Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's nowhere that doesn't hurt.. Everyone please take care too..

Guys that's wondering what happen..I think his sty just got worst~

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Tohoshinki, whose appearance in the year-end NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” has been decided, and will also be holding a nation-wide tour beginning January next year, released their first Winter Ballad Single “Winter Rose/Duet (Winter Ver.)” on 30 Nov!

This release is a luxury gift version single which contains Tohoshinki’s first Christmas song, “Winter Rose”, and the winter version of “Duet” from the album “Tone”.

“Winter Rose” is a familiar song being broadcasted as the TV-CM song of the CM that the members themselves appeared in, the 7&I Holdings’ “Tohoshinki’s Winter Gift (Snow Version)”, while “Duet (Winter Ver.) has been decided upon as the theme song for the first mobile drama that Ishihara Satomi will be starring in, Bee TV’s “He’s, My Sister’s Lover”, which will be broadcasted starting 25 Dec.

Though the full ringtones of “Winter Rose” and “Duet (Winter Ver.)” have already been made available, the full ringtones with the voices of the members will be distributed exclusively by mobile-content distribution site, “New. Music Life mu-mo”.

This “with-voice” version has Christmas messages from Tohoshinki added to the front and back of “Winter Rose” and “Duet (Winter Ver.)”! Check out Tohoshinki’s Christmas messages, which are now being widely distributed, from the “X’mas Premium With Voice”.

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Junsu you wuss lololol But don’t push yourself okay?
(Junsu, 10:04pm KST) I’m going to pass out……ㅜ

(Byung Han, 10:10pm KST) @0101xiahtic kekeke That’s the photo Sol took kekeke I almost passed out in the ‘fire sauna’ (T/N: The room at the highest temperature)
(Junsu, 10:12pm KST) @code07lim hahaha Seriously…. Everyone was so tenacious… (T/N: aka everyone wanted to see who could stay in there the longest :P I do that all the time)

Awww poor child *pats*
(Junsu, 10:07pm KST) I walked into the sauna….. and moved straight into the penguin room….. I was close to fainting..ㅜ

…did he get hacked? Or is this about something else?
(Junsu, 10:28pm KST) What the heck~!!! Who did this!!!!!!


(Byung Han, 10:29pm KST) It seems Junsu’s Twitter account was hacked.. He found out after people told him over the phone. His profile picture. keeps changing~ He’s planning on deleting his Twitter account.

(Byung Han, 10:39pm KST) Junsu wanted me to tell you all that he deleted his account ㅠㅠ I watched him do it and it was hard to watch… To the people who are calling his mother, please don’t

T__T Ok, whoever is calling needs to stop.
(Junho, 11.43pm KST) Hacking… What makes my heart ache more than that are the fans who called our mother and said things to her… Our parents don’t exist for the purpose of listening to people saying such things to them… I think that people’s words are scarier than any knife or gun out there. I ask that you please refrain from calling them^^ http://pic.twitter.com/XOzoR1Ep

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BeyondMonica says she just said 'happening' because she wanted to know fans that the artist isn't hurt that bad to quit twitter, and he's broad-minded enough to think it as a simple 'happening'

Note: Meaning Junsu wont be deleting his account because of this and just take it as a 'happening'

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Monday, December 19, 2011

This year, the most talked-about Korean artists on twitter are Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, the three member group JYJ.

“Daily Economy” publication and twitter analysis company Social Matrix came together and analyzed the 919,951,254 artist-related tweets from 1 January to 8 December, and results showed that the most talked about local (Korean) artists on twitter are JYJ, with 3,107,954 tweets.

This year, from JYJ’s cancellation of broadcast by KBS to their performance at the closing of the Daegu Track & Field events being cut off early, were all hot topics. Member Kim Junsu’s participation in musical “Elisabeth” as well as the members’ movie and drama OST sales, Japan performances and others all raised interest among the people on twitter.

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Yahoo! Japan (Tokyo) revealed that one week after the Tohoku Earthquake (11-17 March) the fastest rising internet search keywords, in the case of Ibaraki, was related to lifelines. Also, the Japanese representatives of one of the biggest search online search engines, America’s Google, too said that for Ibaraki, the top “Fastest Rising Search Keyword” (Words that suddenly rose in the search rankings) was related to “Hallyu.” These are the keywords of Ibaraki for the year.

Yahoo! Japan revealed in the “2011 Searchword rankings,” the fastest rising keyword searches that occured a week after the Tohoku Earthquake for each prefecture.

Within the Ibaraki prefecture, the top 5 search words starting from “Tsukuba City Water Cuts” at no.1 were all lifeline related words. Despite the destruction by the earthquake, it was understood that the Southern areas of the prefecture were still able to connect to the internet and clocked a large number of searches.

Also, in Google’s annual search rankings, the words that rose the quickest in ranks compared to the year before, for Ibaraki, were “JYJ Live.” JYJ is a Korean idol group, and made out of 3 former Tohoshinki members. In October, they held Lives at Kokuei Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Hitachinaka City) and search numbers increased mainly due to the Hallyu fans.

In relation to the Tohoku Earthquakes, the no.2 Keyword was a project started by local volunteers, the “Ganbappe! Ibaraki Project.” No. 3 and 4 were related to “B-Grade Gourmet” and at no. 5 were topics about the “strange” nature of having internet among the devastation in the prefecture.

The company also said that in this year’s prefectural rankings, aside from the 3 affected prefectures in Tohoku (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) the other 44 prefectures’ ranked keywords were primarily about tourism, sports and entertainment.

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#16 - Why (Keep Your Head Down)
#41 - Superstar
#54 - Winter


#20 TONE

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