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This year I will do my best to age backward!

I've gathered all the dragon balls~

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We reported earlier that JYJ had been chosen as the ‘Best Idol Star’ on KBS’s ’2011 Best Star Icon Award’ poll.

It seems the boys have just received their award from KBS.

A staff member from KBS uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Due to schedule ~ We went to find JYJ who was filming in Kangnam, and delivered the Best Icon Award. The three young men who are still spirited, lively, and cheerful as before. We even brought restorative herbal medicine so that they’ll eat and hang in there..”

In the picture uploaded, the JYJ members are seen holding their award and herbal medicine with pleased expressions on their faces.

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(T/N: Before you freak out, please understand that this is most likely a case of fraud, which means that JYJ’s name was just abused in this situation)

In relation to the “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party” which advertised in the Nikkei newspapers that “Popular Korean group JYJ will be appearing,” JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment announced on 4 January that “JYJ will not be appearing at this event.”

JYJ consists of 3 of the 5 members in the popular Korean group Tohoshinki. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu left the group in 2009, and (JYJ) has been popular not only in Japan and Korea but in other countries as well.

The event organizers “Earth Project Kizuna Committee” advertised on the evening edition of the Nikkei newspaper on 22 December 2011 that “A Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party will be held on 21 March, and JYJ will be performing.”

In the advertisement, the event’s price was 100,000yen for round table VIP seats , 50,000 yen for round table S seats and 30,000yen for standing-dining, high prices for a party. They have already started to accept payment, and it can be seen that quite a few fans have already paid for these tickets.

However, with the sudden revelation that JYJ, who were the key point of the party, were not appearing, fans have been crying out that, “This is a fraud” and “This is unforgivable” non-stop.

In this newspaper ad,
1) It was stated that this event was “Produced by : Tokyo International Music Secretariat Office” – A organization that doesn’t exist.
2) The event venue was stated as “A hotel within Tokyo” with the name not clearly specified.
3) The contact email address (“Nifty”) was a personal address

and other “suspicious” details were included, and when the advertisement was first placed, many fans had voiced their suspicions.

Furthermore, the organizer “Earth Project Kizuna Committee’s” homepage ( has been locked down since the end of last year, and the contact number suspended, a situation where no one can be found.

It is unclear whether this event was meant to be a fraud right from the beginning, or if this “Earth Project Kizuna Committee” and JYJ’s management agency had prior discussions.

However, if customers who have already paid the money were to report this case to the police, it cannot be denied that criminal charges will possibly be pressed, and the confusion that surrounds this party continues.

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Actress Go Ara showed her close relationship with her fellow SM Artists
Go Ara attended the press conference on 4 January, and shared stories about her movie “Pacemaker.”

This day, when Go Ara was asked who she is the closest to in the SM family, she said “Although I am close to everyone, I’m the closest to BoA and U-Know Yunho. U-Know Yunho and I shot “Heading To The Ground” together, and became closer because of that.”

Go Ara also said, “With U-Know Yunho, there seems to be nothing about each other that we haven’t seen. During the shoot, we’ve seen everything, from having our mouths opened wide to snoring. Because of this, we became closer friends that are comfortable around each other.

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

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Everyone! It’s the year of the dragon!!
Happy New Year everyone and make good resolutions for the new year~^^

The new year is upon us. Let’s you and I make this year a more meaningful… and joyful year than those before it… I heard that this year is the year of the dragon so everyone! Don’t give up on your dreams and soar like dragons^^

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The 7th Innolife Award has ended. The Innolife Awards, which is held every December selects the top stars and works that are deemed most popular in various categories via your votes. In the 7th edition of these awards, voting was held between 6 December to 25 December, with 423,121 people participating. Let us take a look at which were the most contested categories and who won in each category.

For the drama category, “Protect the Boss” was chosen as 2011′s top drama. Starring hallyu stars Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong and Choi Kang Hee, “Protect the Boss” shows a totally different charm to Ji Sung, who usually has a serious image. This is also Kim Jaejoong’s debut Korean drama, and his good acting skills has captured the hearts of many fans. Out of the 8,818 people that voted, “Protect the Boss” took 6,190 votes (70.2%) and took top position. 2nd place was Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun’s “My Princess”, and followed by “Princess’s Man” and “Dream High” at 3rd and 4th place respectively.

This time, there were many large-scale as well as historical productions, but it can be seen from the results that the Korean dramas that captured the fans’ hearts were the traditional romantic comedies.

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In 2011, most of the world’s news spread quickly across the globe thorough various Social Networking Sites.

Those who could not find an outlet to voice their opinions also utilized SNS to express their thoughts and at times, changed the world. These same social networking sites became a gateway of communication between JYJ and their fans.

The three JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu were once members of the greatest idol group, TVXQ under SM Entertainment but publicly revealed their unfair contracts and became independent.

The three members were once part of the wildly popular group, but suddenly became distant from their fans once creating JYJ. There really was no way for them to properly communicate with their fans.

They desperately needed to build a bridge in order to be able to reach their fans, and SNS became the obvious answer. After leaving TVXQ in July of 2009, JYJ publicly released two albums but it was not easy for the public to have access to their music or their performances.

Due to reasons unknown, the boys are unable to publicly perform on television programs or cable channels. Despite this, the boys sold over 320,000 copies of their two albums released in 2010 and 2011, proving that their fame knows no bounds and fans still highly support their career.

In the past, even famous idol groups such as H.O.T and Sechs Kies who were met with an explosive reaction from fans an routinely sold over a million records didn’t last long.

JYJ has proven to be exactly the opposite, their fame only growing with time, despite being unable to publicly perform on a broadcasting stage.

The best way for JYJ to reach out to their fans is via Twitter. The three of them began utilizing Twitter to connect with the public in October of 2010, a year after they broke away from TVXQ.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong (@mjjeje) had 672,205 followers as of January 3rd, 2012- the most out of the three. He has also tweeted the most with 1,030 tweets. This simply means that he is making a conscious effort to consistently communicate with his fans. He also has 20,248 on his “Lists”.

Park Yoochun (@6002theMicky) currently has 531,137 followers with 17,401 ‘Lists’, while Kim Junsu (@0101xiahtic) has 539,037 followers and ’16,777′ lists.

Junsu’s Twitter was unfortunately hacked into late last year and on December 19th, the singer created a new twitter, @1215thexiahtic.

Not even a month after he created his new Twitter page, Junsu had 97,807 followers and is on 2,066 lists.

One follower (@100t****) wrote, “I think the members are being more honest and real than they were when they were with their previous label. Before, they seemed unattainable celebrities but now they seem more approachable; they answer questions and fill fans in on the things fans are curious about.”

It’s much like a reality show, where the JYJ members interact with people they are close with via their Twitter pages, and their fans get to see it happening live.

A Twitter follower and JYJ fan @tr***** wrote, “Fans often forget about even their most favorite idols once they stop making television appearances, but while other celebrities are talking about themselves on TV programs, JYJ updates fans on their whereabouts so it actually makes us feel closer to them.”

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Hot! When I look at these two guys, I get the feeling that I’m capable of doing anything. The men who shone brighter because they were together, who stand in the spotlight of the world, they are TVXQ. U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who have already reached the eighth anniversary since their debut, are ready to command the world yet again this year.

We met with these two hot/passionate (T/N: The term 뜨겁다 is nowadays used to describe someone who is passionate about their work rather than literally ‘hot’) guys to celebrate the new year. I feel as though this year is going to be a good one.

Last year was quite meaningful for TVXQ in a number of ways. It was the year that they stood on stage as TVXQ once more after a long period of heartache. It’s clear that 2011 was an unforgettable year for both them and their fans.

Yunho: Our comeback performance of ‘Why?’ is the most memorable moment for me. I was even more nervous than usual because it was a stage that allowed us to approach you all for the first time in a while, and I was deeply moved by all our fans who supported us. It made me think about a lot of things. I pledged to work hard, improve as an artiste, and never forget the emotions I felt at that moment.

Changmin: What was most memorable for me was when we stood on stage as TVXQ once more this January. I really wanted to get back on stage and I wanted to give a great performance to the fans who had unchangingly waited for us. I’m happy to have gotten a comeback stage and a chance to meet with our fans again.

TVXQ celebrated their eighth anniversary last year. I’m sure when they look back on their memories, there will be moments that make them want to compliment themselves on surviving so well and there will be areas in their lives that have changed drastically.

Yunho: It’s a little ambiguous to be saying this about myself, but I think I’ve matured a little more. (laughter) And when I heard that it was our eighth anniversary, I found myself thinking ‘Has it already been eight years?’ We’ve been so busy since our debut that I hadn’t noticed that eight years had passed. I feel as those all those years have made TVXQ the group it is now, and it reminded me of all our past memories.

Changmin: Something that has changed is our appearances…. (laughter) When I see that my looks have matured(?) has I get older year by year, I can feel the passing of time. And I think that my attitude towards work is changing as time continues to pass. Should I say that I approach my work with a more professional attitude? Also, as time passes, my greed for the work I do continues to grow.

It must feel quite unusual for them when they see rookies. Especially since SM Entertainment will be debuted rookie groups EXO-K and EXO-M this year.

Yunho: I saw the teaser video that was recently released and I’ve been watching those guys rehearse. I’ve also given them advice as their senior. Whenever I see rookie groups, I’m reminded of my days as a rookie. Because they’re such talented and hardworking guys, I know they’ll do well and I expect them to keep that attitude with them and improve.

Changmin: I find myself sincerely supporting them as more than just a senior singer from the same agency, not only the new guys who will be debuting soon, but also when SHINee first debuted a few years ago. I hope they receive a lot of love. And I hope they become reliable seniors, more SM senior singers, who can help the juniors who come after them.

But there may be some who are surprised that it has already been eight years since TVXQ made their debut. That reason being that the members good looks and fit bodies haven’t changed since their debut days. If there are people out there who are distressed that they feel as though they look so old though all they’ve done is become a year older, then I’m sure they are curious of TVXQ’s methods of staying young.

Yunho: I don’t really have any special remedies, I just rest properly when I can. It’s important to eat well and enjoy life. Stress makes you depressed and worn out, so I think your mindset is what’s important.

Changmin: I don’t think I’m in the position to say I have any special remedies or secrets. I just try to drink a lot of water. And I try to laugh a lot.

TVXQ are the forerunners of the Hallyu Wave. As the forerunners, I’m sure they’ve felt a difference between what it was like when they first began their overseas activities and what it’s like now. What do they feel has changed over the years as people who have experienced the entire process?

Yunho: It feels great to know that there’s a K-POP boom going on these days and that the artistes as showcasing their individual colors/styles. I think everyone’s working hard with the mindset that they’re representing their country. I’d like to carefully make the prediction that next year will become a time for us all to reap bigger fruits from all our labor. We’ll have to work harder from now on. In our case, when we first made our debut in Japan, we started everything from scratch and thought of ourselves as rookies. I think what’s changed because of the K-POP boom is that other markets have become more friendly and approachable. If we are to continue such positive changes, we’ll all have to make the effort to understand that country’s culture and approach them with more sincerity.

Changmin: “I’m certain that K-pop is being recognized and paid more attention to by more people. Only if we provide music and contents of a higher quality will we be able to live up to the expectations of these people who have taken an interest in us.Therefore, I think all the people who are receiving a lot of love need to work that much harder. I too will also work harder. I’ve said this before, but I think K-POP is receiving much more love and attention than before.”

Currently, their senior BoA is working as a judge for SBS’ ‘K-Pop Star’. I feel as though TVXQ would be able to make sharp commentary due to their years of experience. I’m curious to know what they would be looking for the most if they were the judges. I don’t even think the applicants would be able to survive the audition if they had such magnificent judges sitting in front of them.

Yunho: I enjoy watching ‘K-Pop Star’, that features our senior, BoA. If I was a judge, I would place my main focus on potential and individuality. Though talent is important, I believe that anyone can improve and get better if they work hard. I believe that as long as someone has potential and individuality, the rest is up to them and how hard they work.

Changmin: I would have to make my judgement based on a collection of areas, but I would focus on talent, star quality and their hard-working attitude.

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Notice Concerning "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

Some days ago, there was an advertisement in Nikkei Newspaper from the promotor "Earth Project Kizuna" that JYJ will perform in "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"
(T/N: Please click here for the trans of the advertisement)

C-JeS has never made a contract with the so called agent whatsoever concerning the above article, and the contents of the article has been proceeded one-sided, without any discussions with our company.

We have been requesting the correction of the false contents through the same media as the said article was published, however, since there was no revised article published up to the promised date, we are making such announcements. We thank you for your understanding.

JYJ will not participate in "The 1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Party"
To all the fans, please take care not to become the victims.

Thank you for your understanding.

Source: C-JeS Entertainment
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JYJ has announced that they’ll soon be performing in South America!

On January 4th, C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “JYJ’s South American tour has been confirmed. JYJ’s solo concert will be held on March 9th in Chile followed by March 11th in Peru.”

The March 9th concert will be held in Santiago, Chile at the Teatro Caupolican, while the March 11th show will be held in Lima, Peru at the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental.

The South American promotion agency for JYJ remarked, “The popularity of JYJ in South America is in a different class altogether from the craze for K-Pop. Their popularity exceeds that of domestic artists as well as American pop artists, and they have the passionate support of teens as well as those in their 20′s.”

The JYJ members stated, “The countries are very far with flight times over 30 hours. After releasing an English album in 2010 with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, the amount of fans in the Americas have grown rapidly. Thus, although the [countries] are so far away, they have always felt familiar [to us].”

They continued, “During the 2010 Worldwide Album Showcase, many South American fans came to our concerts in cities like L.A. and San Francisco, and even to Europe; they’ve wanted us to come to South America for a long time. We are happy that we can keep our promise to our fans, and we will prepare a perfect performance to match the passion of South America.”

Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-Jes, stated, “The K-Pop craze and JYJ’s happiness have different paths. …We don’t want this to be thought of as Hallyu’s new challenge. It’s not about about where one goes to hold their first overseas concert, it’s about how much substance and what kind of content is brought into the shows.”

He continued, “This is not a concert meant to try and gain new fans, this is a concert where we wanted to repay the JYJ fans for their love and support. For the South American fans who have waited so long, we will put on a well-made performance filled with JYJ’s vocals and amazing harmonies, as well as numerous other performances.”

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According to a twitter poll conducted by Sports Donga, Kim Junsu received the highest votes for the question “Who is the musical actor that made your heart race from the moment he appeared on stage?”.

With regard to Kim Junsu, who showed his excellent acting skills in “Mozart” and “Tears Of Heaven”, and will be performing in “Elisabeth” in February, voters commented, “His voice is full of emotion”, “An actor that makes one smile like a mother once he appears” and “Always performs above expectations”.

It is also notable that a majority (of the voters) were originally Junsu’s fans, and ended up being attracted to musicals after watching Kim Junsu’s musical performances. Some of them also commented on Twitter, saying “Thanks to Junsu, I discovered the interesting side to musicals” and “Although I went to watch musicals only because of Junsu, I ended up becoming a fan of many other musical actors as well”.

In the 2nd to 5th places are Hong Kwang Ho, Ock Ju Hyun, Uhm Ki Jun and Park Eun Tae respectively.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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TVXQ member Changmin‘s baby photo is causing quite the stir amongst netizens online.

The above photo surfaced on an online community site on January 3rd, and in the photo, Changmin is ‘driving’ his toy car.

He smiled happily for the camera, and fans were surprised that he hasn’t changed a bit.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “Cute~ looks exactly the way he did when he was younger“, ”He has the same face~“, and more.

In related news, Changmin along with his fellow TVXQ member Yunho recently attended the 62nd annual NHK ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ in Japan.

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JYJ have been selected as the cover models of the famous Chinese magazine “Easy” in their 10th anniversary commemorative edition. The magazine also did a special feature on Kim Jaejoong’s solo fanmeeting in Shanghai on 10 December held at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, which attracted more attention.

In the magazine’s interview with Kim Jaejoong, he talks about how he darkened his skin with make-up for his role in the drama “Protect the Boss”, and said, “There isn’t anything bad about being an idol, but what kind of idol we choose to be is more important,” speaking honestly about his opinion on being an idol singer.

Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong, whose looks have been praised as being “so beautiful it’s a sin,” which are words that make people laugh while agreeing at the same time. Previously, Kim Jaejoong beat the China artists and was selected by Chinese netizens as the top “Asian Pretty Boy.”

Netizens who saw this magazine said, “Looks like the Chinese can now understand JYJ better” “The thing they say about beauty is true” and other responses.

Also, the JYJ members are currently on vacation. They are preparing for their personal activities as actors in the earlier half of the year, and is also writing songs for album activities in 2012.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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Ah.... This..... kekekekeke

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Info: Go Ara is the female lead for the movie

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Junsu RT-ed Part 3 of the video

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(Junsu, 6:06pm KST) The movie.. Perfect Game! I watched it once at the preview and again today.. and it’s so fun to watch.. yet also quite movingㅠ

(Joo Hyun, 6:20pm KST, RTed by Kim Junsu) . -Part 3-

(Joo Hyun, 6:21pm KST, RTed by Kim Junsu) -Part 3-

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Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae were caught sweating bullets as they were asked about their kiss scene.

On the 31st of December, the 2011 SBS Drama Awards were held at the SBS Open Hall and the duo were asked about the retakes they did for their kiss scene.

The MCs asked, “We heard that Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae had to film their kiss scene 50 times because of all the NGs. Did you enjoy it?” and Wang Ji Hae hesitated before she said, “Yes.” When she was asked, “Would you do it again?“, a fan of Kim Jaejoong screamed ‘No!’ while Wang Ji Hae was once again hesitant to give an answer. But Kim Jaejoong showed an honest side as he stated, “Acting is just acting, so I would do it a 100 times if I had to.”

Though Kim Jaejoong was confident about the kiss scene, he said little when it came to bed scenes. When asked if he planned to film any bed scenes in the future, Kim Jaejoong evaded the question as he said, “I’m not confident about my body.”

The MCs in charge of the awards ceremony were none other than the main couple of ‘Protect the Boss’, Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee.

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Group JYJ, Song Ji-Hyo and Park Yoohwan’s charity activity, the ‘Mango Tree Project’, has gathered funds of over 25 million Won.

Their management company C-Jes said on the 2nd of January that, “Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu and Park Yoohwan’s Mango Tree Project has collected over 25 million Won in donations. We will be planting over 2,000 mango and apple tree saplings.”

Song Ji Hyo, JYJ and Park Yoohwan were ambassadors for this project, holding this charity drive together with their fans. Each participant will receive a Mango Tree thank-you postcard that contains all the stars’ signatures.

Also, in the various year end award shows, Song Ji-Hyo won the PD awards at the SBS Entertainment Awards and MBC Drama awards, Park Yoochun won Best Newcomer at the MBC Drama Awards and Kim Jaejoong won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + ]
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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has become an expert at playing by himself.

On the 1st, Kim Jaejoong uploaded a picture entitled “Playing Star Wars” via his own Twitter account.

In the picture, Kim Jaejoong is seen taking a shot of himself holding onto a lightsaber that appears in the movie “Star Wars” and posing with a sharp look in his eyes.

In particular, his ruffled fringe is pinned back, revealing his clear forehead, giving him an air of a boy-next-door, rather than a celebrity.
Previously, on Christmas Day on the 25th, Kim Jaejoong had also revealed photos of himself playing alone.

In response to the photos, netizens expressed, “An expert at playing by himself”, “That’s how you played after the award ceremony?”, “That hair clip that made me forget for a moment that oppa is an artist”, “Seems Jaejoong is also from the 4th dimension”, among other responses.

On another note, Kim Jaejoong was awarded the “New Star Award” through “Protect The Boss” on the SBS Drama Awards that were held last 31 Dec.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ +]
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They have already passed the stage of trying to define each other, and now the presence of the other is just a natural existence.

Being able to chat with the two members of TVXQ, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin is always an enjoyable thing. Always very cool and unreserved when talking about themselves, they are very much like their on-stage personalities, bold and unguarded.

When performing, their sweat is used to fill the stage, and when coming off stage the two youths smile as they return. Their “double-charm” is expected to continue this year.

Although we are familiar already with their on-stage images, how do they spend their time when they don’t have any activities? As expected, they have their own hobbies that they do during their free time.

Yunho : Recently it’s been really cold in winter, and I enjoy snowboarding. I also like watching movies. I like the feeling of peacefulness when watching and enjoying a movie.

Changmin : I like hiking or strolling around, and I like watching movies, musicals and performances.

There seems to be many moments where they would feel alone. Everyone has a different way to overcoming loneliness. When asked about how they overcome loneliness, the two men of TVXQ smiled a little.

Yunho : There are times that I feel lonely. When I’m done with all my schedules and get home, and planning to lie down on my bed, I sometimes get lonely. If I am unable to fall asleep, I read books. I slowly started to like reading, so I’m trying very hard to read lots of books. It seems like it helps me to improve on my flaws, and also allows me to widen my range of thinking.

Changmin : I’m the kind that gets lonely often. To overcome this, I listen to music and watch funny variety shows to make myself laugh.

Walking together on the same path like this, the two men have spent many precious moments together. To each other, the presence of the other person is more precious than anyone else. And like this, the two men must understand each other quite well.

Yunho : Changmin may be the younger brother, but be it work or on a normal basis, he always has a very calm side. He is the kind of friend who speaks more through actions than words.

Changmin :
Yunho is the type who gets things done once he sets his mind on it. He is the type that is exceptionally motivated. I feel that this is his strong point, and something that I should learn. Also, when working, he will always maintain a professional attitude, and this is also another of his good points.

TVXQ’s unique fashion sense is also very famous. Their airport fashion, in particular, is often something that is noticed by the fans. However, their airport fashion gaining too much attention has become a burden.

Yunho : Fashion is one of the ways to express yourself. As a singer, you often show a powerful look on stage, but airport fashion shows a more casual and relaxed side, and is expressed through many styles. The airport fashion may be a burden, but compared to being a conscious dresser, I prefer to dress according to my own opinions, and it’s good that people like it.

Changmin : To me, Fashion is something that creates a character and image, and the way for you to express yourself. Airport fashion is actually quite a burden. (Laughs)

If one were to be able to gain the love of these two cool men, that would be such a great fortune. Let’s take a look at what types these two men like.

Yunho : If we’re judging by appearances, I like girls with long, straight hair and big eyes. In terms of artists, it would be Jeon Ji-hyun, as I have mentioned many times before. I like the type from the movie “My Sassy Girl.”

Changmin : Someone who is like the Japanese actress Takeuchi Yuko would be my preferred type.

In the new year, both men have different goals. This year, aside from Korea which is a given, you will see a TVXQ which is more active on a global scale.

Yunho : I hope to have an even happier and more meaningful year. Just like how we have been working hard in preparation so far, next year I want to be like a dragon and soar to the skies for all matters, and I will work my hardest.

Changmin : I happen to be born in 1988, which is also the year of the dragon.It would be great if there were many good things that happen this year. Personally, I would like to train myself harder, and it would be good if this is a year in which I can progress.

Every New Year, SBS Entertainment News will see an overhaul. To express our determination, and thanks to the support of the passionate TVXQ, we seem to be off to a great start. We hope that everyone can have a happy New Year together with SBS Entertainment News.

Yunho : We hope that you can deliver news in a great way, especially good news. As this is the year of the dragon, we hope that it is a year which you can soar. I, Yunho will work hard together with SBS Entertainment News, to make it a year where we can bring more smiles to everyone.

Changmin : This new year is the year of the dragon, so it would be great if SBS Entertainment News can soar to the skies like a dragon, and gain a lot of love. From now on, please deliver lots of great news and rich content, we will be supporting you! Fighting!!”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + SBS Entertainment News via Nate]
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