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[FANCAM] 111112 TVXQ - Kpop Music Festival in Sydney

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[PHOTOS] 111112 TVXQ - Kpop Music Festival in Sydney

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[PHOTO] 111112 James Tobin Twitter Update - HoMin

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[PHOTOS] 111112 TVXQ - Kpop Music Festival in Sydney Press Conference

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[VIDEO] 111111 Yoochun Mentioned on Sukira

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[TRANS] El Sol – Interview with Tohoshinki Part 4

In the pictorial book, their new looks through growth into manhood were shown and yet their personal talks in private still surrounds the same old topics of games and One Piece that it felt amusing. However, the most sought-after curiosities still remain as the unknown love theories that randomly flashes through their faces.

Changmin: As a man, I wish to get married to an adorable lady, become a responsible and trustworthy father and a husband who is always reliable. I have such a dream but it’s still too early for it right now, I guess. The most important in life is to have values that suit oneself. That is, if were to based on general theorem, there would be differences. It has to be accumulated through self-experiences. (T/N: I think he meant that issues should not be treated with generalized theorem but to be someone with own’s thinking.) To me, it has to be strongly viewed as the most important foundation. To others, it may not seems to be the ideal choice but not matter when, I have the self-confidence that it is not a 100% wrong choice. As I have followed through my own minimal foundation, therefore no matter how bad it is, it is not the worst. That consists another side of my stubbornness. I would usually step back and look at the happenings. Controlling the anger that wants to be vented, unable to be persuaded and then keeping all the pressure to myself. Having such a character of suppressing feelings to my limits, it can be exhausting at times. (laughs) Say, I am the kind who gives in to girls. On the contrary, I felt victory through losing to her. (laughs) Speaking of which, recently I remembered a quote on One Piece, “Lies of women… you still have to listen to it though you knew it’s a lie.” (T/N: Any One Piece’s lovers can feel free to enlighten or correct me for this quote if I mistranslated.) I felt the same way too. I wouldn’t start dating with girls whom I think would not work out with. If I’m able to date a girl who I can completely trust, there wouldn’t be such problems. In the past, I would innocently love a girl and allowed love life to affect my work. Especially in these few years, my thinking and behavior towards others changed. Before a new love begins, I would calmly consider. In fact, I like very pretty girls. But the most important factor for a love interest is still the inner being. Not lured by the outlook. Whether she is considerate towards surrounding happenings, proper etiquettes, able to do her basic necessities… although all these are natural abilities, it’s still difficult to find someone like that. I have never said out such words before, but I am good with ladies. For example, observing 10 girls and then remembering who was wearing what and drawing out their portraits. In fact, I always observes when I’m on stage. I actually meticulously observed more than what audiences imagined. (laughs)

Concealing such a ‘skill’, Changmin continued to say that “I found a lot of beautiful girls in Spain but I still prefer Asian girls.” As for Yunho, he was hit on by local ladies that he is a “pretty boy” while sightseeing with staffs during the free time before they returned to Korea.

Yunho: As I was not usually being approached, thus I was very surprised. Though I was with everyone, I shouldn’t be enticed in the first place! (laughs) Though saying this, I am not such an obstinate person. Correct, my way is “action more than words”. It’s not easy to live up to this and the ability to pull it through would be interpreted as “too serious”. Besides, the real me is an unrestricted (free) person. Due to my father’s influence, I have been keeping my promise and working hard for whatever I had said. (I’m) Probably alike to Luffy in One Piece. But as the leader of Tohoshinki, I have a different side of me and I actually like the antagonistic. The staffs and Changmin knew the two sides of mine well. How should I express this when changing it as my love views? I’m basically a ‘free’ man and when there’s a person that I wanted to protect, I would not do it half-heartedly. Facing sorrowful matters, I’d rather give her a hug than encouragement. Whatever she wish to do, I would try to fulfill it for her. She will be my priority and on the contrary if I have any troubles, I would probably delay in telling her and this might cause misunderstandings, I guess. (laughs) However a man has to think like this. As the eldest son in the family, I always have the leader characteristic and this transformed naturally. But I myself would wish to be led by her and hope that she can give me suggestions. Surprised much? Telling more about my thinking, I am usually cheerful but I have my lone side too. As the leader, I have to look strong on the outside but when I return to my room alone, I will be very vexing. When there’s no work, I will become uneasy and would want to do some exercise or lay down some plans to while the time away. Because I knew of my such weaknesses thus I wish to become stronger. I really felt like this. Of course as a man, there are times I have to give in. Spending time as a couple, we have to trust and rely on each other and walk down the same route together. Such a mutual-respect relationship is the best. I wish to become a good husband. Surprisingly I like tidiness. When I was living with the members during Tohoshinki, in order to accommodate the surroundings, I did not tidy up much. But when I go out on a trip with my friends, I will tidy up my room very well and it’s on a level that it surprised everyone. (laughs) After marriage, I will do the housework. If she asked me, I will do it. Washing dishes etc. But it has to be an exchange by cooking for me. (laughs)

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[FANACC] JYJ's concert in Berlin

Note: I left out all the MC parts because then this fanaccount would be even double as long as it is now.

Last night was surely the best in my life. (*^o^*)
This was my very first concert and on top of that, I had known and loved the members of JYJ for over 5 years and it was always one of my biggest dreams to meet them. Who would've kown that they'd be coming to my own country one day~

November 6th - Day of the concert

After waiting for 9+ hours in line for the ticket exchange in the early morning and meeting lots of cassies from around the world, I was more than excited for the concert. I was sitting in block 26, row 8, seat 3. That was the 8th row from the front on the right first block so I was pretty close to the stage. (^ε^)♪
The concert started around 7PM when everyone had finally found their seats. There were only a few empty seats in the back rows but it didn't matter that much since overall the hall seemed full.

Suddenly the lights turned off and there was a short introduction video of JYJ being played on the 3 big screens behind and next to the stage. One thing that has to be mentioned here are definitely the speakers! (☆。☆) They were SO loud to the point where I could actually feel my inner organs vibrating. No lie. I looked around me and people seemed to feel the same as I did. Everyone was either holding their ears or looking shocked over the incredible noise and vibration that came out of those speakers.

On top of that. Like I mentioned at the beginning, this was my very first concert so I had absolutely no idea what was awaiting me. It was also the first time that I was holding a JYJ lightstick in my hand and after just waving it around for a few seconds, IT ACTUALLY BROKE APART ... ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!

Apparently I waved way too hysterically..
I looked around the floor but couldn't find it anymore so (THANK GOD) my dear friend actually gave me her lightstick instead. I swear to god I would have died if she didn't. It was my dearest wish to be a part of the phenomenal red ocean and my stick broke even before JYJ entered the stage.
And I'm sorry if it hit anyone's head! (>_<)

Mental note: Always have an additional glowstick with you and keep in mind not to wave like you're a cowboy trying to capture a bull with your lasso.

Anyway, next they played the "In Heaven" music video and I'm telling you, I couldn't really concentrate on the music nor the video because my head was full of so many thoughts like "Wow, i waited for 5 years and finally my dream is coming true" and "Only a few seconds left and then I'll see them in real life" and things like that. And well,.. I'm a very emotional person and even though I didn't "plan" to cry at all during the concert, suddenly I had tears flowing all over my cheeks. I was crying like a baby I swear... (/TДT)/
This girl sitting next to me looked at me and was like "Aww~" and my friend on the other side told me later on that she also got teary because of seeing me like that.

Then they played another video while everyone shouted "JYJ! JYJ!" and after a few special effects involving fire etc. ...

IT WAS SHOW TIME~~ ヘ(゜∀゜*)ノ

Lights turned off, I saw 3 men standing on stage. The melody of "Empty" started playing and oh. my. god.
My first impression of the boys: "EHHH?? IS THIS THEM??? IS THIS JYJ???". I may seem stupid now but I guess I had seriously put them under the ~god status~. I just couldn't believe they were actually human!? I don't know what the heck I was expecting. This is really difficult to explain. For a few seconds I froze and stopped waving or moving at all, I just opened my eyes really wide and looked at them. Mostly at Jaejoong. I was seriously having a hard time trying to realize that it's really them, that this is real and not just one of those many dreams I had of being at a JYJ concert in the past years. It really felt like a dream.
I was kind of paralyzed during most performances. I did scream and dance too but sometimes i just froze for several seconds. It was seriously a new and weird experience. I dont even know myself.. (・∀・)

I wish that all cassies could experience these feelings one day. I promise, it's the best thing ever.

After that, they performed "Pierrot" which was one of my absolute favorite songs of JYJ. And I must say, Junsu's voice in the beginning stood out the most~ He kind of changed it a bit and sounded like a chipmunk, that's what I thought. He's really cute. (・ω・)

Next song was "Ayyy girl" which is.. well. I kinda giggled when the song started, this is just a quite ridiculous song (and mv!) but nonetheless, I enjoyed it a lot.

Moving on to the more exciting performance of "Be my girl", during the first minute of the song, everyone was still sitting on their seats. Then JYJ sang the line "she should be my girl... girl... girl..." and BHAM now the remix of Be my girl started playing and everyone stood up and danced along. It was so freaking amazing. During the chorus, JYJ shouted "JUMP JUMP JUMP" and we were jumping even more. It was really fun dancing along with them. Even though I was really tired that night, I put all of my energy into it and danced and jumped as much as possible. I remember a really fun part about this performance. It was when Jaejoong was dancing to the "baby baby baby" part, he accidentally did a wrong move and I saw it and shouted "HA HA!" and pointed with my glowstick towards him and just a few seconds later I also did a big mistake and felt really stupid LOL. That was Jaejoong's karma I guess~~ (^.^)

After this very great performance, it was time for the solo songs.
Yoochun started with his "I love you" and to be honest, as much as I love the song, I just dont get these ridiculous naked women dancing around like they are desperate to get laid asap. I mean sure, it's just a choreography and it's not like I want to insult them. I just dont really get why we need to see something like this while listening to a ballad but ok. Yoochun's high voice is really soothing. He's an amazing person.

After Yoochun, the flawless goddess aka Jaejoong performed his solo "I protect you".
Most people changed their glowsticks from red to green since that's Jaejoong's solo colour. Some people were against this idea since nobody planned to hold seperate glowsticks for Yoochun or Junsu but oh well.
I think it's very obvious that Jaejoong has always been the most popular member and I'm sure the other members are aware of that and can deal with it. I myself had gotten a green glowstick for free as well so I thought why not and held it during his performance.
Maybe I'm saying this because he's my bias but honestly, Jaejoong has the most beautiful face in the entire world. I know that there are plenty of good looking people and I had always thought to myself that there is surely someone who is more beautiful than him, but you know how love works right~ I guess this is a little more than just affection. (+_+)

And now my favorite solo song by the famous duckbutt Junsu~ It's called "You're so beautiful". I had so much fun singing along. During the "Yooouu are soo beautifuul" parts I pointed towards him with my glowstick because he is indeed a very beautiful man. Even though Jaejoong is my bias, I had always thought that Junsu was the best singer out of all members. And this performance just confirmed my thoughts. He is definitely one of Korea's best singers.

Since all members were done performing their solos, it was finally time to sing together again!
They came back to the stage as 3 with their song "Found you". The lights were really beautiful here.

Continuing with their next performance "I.D.S.", it was surely a nice song but not really something I could dance or scream to. Right after that, they performed "Be the one" and just the beginning of this awesome song totally filled me up with energy. In contrast to I.D.S., this was more of a fast song so i was really glad that they added something like this right after.

And again, they performed another wonderful ballad called "Fallen leaves". Once again, they proved to everyone how amazing their voices are. I personally enjoy the high parts the most by the way~
One thing I should mention here is probably Yoochun's problem with his microphone. That was quite distracting because Fallen leaves is just such a beautiful song but for some reason Yoochun's mic didnt share the same opinion and decided to just not work. So we couldn't hear him most of the time but nonetheless, great performance! (^-^)

Now we're slowly reaching the end of the concert. "Mission" was next and I had always loved this song a lot so I was expecting something great but instead.. I got something super duper great!!! (゜∀゜)
Their outfits, the lights, the choreography, just everything was perfect. What I also enjoyed a lot about this performance was that during the instrumental parts near the end of the song, they walked to the left and danced and then walked to the right where i was sitting and danced there too. They seriously look double as gorgeous as usually when they're just a few meters away from you. (´0ノ`*)

After all these wonderful songs, it was time for the main song "In Heaven". And without any understatement, JYJ seriously made us feel like we were in heaven. And I hope that we could make them feel the same. We had this project going on where everyone was supposed to turn off their red glowsticks during this song and turn on their white glowsticks. I was really glad that most people joined this project, our ~white ocean~ looked really amazing. Also, when they were singing "kajima kajima" and "saranghae saranghae" you could hear everyone singing along. I felt very moved at that moment and believe that JYJ felt the same.

Sadly, this was already their almost last song. They left the stage for a little bit and I was really worried that it was over already but thank god they returned and performed another favorite song of mine, "Get out". This is probably my most played JYJ song. It's simply amazing. The song as well as the mv.
JYJ were wearing their white JYJ shirts and their mv was being played on the screen in the background. But near the end, they filmed JYJ a bit and then changed back to the mv.

So after nearly 2 hours, we reached the final song which was the same as the first. Remember what it was? If not, your heart may be ~empty~. Haha, putting my jokes aside, their last song "Empty" was definitely a big success. Beautiful lights, wonderful special effects and most importantly, us fans standing up and dancing and jumping with JYJ. Everything was more than perfect during this last performance. They also had a short dance break for their background dancers but to be honest I didnt care much about that. I was busy staring at the members because I knew this was the last time that I could see them for I dont know how long. o(;△;)o

Then all of their background dancers entered the stage and they bowed and thanked us one last time. And sadly the concert was over already. We kept sitting on our seats though and shouted "saranghae! saranghae" hoping for them to come out one more time and say goodbye but sadly they didnt~
But I guess it's ok, it's not their fault. I just hope that they heard us and felt happy! (^O^)/ Their happiness is the only thing that counts for me~

So lastly, I want to end this fanaccount with words of encouragement to those who haven't met JYJ yet.
I had seriously waited for this one day for years and years. I had always thought that one day I'd go to Korea and hopefully find them there. But things like JYJ coming to Germany or let alone, holding a concert, those thoughts never crossed my mind even once.

All this time I had to deal with so many people who didnt believe in my dreams, be it my friends or family or just people who knew about my affection towards asian music. They'd always bash my love towards these singers, would always laugh at me for not being able to see them even once in real life and what not.

But look at me now. I didn't only see JYJ, I attended their concert and most importantly, I didnt even have to go all the way to Korea for that, THEY actually came all the way to my country and performed here.
And hopefully this was not the last time. If they keep their promise, they'll come again to Europe next year and hopefully those of you who couldn't go will have a second chance!
Always do your best and don't lose your faith in anything!

Thank you JYJ

Thank you Cassiopeia

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[VIDEO] 111111 Tohoshinki - MEGAMI no MARCHE

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[INFO] 'Come On Over JYJ' DVD Pre-Order Open for International Fans

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[FANCAM] 111106 JYJ Berlin Concert Making In Germany and Spain

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