be starting off 2012 with their largest-scale nation-wide tour thus far, which is expected to mobilise about 450,000 people. Their first performance in Tokyo Dome since July 2009 has also been confirmed. The duo told Nikkan Sports about their goals and determination for this year.

Last year, Tohoshinki made their return into the Japanses music scene. Their 1st single upon restarting activities, “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”, achieved 1st place on the Oricon charts. At the end of the year, they were awarded the Excellence Award at the Japan Record Awards, and also attended NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen, 2 years after their last appearance.

Changmin: Since restarting activities, looking at the Oricon charts, as well as being able to attend music programmes at the end of the year that are watched by many people in Japan has allowed us to feel the unchanging love (from Japan) more concretely. That makes me happy.

The album “TONE”, released in September, has reached 400,000 copies in sales. For an original production, it has set a new record. There was really much anticipation from the fans who had been waiting for a year.

Yunho: I was shocked. But I think to me, rather than the results, the critiques are more important. We really prepared very hard for it, so it’d be nice if there was good feedback. Of course there are areas that are lacking, but I think it’s good because that means we have areas we can grow in.

In January 2011, Tohoshinki restarted activities with their management company’s event, “SMTOWN LIVE”. The duo who were tense, received cheers from the audience that were louder than ever.

Yunho: We felt some pressure when restarting activities in Japan. But we gained strength from the love we received, that was much more than we expected. That time gave me much courage, which I think allowed me to press on and reach where I am today.

The final stage for the tour will be at the Kyocera Dome, and performances at the Tokyo Dome have been decided as well, and Yunho says it will be “different from other stages”, 2 years since their last performance there.

Yunho: When we stood (on the Tokyo Dome stage) during SM Town (in September), we were very emotional. Because it’s a place of our memories, we’re very happy that Tohoshinki is able to stand (on that stage) and have our own concert, and we hope that it’ll be a turning point for us, where we can surpass our limits.

Closer to realising their dreams of a 5-dome tour. (T/N: The 5 major domes in Japan; Tokyo Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Nagoya Dome, Fukuoka Dome and Sapporo Dome)
Changmin: We want to let everyone hear better songs and better performances, the feelings we want to send across have not changed since our debut. We want to continue showcasing a Tohoshinki who have matured. We want to surpass our limits one by one, we want to become that type of artists.

Yunho: (He’s) good (laughs). Next year is our 10th anniversary since debut. We want to continue not only in singing, but also in various activities such as acting. Since this is the year of the dragon, everyone, let’s strive forward and soar like the dragon together with Tohoshinki!

Tohoshinki: The group name means “gods rising in the east”, and was coined to carry the meaning of them spreading this name throughout Asia and the world. They made their debut in Korea in February 2004 and became top stars instantly. They then made their debut in Japan in April 2005. They experienced explosive popularity in 2008, attaining their first number 1 ranking on the Oricon charts with “Purple Line”. 4 singles they released in that same year set a record by consecutively coming in 1st on the Oricon charts, and they made their first appearance on NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen. Their activities were put on hold in 2010, and the duo, Yunho and Changmin, restarted activities in January 2011 as Tohoshinki.

Changmin: Born 18 Feb 1988. 186cm, 61kg. Blood type B.
Yunho: Born 6 Feb 1986. 184cm, 66kg. Blood type A.

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(Junsu) There are no coconut treesㅠ

(Xiah_HaAhak) @1215thexiahtic You need to save your starsㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ You shouldn't use all your stars on trees and other thingsㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠkyuㅠㅠㅠ You will need your stars later in the gameㅠㅠㅠ You shouldn't keep using so many of your stars nowㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (T/N: Stars are what you need to advance in the game Rule The Sky that Junsu is playing now)

(Junsu) @Xiah_HaAhak Really....??ㅠGasp but I used up all of my stars.. You should have told me earlier.....

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(cr:andithankyou) When Changmin's comments (video) was on screen, , there were screams! He introduced the next stage (after the video) like "They are also popular in Japan! The next to perform is Super Junior"♡

(cr:andithankyou) Changmin's scenes (in drama) was also on screen. Short-haired swept‐backed Changmin was also very cool! He spoke about the episodes during the shooting, and said Athena was a wonderful drama, so please support the drama. After that was the introduction of SJ.

(cr:andithankyou, TVyunhoXQ) When Changmin's video was on screen, together with the screams, there were should be that Changmin wasn't there as the guest.
I myself was thinking that he wouldn't come today, so I wasn't so discouraged(´∀`;)

Lastly, when all the performers were on stage, the BGM was Tohoshinki's ATHENA, so I enjoyed the two members' vocals(*^^*) There vocals are so nice~!

Other than that, there were comments from BOA-chan, too!

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If I want to become younger, I have to take many selcas too~~^^

I'm uploading this because it's too funny~ More of such pictures will probably be uploaded* onto our Facebook in future ^^

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Tohoshinki, who will be holding their live tour in Japan, has added 2 extra performances each at the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka. The live tour is expected to rally a total crowd of approximately 450,000 people.

The “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” was originally scheduled to begin at the Yokohama Arena on 18 Jan, and would see 20 performances held across 9 cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fukui, Osaka and Saitama. Due to the explosive response from fans, 2 days of additional performances have been scheduled at the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka each, bringing the total number of performances to 24, and held across 11 cities.

The additional performances will be held in Tokyo Dome on 14 and 15 April, and in Kyocera Dome Osaka on 21 and 22 April. As the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka are extremely large concert venues, which have capacities of 50,000 and 45,000 people respectively, this tour will be of the largest scale that Tohoshinki has done so far, with 450,000 people mobilised. This, once again, is proof of Tohoshinki’s position as top artists in Japan with high popularity.

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A war is raging on to secure tickets for TVXQ’s Japanese tour.

TVXQ will be holding their ‘TONE’ live tour all over Japan from the 18th of this month, starting off in Yokohama. Tickets were sold out almost as soon as they went up for sale and due to the flood of requests from fans who were unable to obtain tickets, an additional six concerts have been scheduled in, proving just how popular the group is in Japan. Currently, tickets are being sold on auction sites such as Amazon Japan for as high as four times the original price (8,500 Yen) at 36,509 Yen (approximately 475 USD).

Fans requested for ‘restricted view’ seats to be set up for those who were unable to obtain tickets, and Avex has decided to meet the fans’ demands.

Avex stated, “We will begin selling tickets for the additional seats on the 6th. Though the fans may not be able to see the entire stage, we’ve made this decision so that more people will be able to attend the concerts,” and “We apologize in advance for the fact that the view of the stage will be restricted for those who buy these tickets. The tickets will be sold at a first come, first serve basis.”

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[Quiz] JYJ멤버들의 오픈 기념 퀴즈!
누구의 등일까요? Guess who's back?

[Quiz] 누구의 다리 일까요? Guess who's leg?

[Quiz] 누구의 발 일까요? Guess who's foot?

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Chile Official Concert Poster

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