Saturday, December 10, 2011

[PHOTOS] 111210 Jaejoong Fanmeet in Shanghai Part 2

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[PHOTO] 111210 TVXQ with Calvin Chen (MTV Taiwan VJ)

Long time no see東方神起,Had fun with you guys!Enjoy your stay in Taiwan and good show tomorrow.See you guys soon

Credit: Calvin Chen Weibo
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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 111210 Twitter Update - Junsu's Mom & Jaejoong's Sister

Junsu's mom tweet
Junsu came to the church. As a year end closure to offer prayer of thanks to God. For his birthday,there’s also a party at the Youth section

Jaejoong's sister new DP

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[PHOTOS] 111210 Jaejoong Fanmeet in Shanghai

Credits: As tagged + etsoo
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