Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[TRANS] 111115 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Him Chan-ah thank you. For showing such a great performance of Get Out, which we couldn't! Thank you Sachoom members ^^

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[VIDEO] 111115 Sachoom Performing 'Get Out' on KBS for the 2011 World Korean Language Broadcasters Conference


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[VIDEO] 111115 Yoochun Interview on BS Japan

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[PHOTOS] 111115 Hong Seok Cheong Twitter Updates - Jaejoong

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[INFO] Sachoom to Perform 'Get Out' on KBS for the 2011 World Korean Language Broadcasters Conference

15 November at 5.00pm (KST) on KBS1
Choi Him Chan (gentlechan) is one of the performer of Sachoom and also Jaejoong's friend

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[NEWS] 111114 Kim Junsu 'Most Popular Star' At 'Korean Musical Award'

Kim Junsu was awarded with the 'Most Popular Star Award' at the [Korean Musical Award].

At the [17th Korean Musical Award] held on the afternoon of 14 November at Olympic Hall, Bangi-dong, Seoul, JYJ's Kim Junsu was awarded the most popular star. The most popular stars were selected through voting by internet users and musical actress Yoon Gongju, who also participated in the musical [Tears of Heaven], was awarded as well.

Kim Junsu, who started out from an idol background and became a musical actor through the musicals [Mozart!] and [Tears of Heaven], shared his feelings on winning and said he was "really grateful to win such a precious award" and "the power of the musical stage is created through the hard work of each and every staff and actor".

He continued to say, "For our hard work and passion we receive all your support and love, but it's upsetting sometimes because of the unfair assessment we receive from some people."

Also, "As such, because of that, the fact that I can even stand here in this position is very meaningful. I want to say thank you to everyone who laughed and cried with us at every performance," and expressed his gratitude to the audience.

On the other hand, Kim Junsu has been casted in the first Korean production for the musical [Elisabeth], which will begin in 2012, and he is currently preparing for his role of 'Death', who seduces and is in love with the character 'Elisabeth'.

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[TRANS] 111114 JYJ Kim Junsu, “Social Connections In The Musical Industry Are Hallyu-Star Level”

JYJ member Kim Junsu has exhibited his “powerful social connections.”

Attending the 17th Korea Musical Awards at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall on 14 November, Kim Junsu entered the waiting room and greeted colleagues, seniors and juniors, shaking hands and doing high-fives with actors that had worked with him on “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven,” as well as exchanging congratulatory greetings.

Furthermore, he sat next to his good friend Park Eun Tae at the same prize ceremony table, showing their close relationship.

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[TRANS] 111114 Ji Sung Interview : I Thank JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, For Giving Me Sasaeng Fans

Ji Sung talked about his friendship with Kim Jaejoong, who appeared in the drama “Protect the Boss” with him. Ji Sung said in an the interview that, “Because of Kim Jaejoong, I became a teenage idol who’s not a teenage idol.”

“When I saw JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s fans come to the shooting location to cheer him on, and watch him shoot, I felt that Kim Jaejoong really has infinite charm, and felt very affectionate. However, one day some Japanese fans appeared in front of my house to wait for me (laughs) Usually, fans don’t come to actors’ houses, but after shooting “Protect the Boss”, I have gotten those so-called “Sasaeng fans” (Fans who stalk stars’ private lives), it’s really amazing.”

Unwittingly becoming an idol star due to the drama, Ji Sung was unselfish in his praise for Kim Jaejoong. He said, “Kim Jaejoong dispelled all my biased thoughts about idol groups. Through Kim Jaejoong, I now know that idol stars who lead the hallyu wave have great strength, and work very hard. Kim Jaejoong always dreamed of being an actor, and now that he has made the first step, I’m really thankful for his hard work, and his efforts changed the entire atmosphere of the drama.” Also, Ji Sung showed his sincere friendship with Kim Jaejoong, who he had formed a close bond through the drama.

To me, being able to act with Kim Jaejoong was a great experience, and there were many interesting scenes that we worked together on. When we shot the fighting scene, we kept making NGs due to laughter, and I feel that I have gained a good younger brother, so it feels good.”

Ji Sung also said that in his next project, he hopes to work with an idol singer, and when asked for a reason, he said, “When working with idol singers, the fans will send lots of delicious food, so for my next project I want to work with an idol singer too.”

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[FANCAM] 111114 Junsu - 17th Korean Musical Awards

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