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[TRANS] 111128 Changmin's Message Celebrating the Japanese Broadcast of "Paradise Ranch"

(Before the drama's broadcast, 0:00-0:41)
I'm Changmin of Tohoshinki. Paradise Ranch, which I took the leading role for the first time, will be broadcasted starting today. There are beautiful sceneries, and the highlights of the drama are the pure romantic love story of the young in such sceneries. It was the first time I acted, furthermore, I was very embarrassed by the love scenes, but I think we were able to film without any problems.

(After the drama's broadcast, 0:42-1:12, from the Japanese subs)
It's not heavy.
Let's go, 1, 2,..
Step down even if you aren't told. What do you think you are?
Cut! Once more.
I'm sorry.
Oh…are you busy today?
Can I omit "Oh"?
Please look forward to the next episode!

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[PHOTOS] 111125 Billboard Kpop Masters Red Carpet Part 4


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[VIDEO] 111127 TVXQ - Message to Singapore Fans (Eng Sub)

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[ADMIN POST] Project:: Meals from the Heart

(Graphics by Kichan)

We have done multiple projects as the international fandom. Birthday projects, lightsticks project, charitable projects, you name it, we've all done it all for them.

However, OneTVXQ would now like to venture into an area of the Korean fan culture that the international fans have yet to achieve. We're providing Yunho and Changmin and all the crew involved with 2 meals from the heart.

Remember these amazing projects by fellow KCassies?
More here!

This is an ambitious endeavour funding for 2 meals, especially at such a short notice. But we're not Cassiopeia, if we don't do things on a large scale. So let's show them the Cassiopeia power. That we're capable of giving them motivation and cheer in the form of a meal, the very basic necessity. (Oh we're sure Shim Changmean will love his food. :D)

We are looking at over SGD$1500. O! will be willing to fork out for at least half of it. However, we definitely can't do it alone. This is where you come in. We have less than a week to the event, so really hope that everyone can donate as best as they can. Here's to letting Yunho and Changmin feel welcomed on their first visit to Singapore!


[NEWS] The TVXQ Whom I Met In Las Vegas ~ “Kings Of Popularity In America?” We Are All National Representatives For K-Pop

Popular male group TVXQ crossed over to the birthplace of popular culture, America, and gave the charms of K-Pop greater exposure.

On November 25 at 4:30 p.m. (local American time) at the press conference for the “2011 Billboard K-POP Masters” held at the Conference Room within MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, America, TVXQ said, “We are happy that we have an opportunity to be able to spread the influence of K-Pop in the famous city of Las Vegas. Compared to seeing this place merely as another particular performance venue known as America, we feel blessed to be able to spread Korea’s culture here. With the heart that we are all national representatives (of Korea and K-Pop), we will be working very hard so we hope for lots of love and concern.”

A local American reporter asked if TVXQ knew of the fact that they are hugely popular in America. U-Know Yunho answered, “(Hearing those words), I feel very shy. I think of it as being able to let America know more about Korea’s culture to the extent of that recognition. We’ll show our gratitude through tonight’s show.”

Regarding his thoughts about TVXQ taking part in this performance, U-Know Yunho revealed, “Every group’s performance is so good that there is nothing to find fault with. At the end, we’ll sing “Arirang”. Because we wanted to share the atmosphere together with the audience, we specially prepared this stage. It’ll be great if everybody shows their feelings of enjoying the show through cheers and responses. We will spend this day in an interesting fashion.”

When asked if there are any American musicians whom they would like to work together with, U-Know Yunho answered, “I’ve grown up listening to music from a variety of singers. If I really had to pick just one singer, it will be really difficult. If there is a good opportunity which comes along, I would like to work together with them. It’ll be great if we have opportunities to create even better albums.”

In a reflection of the K-Pop fever, famous local media reporters such as Fox Channel, MTV, The Huffington Post graced the press conference on this day with their presence. Questions asking about the stars’ feelings about the recent shift in the status and popularity of K-Pop were forthcoming.

After the press conference, TVXQ appeared at the red carpet event held outdoors dressed fully in formal suits. With the nerves built up over the years with their world tours to America, France, Japan and China etc, they showed off an impressive side of them in confidently facing the loud cheers of the audience, fitting of their status as huge stars. When TVXQ makes just one gesture, the audience goes wild.

Bonnie Wong (22), who have gone to watch their performances in LA commented about K-Pop singers, “I feel that their singing and dancing abilities have surpassed the standard of doing relatively well to advance into the global arena, so it’s amazing. They are also very charming, so I was even more attracted to them.”

Stacy Kay Gully (18), whom I met at the event, spoke very highly of the strengths of K-Pop, “Even though I can’t understand the precise meaning of the lyrics, I can still feel their depth and passion towards music. Korean music strikes me first and foremost in the heart, not in my ears.”

Riding on the K-Pop wave to arrive in Las Vegas, the “2011 Billboard K-POP Masters” is a music festival hosted by Billboard Korea and MGM, and sponsored by Korean Airlines. It is an event to commemorate the launch of the Billboard K-Pop Charts on last August 26. Other than TVXQ, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, BEAST, MBLAQ, G.Na, 4Minute and Sistar will also perform at the concert. K-Pop will envelop Las Vegas on November 25 from 8 p.m. onwards for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. There will be another performance for the “2011 Billboard K-POP Masters” at the same venue in Las Vegas on November 26.

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